Friday, April 28, 2006

The last of the pictures

Ok I will see if tha last of the pictures can be posted now. Jock feeding "Mr. Fuzzybutt" and myself and three of the kids holding the 8 month old Joey.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Roos, Peacocks, Lemurs, Llamas, etc.

Today Stud is the big Three-Eight. I think the kids and I have had more fun today than he is having. He is coming home from work early and plans for us to order pizza and watch Survivor. Sounds good to me!!!

Following will be a long post. Many photos. Go get your coffee and/or yummies and make sure you go to the bathroom first. Although it will take me a lot longer to put together than it will for anyone to read and puruse.

We had an exciting field trip today and I feel I must share. The kids' long distance family (that means everyone, basically!) can see what they are up to through this blog. So get ready for some CUTE shots everyone!

We went to see some Kangaroos etc today. The group went last year but we did not make it for some reason. I don't recall why. Another bonus to HSing the kids. They see WAY MORE of the world than they would sitting in a classroom all day long. When they were in public school they got out in the community ONCE a year, and maybe twice in a good year. There is SO MUCH out there to do and so many places to go, it is mind boggling. Our group has something planned on average, once a week. We don't make it to nearly all the trips, but am I thrilled we made it to this one. Besides Jock's allergies and Clown hurting himself on a rope swing, things went smoothly.

So we will start out with baby Lemurs. Note the tiny month old baby on the back of the Mommy here:

There were turkeys, roosters, chickens, tiny chicks, ducks, peacocks, peahens, and all manner of fowl wandering all over the yards and in the pens. It was SO NEAT. I want some land SO BAD. Would be awesome for the kids to run around on, and to have roosters crowing in the morning, ducks and chickens meandering around. Great experience for the kids to see baby birds hatching and all that fun stuff! Plus, you get hungry, you just go out in the yard and kill yourself some lunch!

here is a close up of a turkey who was NOT SHY:

Then we went to learn about the Wallabies. I couldn't hear half what the man was saying because all of the kids there were so excited and seeing so many sights, they kept on pointing things out to their mothers/fathers and asking about everything. Also, all the roosters crowing and turkeys gobbling got pretty loud. Little chicks were running about peeping frantically at their mothers to wait for them to catch up and get out of the way of all these kids everywhere.

The man kept on telling us the names of all the animals. There was a small little wallaby hopping along in one pen and he was telling us how she has a joey in her pouch. Then his voice changed and got very tender and concerned and he excused himself and went into the pen. He was saying so sweetly to her "Ruby, do you want to go in there?? Ok, just a minute honey, I will open the door" and various things like that. There was a little house he has made for some of them and she had gotten herself ot of it and needed back in. Once he got that sorted out he came back to explain more and give us more of the tour. Here is Princess feeding a Wallaby:

Then, this next occurrence just made me laugh like crazy. The kids were getting annoyed but I got SUCH a kick out of this. We went into this pen with these Kangaroos. This one was laying around in the sun and as soon he spotted us coming, he jumped up and went to his brother (or son, can't remember!) and started wrestling with him and put him in a head lock. This poor little guy who had lost one of his back legs a few years ago, was scrambling to get out of the way! He is called a Blue something, can't recall the name and Brain says he can't remember either. It was so funny, because the man went over and told him (turns out his name is Rufus) to leave the other alone. It was so obvious Rufus was trying to show off. He skulked over to an area of the pen and watched for about 20 minutes as we all fed and petted the other ones. He obeyed the owner and stayed out of the way, watching us all. I felt kind of sorry for him, but the man was worried he may get aggressive with some of the kids. Here it is, for your entertainment as well. It is one of those things where you had to be there, I am sure:

We had a nice calm time petting them and scratching behind ears etc. Here are Jock and I with the one Rufus was putting in a head lock:

He was telling us all about the Joeys and stuff. Was saying how long they stay in the pouch and all that cool stuff. He told us we would be able to hold one later on, at the end of the tour. We were very excited and then one of the kids asked if we could see one from one of the pouches. He said he would try to see if this one (forget her name, they had really cool names! Named after designers, singers, etc. I have no idea how he told any of them apart, though) would let him look in to see her's and show us. He went to show us where the top of her pouch was, and as he went to try to lift it open, she grabbed the top of it and squeezed it shut and gave him a look! It was SO CUTE! I caught the shot right as she is bringing her arm over to clamp down on the pouch:

Brain is a real indoor type of kid. He could sit and read or play on the computer, watch movies/TV or play video games for weeks without minding that he had not been outside for any fresh air. However, once you get him out there, and animals are around?? He will sit with them for hours. The man who owns this farm obviously loves the animals also.

There was one peacock named Percy, who was very friendly. He would come right up and eat out of our hands. It was so sweet, we were opening a gate to go into another pen to see someone else and Percy was strutting along casually. The man was holding the gate and waited and asked "Are you coming in, Perc??? Do you want in buddy???" As he asked the last part, Percy just walked by all regal and arrogant looking. It was so funny. The man said something about I guess not and shut the gate and we went on to the Llamas.

