Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Ready for church

April 2001-

April 2006-


NTFrog said...

I must say - you have gotten better at taking pictures over the years; 2006 has less wall, more of the kids, than 2001!! (That is a beautiful blue wall, though .... )

Lowa said...

Thanks:) Room looks alot better, eh?? Finally talked dork out of that colour. I love blue, but COME ON!!!

Marian said...

Frog, that is only because the kids are bigger and take up more room. teehee!

Lowa said...

I just thought of something that explains a lot.

The 2001 photo was taken by Stud. Notice it is also off center.

The 2006 was taken by me.

Enough said:)

Maggie Ann said...

Lowa, this picture of your children is ADORABLE...I love it!! What a precious family God has blessed you & your hubby with.