Monday, July 03, 2006

Clown said to Princess...

We went and got Princess this weekend. Photos from that trip to follow. The kids had a blast swimming in our friend's neighbour's pool in Spokane.

I just got back from buying Clown some "wife beater" shirts. You know those white tank tops to keep them cool for summer. I got Jock some a few weeks ago and Clown wanted some that fit him.

He ripped the package open and asked if I had to wash them first. I normally wash all new clothes before anyone wears them. I said it was fine, I knew he was excited. So he put one on and sauntered over to Princess. Then he said, "Hey Princess, see how these cover up my nipples?? My nipples don't show. Well, when I am an old man I will have to wear pants that go all the way up to my nipples." She mumbled something at him and he nodded and said all matter-of-fact, "Mmmmm-hmmmmm...sweat pants. All the way up here." and motioned to his chest area.


Library Mama said...

Hah! :-)

Where do they get these ideas? I love it!

I bet you're glad to have Princess back.

Lowa said...

Yes, I dunno where he gets these things! I love some of the things they say!! LOL

I am SO GLAD to have her back. She did a "make-over" on me today. She loves to put make up on me and the first time I was prepared to look completely outlandish. I was shocked that she did a very tasteful job. She is slow and deliberate and very careful. Doesn't look like a five year old did it at all. Even her brothers have commented. Today Jock said "Maybe she should do that for a living when she grows up."

Tonight we were playing "Canada-opoly". Canadian version of Monopoly that I just got in the Calgary airport on my recent trip to the home country. The guys are still playing and it is after one AM!!! I had to bow out and go to bed (went bankrupt anyway) and I just went in to her room to check on her, and she is sleeping peacefully. Feels great to have her back home. :)

Library Mama said...

Happy Fourth of July, Lowa!