Sunday, July 23, 2006


Things are pretty scorching over here. Well, everywhere. This entire continent is on fire, it seems. The air above us, anyway. I don't read papers or watch or listen to news, so I dunno. But I am sure the entire world is suffering.

So the company left last night. We had a nice time. Went to Seattle Centre House (fun stuff at the base of the Space Needle) Space Needle, Pike Place, and The Aquarium.

Seattle aquarium is SO LAME, but it is better than nothing, I suppose. I had free passes for them, since we are members to that and the Zoo. It gets us into the one in Vancouver (not that we ever go! LOL) and is reasonably priced. The kids like to go down there a few times a year at least.

We also went out to eat a few times, shopped a bit and went to the Tacoma Glass museum. Our Homeschooling group just went a few months ago, but the kids and I did not join them. This was an all day thing that my friend D who was visiting wanted to do. It was really interesting, we learned a lot. We loved going in the hot shop where they blow the glass. There was a woman from France there, who now teaches glass blowing in Australia and has taught it in Japan. It was SO NEAT to see them do it. It is hot in there on any day, but with this heat wave...NO FUN. The hot shop is a huge metal building that is a really neat shape. If you google Tacoma Glass museum, you can see a photo of it. I can't put a link in here right now.

I couldn't take any pictures, since Stud took ALL of our cameras to SC for some reason!?!? ARG!

OH! I got this COOL necklace for $14 from this dude near the Space Needle. He takes a grain of rice and prints really tiny on it. Then he puts it in a tiny glass vial (you can choose from all kinds of styles and shapes) of coloured liquid and makes it into a necklace. I got Brain one. He chose a...I can't think how to describe it. Like a horn kind of shape and then green inside it. The liquid magnifies the printing so you can easily read what is on the grain of rice floating inside. It is SO COOL!!

So as we were walking away, I said to my friend D that I may get all my kids' names in one. She thought it was a great idea, so we went back and asked him if he can fit four grains of rice in the vial. He said no, he can fit four names on a single grain of rice!?!?!?

So he somehow wrote all the kids names on (Princess' name has seven letters, too!) this grain. D and I got matching. She got her three kids' names and I got my four. We chose the same shaped vial, same beaded cord for around our necks and same colour. I wanted blue, but he didn't have blue, so I got green like Brain and D did. Then D's 14 year old son got one made with his name and the name of a girl he likes with a heart in between them! Of course the colour is pink:) He is going to give it to her. SO CUTE! We all got a kick out of that, although Brain thinks it is ridiculous. But that is a whole other post.

Stud and the kids are having fun! They have gone to the lake and I guess Jock and a new friend he made are the ones who finally fixed the jet ski and got it working! I can't wait to talk to him about it and hear all about that! I know he will be pleased. They have spent the night at Stud's brother and his wife's and played with their cousins. It is SO SPECIAL. These visits do not happen often. I would love for some of them to come up this way and visit us here!

Only a few more days and they will be back. Get back just after midnight on Wednesday. Poor guys, it will be after 3 am to their bodies! YUCKY!

Alright, I am spending some time looking through photos to post more comparison ones soon. I also want to scrub the house and totally de-clutter and get lots of stuff out of closets and stuff since the younger kids are not here needing my attention.

Lots to get done before they return.

Keep cool everyone!


Maggie Ann said...

Sounds like you had great time with your friends...those necklaces and the glass blowing sound fascinating.

2HB2 said...

Glad you are having fun. Writing on a grain of rice sounds very strange..

Library Mama said...

The rice man sound so cool! And what a great idea, getting the kids' names done.

Sounds like you showed your friends a great time. Good for you.

I always worry when people from far away come here to our boring city. There really isn't much to do here. Oh well, we don't get visitors from far away very often.

Just three more sleeps 'til you're all together again. Good luck with all your projects!

l said...

I was just thinking today about how I want to check out the glass museum in Tacoma. What a cute story about D's kid and the rice grain necklace.

NTFrog said...

How many times have you said "but that is a whole other post" in your blog? And how many times have you actually done that 'other' post? I guess you've never really committed to providing the post, just stated that that story would require it's own post ....
That rice thing is very cool; someone told me about rice-writers once, can't remember who.

Jimmy said...

Let's here some of those other post's please...when you find the time.It has been hot and muggy and storms here in Michigan.

Maggie Ann said...

Hello Lowa, hope you are keeping cool too. This heat is bad news..isn't it. I've been busy weeding this week and have gotten so much done. Trouble is, when I'm up on one thing, the rest of the house/read here...ironing just piles up on me. Oh well, as someone once said, 'you can only peel one potato at a time'. Somehow there's comfort in that truth. Blessings to you! I enjoyed your comment at my blog..have a nice evening. Sending a 'happy' wish for a pleasant tomorrow.

Library Mama said...

Are you all together safe and sound now?

Hope so! :-)

clairesgarden said...

just moticing you havent posted for a few days, are you ok? hope you are enjoying the weather and not wanting to sit in front of a computer!