Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 4th

Today is just like any other ordinary day for me. Only difference is that Stud is home from work and the three younger kids are all nuts and psyched about lighting fire crackers and all that stuff.

So before Brain and I leave to go to the movies (It was his suggestion that we take in "Nacho Libre" this afternoon as a means of getting a break from all the yelling and screaming about lighting things tonight) I thought I would update you all on my trip home.

My new nephew is DARLING. I LOVE the little noises and faces and the smell of brand new babies. Unfortunately for young Mr. J, he looks like ME of all people:) LOL Various people commented on that and a friend of mine wrote to my brother to send her condolences and remind him that I have always looked like a guy, so that is ok that his son looks like me:) teehee

Since my brother and I look so much alike, it makes sense. New babies change by the hour and we saw flashes of various people. My mother saw Jock a few times, and R (baby's Dad, if you forgot) saw glimpses of our brother S. I don't care who he ends up looking like, of course I just want him to have a great life. And with those parents he has, he is guaranteed a stupendous one!

You would have thought this was my SIL's third or fourth child, the way she took to nursing him and caring for him. My brother is awesome of course and spent much of his time making phone calls, (he has to set up medical appointments for the baby, getting his birth certificate things done, etc etc) running errands and bringing treats for my SIL and myself. The man is an absolute sweetheart. Every time he left the house, he came back with goodies. He knows my fave Canadian treats that I crave, and would surprise me with them. He even bought his wife and I matching Italian charms for our bracelets. They got me one of those bracelets a few years back. He said to me, "You always wanted a sister, and I know girls like junk like that."

He and I cried together here and there, just tears of happiness and lack of sleep:) It was a very emotional time. He was alone for so many years, hoping for a wife. After years of prayer, we feel that God brought him the perfect one. He takes such great care of her and caters to her every need and desire. Always has, before the baby was ever in the picture. In fact his MIL saw him in the grocery store getting all the things from the list her daughter had made for him. She called my SIL and was raving about my brother and how great he is and how she would give him a hug next time she came over. She is thankful he is so good to her daughter.

I so wish I could share photos, but alas. My brother won't allow it. I may ask him if I can post some that he took of the baby's wee feet sticking out from under his mother's arm as she fed him.

My brother said that I should go to the hospital and volunteer to hold babies or somehow seek a career with newborns. I have always adored babies and loved caring for all of my foster brothers and sisters. If the dern things didn't grow up and start lipping off and fighting with each other, I would have 8 or 9 by now! LOL

I know people who can't wait for their kids to get out of the newborn stage. I am the complete opposite. I think my parents must be too, since they are in their 60's and still take in new borns as foster children. They have two right now, and take turns getting up in the night with them. Must be in the blood. My brothers have all always loved to hold babies and care for them also. All babies take to my Dad immediately and LOVE him. Jock was smiling and cooing at my Dad at 2 weeks of age! He has something that just mesmerizes babies, I think it is the way he is so calm and quiet and talks with them so cute for long periods of time.

Anywho, there you are. It was a quick trip, and I only got out to the mall and Dr's office one day for Mr. J's first appointment. Which is how I like it, I am a home-body anyway. The rest of the time was spent trying to help my SIL and caring for baby while his parents tried to sleep. Ah...I wish I was up there with them again. My brother said they were grateful for the help, but also glad that I got break and a holiday from all the chaos here. I was glad Stud was able to work from home and he had a great time with all the boys, since Princess was not here.

Have a great 4th all of you who enjoy it. And all you Canadians, have a great Tuesday:)


Library Mama said...

What a wonderful trip you had! Your brother and his wife were lucky to have you there to help out. And your brother sounds like a true gem!

I caught your comment about Christmas over at Happy's blog, and you mentioned that you grew up on the Canadaian prairies. I live in Saskatchewan. Small blogosphere, eh?

How was Nacho Libre? My husband saw it, and told me he didn't think I would like it much.

clairesgarden said...

I am amazed at the ability new mothers have with babies, even I managed!! hope they keep having good times!

Lowa said...

Library Mama- Are you serious?? I was born in S'toon. Grew up north of Asquith on highway 14 on the way out to Biggar.

Where do you live?? P.A.?? Rosetown?? Swift Current??? Elbow?? The Battlefords?? Regina?? E-mail me if you can and let me know if you don't want to broadcast it on here. Or if you even want ME to know! LOL That is so cool.

I really enjoyed the movie. My brother told me that it was one of those where all the best parts are shown in the previews. But Brain and I really liked it.

Claire- Yes, it is amazing. I hope Fiona is adjusting with wee Angus. He is SO CUTE!!

Jude said...

Howdy from the hippie chick!

I hope you can at least post pics of the new baby's feet.... I love babies. :)

And yes please, you already know I love before/after pics, so if you have some of the work you're doing around the house.... ;)

Library Mama said...

Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you re: Saskatchewan.

We currently live in Regina, but I grew up in Radisson - relatively near where you grew up. Isn't that amazing? You and I were in the same school division. Did you play volleyball? If so, we may have played against each other. Whoa, eh?