They had a pair of Emus. The female was Monica and the male was Bill. Brain said that right when the man said that, he knew there was some significance. Then when all the parents laughed a lot, his thought was confirmed. He said he wishes he knew what was so funny! LOL So here are Brain and Jock watching the man feed the Emus some treats and answer questions/give information.

None of these pictures are going with the text. Hope it is not too annoying! I can never seem to make it work how I want it to.

We went to see the Llamas before we held the Joey. The guy taught us how to feed them with our own mouth. I will just post some pictures of it. The one Jock is feeding is named "Mr. Fuzzybutt". We got a kick out of that of course!

Then there will be ones with all of us with the Joey except poor Jock. He was washing his hands and face for a long time at the water pump. We had to leave early and not picnic with our friends because he was just miserable. Must close for now, as Princess is craving attention. Brain is reading, Clown is playing with a friend in the Rec Room and Jock is playing across the street with one his friends. Hope you guys enjoyed our photos!!

Oh, blogger is having problems. I need to go ahead and get this published for now and will throw out the last few photos later!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Well, I have had some less boring, more "clever" ideas to post about.

They have escaped me at the moment, so I will just post some pictures of Jock putting beads in Princesses hair yesterday.

She has been wanting this bead thing and her Daddy kept on forgetting to give her weekly allowance to her. She kept on saying that she wanted to buy this hair beading thing, but Stud kept forgetting. I just lent her the money this weekend and we rushed out to buy it. She is very pleased with it and Jock loves to do her hair.

What bead do you want to go on next???

What a sweet older brother!!

We are off to the park on the lovely Spring day. They have not gotten as much "school" work done as I wanted, but who cares!?!? You only live once, may as well have as much fun as possible.


Friday, April 21, 2006


That is what I was last night.

I had come home from taking Brain to his classes and got my pj's on. He had to start late, because some of the kids are taking these state tests called WASL and we opted out of him taking them. So he only has his last two classes this week and next week. I was watching Giggles and Smiley again and then their mother went to get Brain after his classes and brought him home when she picked up Giggles and Smiley.

So if anyone was thinking I got my jammies back on at ten in the morning, I can make it clear right now! It was actually not until almost 2 in the afternoon. Smiley and Princess were hungry when we dropped Brain off, so I got them food from the Golden Arches. Clown refuses to eat there and said he would wait until we got home to eat anything. Smiley and Princess ate as I drove across the valley and closer to home (classes are a half hour away) and then I called Giggles and Jock who I had left here. I wanted to know if they wanted me to pick them up some food also. I had not wanted theirs to get cold on the drive home, so thought if they wanted anything, I could wait until I was at least across the valley and closer to the house. Of course they wanted food from different establishments, so by the time I got home from taking Brain to classes at 12:30, it was close to 2 pm!

So 2 pm is better than earlier than that, right??? To get jammies on???

I live in those things. All my clothes are getting too small and uncomfy since I keep on ballooning up and won't lose weight. I refuse to buy any larger size and live in the nice loose pj's. So Giggles and Smiley's Mom came to get them and we visited for a while. We are planning on maybe watching each other's kids for an entire weekend so we can have a weekend with our husbands. Neither of us have family near by and have always depended on friends to help with the kids. So we shall see where that goes.

All that to say that after she left and I was sitting in my pj's, another friend called to see if I wanted to go to a movie. We discovered I have already seen all the ones she wanted to. So we decided to go get essentials from Costco and eat supper there. She lives in Seattle, but drove all the way up here and off we went!

I was pleased with myself. Normally I need to kind of know what the plan is and what is going on. Even then, 70% of the time, it doesn't happen or get done. So I was impressed that I was so spontaneous! I guess I can be at times.

We had a lovely time and of course popped into Starbucks after for a treat and more visiting. I love to just yack with her. We met about 15 years ago working at a Vet Clinic. She has been there for me through many trails and tribulations, that is FOR SURE. Flew down to SC with me and my two baby boys in 1997, so I had help on the airplane since Stud was driving all our stuff across the country. Flew down again in 1999 when Clown was born. Has always been like an Auntie to our kids.

So it was nice to meet up with her and catch up. We are both so busy, it is hard to make time. I was pleased that we were able to co-ordinate our schedules and have some time together.

All the kids are still asleep (they are allowed to sleep in on Fridays) except Clown, who is waiting for a game of checkers with his old Mum. How I despise that game. *sigh* He adores it, so I suffer through.


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Too much testosterone!

You can tell Princess is surrounded by boys.

I was playing with her yesterday in her room. She got these tiny fairies she has been wanting from the Easter Bunny. So she wanted me to "act" the pink one while she "acts" the purple one.

I put mine up in the air and starting flying about and speaking in a silly voice.

