Friday, July 07, 2006

Girly time

Yesterday I surprised Princess by taking her for a Pedicure.

First time I had one was about 4 years ago. A wonderful friend got me a gift certificate to the Gene Juarez Salon for my birthday. I had never done anything so self-indulgent in my life and it took me almost a year to use the certificate. Couldn't bring myself to do something like that.

Once I tried it, I was hooked. I LOVE people to get all the dead crusty skin off of my heels and rub lotions and oils all over:) Trim the nails and paint them all pretty. Never took myself for such a person. Growing up pretty tom-boyish and all.

Two years ago a friend flew her family up here from NC for a ten day visit. We went to high school together and she also met her husband on the internet. He grew up in NC and they have stayed there.

So when they came up, she and I thought it would be fun to take our daughters for pedicures with us. She has two who were, at the time, aged eleven and almost five. Princess was only three. And I never should have done it.

Now she begs all the time. Every few weeks, she thinks she needs another pedicure. I keep on explaining that I survived until I was more than thirty years old with never having experienced it. I am thinking of making it maybe a yearly thing, around her birthday we go treat her with one.

Stud got me a gift certificate for one for Mother's Day that I have been wanting to use. I also really wanted some girly time alone with Princess. Things have been so nuts around here, so I wanted to take her with me. She is like Brain in the way that she will sit in front of movies of TV all day if you let her.

When I told all the kids I was going to buy the tickets for the midnight showing of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie Brain, Jock and I were going to, she announced that she was staying home. So she was coming to ask me if I could put a movie in the DVD player for her, when I whispered, "I was going to try and surprise you with a pedicure." She gasped and yelled, "Let me just go get some clothes on and I will be ready!!!" I have never seen a person run up a flight of stairs that fast:)

So I told her that she could choose the colour of polish and we could match. She was tickled with that. She adores pink and I was a bit worried I would have pink nails for the duration of the summer. To my shock, she chose a glorious dark sparkly purple. Purple is MY favourite colour! teehee


As you can see, I have guy's feet. Complete with stubble (guys would have hair, I have stubble since I shave, wax etc in a vain attempt to get the hair OFF) and they are extremely wide. More so since being pregnant with all these guys, but always were. Any time I get in a weird feminine mood and try to shop for pretty girly sandals or shoes, I remember why I don't own any. Those things look HORRIBLE in pretty strappy shoes. Teehee

So I need to go and clean the house but will be back later with photos of the kids swimming in Spokane last weekend. I went to bed after 3 this morning, since the movie got out right around 3 am. I was surprised that there were people going into a 3:30 am showing. I won't ruin it for any of you Pirates fans!


2HB2 said...

What a nice way to spend Mother/Daughter time..

Library Mama said...

Both you and Princess have beautiful feet!

I've only had one pedicure; Main Man bought me a gift cert. for a morning at the dayspa for my 40th. It was HEAVEN!

(The only bad thing was, the girl told me I had a wart on the bottom of my foot that I was totally unaware of. Ewwwwww!)

l said...

You don't have man feet, silly! I think the pic of yours and Princess's feet is sweet. You're a pretty hip mama!