Saturday, July 08, 2006

More Spokane Photos

Ok, so here are the last of the photos from the kids' and I's trip last weekend.

Clown always plugs his nose when he jumps into water. He hates to get water up his nose. I keep telling him to just breathe out as he jumps, but he prefers this way. I thought this was so cute!

Princess jumping in

Jock had a great time.

JT asked me to get some shots of him doing some flips, etc. They turned out pretty cool!

It is very strange to me to see these pictures of JT as grown up as he is. I met his family when he was two years old! I taught his Sunday School class!

I will show a photo of he and his sisters and all of our kids from 2002. Which reminds me that my friend Jude would like to see photos from the changes we are making around the house.

As you can see from this photo, the walls were a bubble gum blue. There was icky berber carpet (nothing against berber, but our kids trashed it in the six years we have lived in this house) and blinds on the windows.

We have since put in Brazilian cherry hardwoods, painted the walls, bought some framed things for the walls, new light fixtures, bought new furniture (well, it is not paid for yet. We were bad and financed, but I couldn't take it any more!) and got some curtains. I will try to find a photo of that same area of the room, that is more recent...

Ok, this is from this past February, when Brain had his surgery. This was the day he got home from the hospital. This is the same wall. That tree in the right hand corner, is where the Christmas tree was in the 2002 photo.

I will do some more on another day. We have re-done Jock and Clown's room (unfortunately, even though this is a five bedroom house, those two have to share. Stud needs one of the bedrooms for his office) and are going to re-paint Princess's and the Master bedroom. We are ordering new carpet for the Master bedroom and the stair way next week and last month we repainted in the stairway and entry to the house. I will go through some photos and show you some of those also, Jude. I am sure some other readers may be interested in seeing some of that!

Stay tuned. Later on, I will discuss something I was pondering yesterday. It is how different our kids all show their affection to others. Fascinating. Don't miss it! teehee

Right now, I am off to pick up a friend of mine for some much needed girly time. She is a single mother who is really struggling. I sometimes take her out for a day of eating out, movie going (Today I think it will be "The Devil Wears Prada") and venting. I love to be a shoulder for her. I can't imagine her struggles.



Maggie Ann said...

Hi Lowa, its nice of you to leave me a comment and to read some of the same books I'm reading and have read. How fun..I'm smiling away here. Your pictures show a happy family having lots of summer fun =). I think posting pictures on our blogs is just the 'cats meow'!. Well, hope you'll come back to visit me and I'll visit you too. What a good thing to encourage your friend...and I'll bet she loves you for it too.

Library Mama said...

What great photos! And what fun!

It's so interesting to see your house, too. You really have a way with decorating - not one of my fortes, I'm afraid.

I hope you had fun with your friend. So nice of you to whisk her off for a "Girlie" day. We all need one of those, don't we?

Did you see "Devil" ? I quite liked it. I don't think it will be up for any Oscars or anything, but it was a pleasant couple of hours with a few laughs.

Jude said...

WooHoo! Lookin' good! I love the colours you have chosen, very nice.

Great action shots of the pool diving too. I always did that too, I pinched my nose, Haha.

Looking forward to more pics!