Sunday, July 16, 2006

Mish mash of news

Alright, lots to share.

Stud and the three youngest kids are leaving tomorrow night on a red eye. They are going on holiday to South Carolina. Stud grew up there and his entire family is there. I suggested some months ago that he take some kids to see his family since it has been over 18 months since they have seen any of them. He had been thinking of going and we thought summer would be nice so the kids could go to the lakehouse that they have. We can't afford to take everyone and much as Brain and I would love to see everyone, South Carolina in the summer is not our favourite. But that is an entirely different post.

So, this past week I took my two middle sons for some time with them before they left. We looked around at the mall, had lunch and went to a movie. They were excited about the movie because normally if they want to see a movie, they have to pay for it themselves. This was my treat and they were pleased indeed.

Brain and I had seen "Nacho Libre" and I wanted the other boys to see it. They enjoyed it, but Jock got mad at me because I laughed too much and often. I couldn't help it, that Jack Black is a HOOT! The faces he makes and how his character was over acting in this movie and stuff just crack me up! Clown cracked me up the most and I was having trouble keeping quiet at one point. It was just so funny.

I don't know if anyone has seen the preview for this movie. But at one point Nacho is trying to impress this Nun that he likes. He is not wearing his frier robe because he wants her to see his muscles and see how strong he is. He has in "normal" street clothes and at one point leans against a building and flexes his butt cheeks together. That is funny enough, but then Clown leaned over and whispered to me, "He is trying not to fart." Just like that. Totally 100% serious. I struggled to tone down the laughter on that one. You had to be there I am sure!

THEN. We were driving home and some young girls drove past in a nice car. Jock jerked his head and watched them go past and made a sound like he was pleased with what he saw. He is not the slightest bit interested in girls yet (although he turns some heads and has had some girls after him, which confuses and annoys him) but is very interested in cars.

Clown said, "AH HA!! You like the LAAAAAAADDDIIIEEEEESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Jock yelled, "NO! I was looking at the CAR!!!"

Then, since Clown could tell he was getting Jock worked up, he kept at it. He was saying all kinds of things that didn't make sense in this voice he does when he is acting goofy. It was so funny!

So the other night, I cut my foot open on a roll of scotch tape. We still can't figure out how it happened. It was laying on the floor of our bedroom, hidden under some clutter. I must have left it there some months ago when I was wrapping Clown's birthday gifts. Our room is in such disarray, I could not see it. Keep meaning to clean the room. *sigh* Keep starting and getting side-tracked.

The thing is, I did not step on the part that is sharp and cuts the tape. I just stepped somehow on the side of the thingy the tape is in. I must have stepped at just the right angle for it to slice through the skin. Which is no easy task. Even though I just got a pedicure, the skin on my feet is like leather.

It hurt and I was thinking how weird that is. How did some dull piece of plastic cut through that thick skin?? I picked it up and went to put it away. My foot felt weird and then I noticed it felt wet. It was bleeding!?!?!? Then we found little smears of blood on the floor in various places.

So Saturday, we surprised the kids and took them to this place where you do miniature golf (or "Putt Putt" as they call it in this country! LOL I still get a kick out of that even after 16 years down here!) bumper cars, go karts, lazer tag, video games etc. I was worried about walking around on that foot all day, and it did really hurt. I am favouring it, so walk on the inside of my foot, since it is on the outside edge.

I was still having fun when I was driving Princess around in a bumper car. Somehow, when we smashed into someone, I bashed my right knee into the steering wheel REALLY HARD. It HURT SO BAD and swelled up pretty quick. I don't swell easily or get hurt often, so I guess this is making up for a nice long time with no injuries! A nice bruise is forming and it is still pretty swollen. Stud was mad at me because I did not want ice on it when we got home. Which was hours later anyway. I tried it, but it stung really bad:( *sniff* I have been whining about these injuries and he said today, "Quit being a baby! You had four kids for crying out loud!" Teehee Good point.

After the fun day, we went out to our favourite Thai place to eat. Princess was wearing the napkin as a hat, silly girl!

Today we skipped church and had a lazy day. I went to Target to get Princess some new sandals since she forgot her's in Spokane and needs some for South Carolina. I found some on sale, and had fun looking around at various things. Different hair things (try new things now and again to keep the frizz under control, but nothing much works) and skin goop. I got some groceries also and then went home to pick up the troops.

We went to some friends' house for the rest of the day. A family we met and got very close with when he was the Children's Pastor at our church are moving to Idaho in a few weeks. They had a drop in thing and we went to say good bye. We will of course go and visit them. Our kids get along really well. They have three girls and one boy. So their boy LOVES our boys! LOL

Waiting with Brain and Jock for our table at the restaurant. Not sure what I am looking at, but I get a kick out of this picture, because it reminds me of my oldest brother for some reason. Maybe you have to know him, to get a kick out of the picture like I do. Anyone who knows B, don't you think this is like him?? UH!??! Let me know!

Okay, enough for now!


Maggie Ann said...

Sorry to hear about those injuries!! Men aren't the most sympathetic people...not here anyway. We know how to dish it out for them though...grin. What a pretty daughter you feminine. Just what every mum wants...a girl and a boy 's'.

NTFrog said...

Ouch! I had a similar experience once - I also stepped on something buried in the mess in my room (but I was about 14, and my room was a mess because my mom always told me to clean it and I was a rebel back then). I stepped on a belt, and the pointy part of the buckle poked straight into the middle of my heel. It was thick and blunt, but still went straight in and hurt like CRAZY!! I had a hole in my heel, surrounded by a nasty bruise, for several weeks.
You hair looks HUGE in that picture!!! :o) and you look more like the kids' older sister, not their Mom!
BTW, I think Putt Putt is funny too - thought it was the name of a chain or something, until you said that!

Library Mama said...

Ouch! Hope your injuries feel better soon.

LOVE the story about the pretty girls in the nice car. Sounds just like our boys!

Lowa said...

Maggie Ann- Thanks so much. We sure have fun with her!!!

Hey, C! Do you remember Putt N' Bounce!?!? Good times:)

That belt thing sounds horrible. Your room was always clean when I came over:)

When I was 14 or 15 I stepped on a needle in my bedroom. The thread was still sticking out of my foot. So we (mum and some brother helped me, I was kind of freaked out! LOL) sat down and pulled the needle out and only the top part came out. The eye with the thread in it. So we went to S'toon to the ER and had them x-ray, we were sure it had broken off in there. But they never saw anything and it healed nicely. Again, good times! LOL

LM- I am sure our boys would all get along GREAT!!!

Library Mama said...

Hey - I remember Putt 'n' Bounce. The mini-golf place is still there, but I don't think the trampolines still are.

And I agree - I think all our kids would get along. I know my #3 would love your Princess! (He likes the LAAAAAAADDDIIIEEEEESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!) :-)

2HB2 said...

Hopefully you will be all healed by the time your family is back home, ha,ha..

NTFrog said...

With the majority of the household gone, I was expecting an update by now.... I KNOW you have something to say; you ALWAYS have something to say! ;o)

Perry said...

Are you kidding, she's not even out of bed yet!

HomemakerAng said...

love all the hair dos!