Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Anyone tried it??

YUM! I only like the garbanzo bean kind with Pita chips.

That is all.


2HB2 said...

Hummus sounds like something you would spread on a garden. So no, I haven't tried it..

clairesgarden said...

the more garlic the better!!
I just wiz up chick peas, garlic and herbs in the blender.

Library Mama said...

I've never made it myself, but I've bought the pre-fab stuff at the grocery store and I have a friend who makes the BEST hummus in the world.

I agree with Claire - the garlic is essential!

BTW - two of my boys (right now I can't remember which two) love it.

l said...

I heart hummus. Glad my BF doesn's because that way I don't have to share!

Lowa said...

I have never made it on my own, I just buy this huge tub of it at Costco. Oh my word!

I had tried a few different kinds and totally gagged. I love that scene in "War of the Worlds" when Tom Cruise eats some that Dakota Fanning ordered. I had never read the book or anything, but that first time I saw the movie and saw the look on his face when he was trying to eat it...I KNEW he was going to say "I meant FOOD." teehee. I felt the same way.

Then my friend D ate some of this when I was in Spokane. She and her daughter A were devouring this stuff and I was sitting there thinking, "Are they totally off their rockers???"

Then I tried it and the rest is history.

A few of my kids (I think Clown and Brain, but like you, LM, I can't recall) don't mind it. A few gagged.

Ok, off I go to stuff my face with more yummy hummus!

Claire, I think the chick pea kind is one of the kinds I have had before and I am sure I don't like it. The stuff all sure looks like baby food, though eh??

Happy, I loved what your response was! LOL

And L, I am the only one who eats it here and I can't eat it all! How long does it last, anyone know?? I have had it close to a week and I am not close to half way through this tub of it!

abragazam said...

Funny, my friend and I were IM'ing about hummus just last night. He gave me a recipe that he makes from scratch. I'm gonna give it a try this weekend. I'll give it to you if it's any good.

I thought garbanzo beans and chick peas were the same thing, no?

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

Lowa said...

Skye- Now that you mention it...I think they are the same thing! LOL Too funny!

Yes, please do let me know if the recipe turns out:)

kerri said...

I live! for hummus. Ooh, and tzatsiki sauce.

Perry said...

I looked it up. They are indeed one in the same.

Lowa said...


Did I say you could comment on MY Blog!??!?


Wow, I just looked at your's. Looks like you have actually been updating it.

Looks good! How come you never showed me that hockey picture? YOu think I don't CARE or something??

NTFrog said...

I know a guy that makes awesome hummus - actually, anything he cooks is amazing. He just built a house, and has a kitchen to die for!