Thursday, July 13, 2006

Kidney Beans

This morning Princess and I were getting ready for a tea party.

She was sitting at the table waiting for her fingernails to dry. I had just painted them a hot pink with an added layer of glow-in-the dark sparkles.

I was making the hot chocolate (usually we have mint tea, but we were in the mood for chocolate) and gathering our special "fancy cookies" to set out.

She said in her sweet little girl voice, "Mummy??"

"Yes??" said I.

"Is it bad if something touches your kidney beans??"

I stifled laughter and asked her where her kidney beans were.

She informed me that they are inside, with the other stuff.

I told her they are just called kidneys. She thought that odd, since they look like the beans that I put in the chili that she hates to eat! I then informed her that is where those beans got their name from. Since they are shaped like our organs, the kidneys.

When I questioned what made her think of any of this in the first place, she showed me that the place mat at the place she was sitting at (Brain's) had various views of the human body on it.

Upon further inspection, I noted that there are no kidneys to be found on the place mat. The last time we did any Science, which was some months ago, we had started some lessons on the human body. So I guess she recalled kidneys from that. We made "lungs" from...I forget. Hopefully the kids remember. A tube, a balloon, a straw...some plastic container. We were working on a heart also, when I got sidetracked and we have never gotten back to it! teehee

Anyway, it appears she is retaining more than I do from our lessons:)


Library Mama said...

Kidney beans....too cute!

BTW - good job on the anatomy lessons. :-)

Maggie Ann said...

I was just about to leave my comment here a bit ago and my pc shutdown due to automatic if this is a duplicate I apoligize.~~I loved this post about your daughter & you starting your sweet. You must be an awesome Mum,'making' lungs etc. You sound like a lot of fun! I enjoyed your comment about your son picking up and reading 'The Tale of Holly How'...what a blessing it must be to have a reader like him to share books & book reviews with! I wish my son was a reader....he only reads technical things and not much there either. Anyway, that brings me to what I wanted so to tell you the other night when blogger would not let me leave a comment. I was in the thick and the thin of 'As Sure As the Dawn' by Francine Rivers ...and she is a wonderful author BUT in this book, I was disappointed by all the sensualness woven into the story. I would NOT recommend it for children. I skipped many a paragrah in the last 1/4? of the book. The main characters have great background testimonies when they get saved and become 'born again' but they go back to a tribe of home folks of the gladiator who are steeped in witchcraft etc. Anyway, thats the trouble when you recommend a book series already give out the bouquet of roses and then find out theres a decaying flower or two in there...for my taste anyway. Just wanted you to know...

clairesgarden said...

"it appears she is retaining more than I do from our lessons" she has more space in her head, your is full up from looking after all the kids!! mine is the same.