Instantly, I was attacked by the purple one, right in mid air!?!!?!?! I was hit and pummeled and my baby girl was making all kinds of mean ferocious attacking sounds!

I shrieked and fell to the bed. "What are you doing???"

She shrugged her shoulders and said "Playing."

I instructed her how to play gently and just fly and flutter and be calm. It took a few minutes, but soon her feminine side emerged and she was talking sweetly and the purple fairie was sitting in a hair salon chair, getting her hair done and all was well with the world.

I need to play with her more often so she doesn't think the only way to "play" is to make those horrible sounds and attack everything! That is fine to do, for sure. I just want her to know there are alternatives. With all these brothers around, she needs extra help.

I was a total Tom Boy when I was little. I am not your typical female by any stretch of the imagination. I don't know how much had to do with my also having three older brothers and how much is just born into a person.

Please note the photo with the purple fairie in the chair. Princess was raiding her Hippo Bank (She is passionate about hippos and turtles. LOVES THEM. A close family friend got her that bank for her birthday one year) to give money to the stuffed cat with wings, right there in the lower right corner of the photo. That cat, would then in turn give the money to the "poor people". One of the fairies spoke up and said "I am poor" once they overheard Princesses plan. She did not skip a beat and said all matter of fact-

"No, you are rich. I'm smart!" Kind of like don't try to pull one over on ME, missy!"

I think she is right, she is very smart. Of course, I am a wee bit biased.

Have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Kind Hearts Continued

So I told about what Princess did. Now I will take time to tell about Clown.

We were at Target the other day and I gave them each a dollar to buy some candy. He saw a Hershey's bar and told me that the price was $0.59. He said, "I can't buy two, can I, Mum?? That would be more than a dollar, right??"

I confirmed this and he said ok and paid the lady and took his change. We all made our purchases and the other kids were eating their candy as we drove back home. Clown was not eating his and I asked him what he was waiting for. He did this little crooked grin that he does and said, "You'll see."

When we got home, he kept on looking out the windows toward one of the next door neighbours' house. Kept on moving the curtain back and could not focus on the book I was reading to them. At one point, right in mid-sentence, he asked what time it was. I told him that was rude, he interrupted me. He said he was sorry, he could not help it. Asked permission to go look at the clock (this child reads time from regular clocks, the older two insist on using digital) and then came running back and said that his friend A would be home from school soon. Then he glanced at his Hershey bar he had set on the coffee table.

I put two and two together and realised that he had bought it for the next door neighbour boy and not himself. He had wanted to see if he could afford two of them because he also wanted one for himself. Since he could not, he spent his money on a treat for his friend. He was so tickled and pleased when he saw A coming down the hill from school. I couldn't make him stay listening to the book anymore if he was too excited to even retain any of it. So he ran outside to give his gift to his friend and they had a fun time playing together.

The end.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!!!

Just wanted to post some photos and tell a bit about our Easter. The weather apparently called for a rainy day. This is what I was told. I never pay attention to weather reports, never listen to the radio or watch the news. Stud and Jock are very interested in it and both informed me that today was going to be rainy. I figure you take what you get, nothing one can do about it anyway. You find out what the weather is by looking out the window or going outside, right???

We all know the weather man is often wrong. Sure enough, it has been a lovely sunny day! Pretty chilly, but sunny. It hides behind the clouds periodically, only to peek out again a few minutes later.

So normally the Easter Bunny hides a basket and leaves either maps or clues, leading to the basket. Then there are eggs containing goodies hidden outside in the yard. Usually things like candy/stickers/coupons for ice cream or a trip to the pet store or something. This year, he decided to just hide things all over the house and nothing outside. People needed to just hunt all over.

He explained this in a note that he taped to the door coming upstairs from down in the Rec Room. I was impressed that Clown read the whole thing. Even words like "signifies" and...other harder words. I can't remember everythign I wrote...I mean HE wrote, right now:)

Clown had written the EB a note the other day and left it for him last night. It said "You Rock. Yes you do. You are cool." So the EB said thank you and same to Clown. You should have seen Clown's face when he read that part!!! PRICELESS!!!!

Jock saw where Brain's basket was and came running and asked if they could do "hot and cold" to help each other. Then poor Jock was so busy helping the others that he was last to find his. Princess found her basket before anyone else and was so busy unloading it that she forgot about finding all the eggs all over the house. By the time she started looking for them, her brothers had gotten most of them. They all rushed over and put some of their's in her basket. I was pleased with that. When they do things like that, I know they may turn out alright after all! LOL

Sharing with baby sister.

Later on, Clown's spinning top that light ups was not lighting up. So Princess told him he could have her's. I told her how sweet that was and then thought he would complain because it is pink. No, he is pleased as anything and doesn't care.

Clown spots an egg on the lamp!

Off to church. Jock's allergies are bugging him again and he can't (won't) keep his
fingers out of his eyes. So they are all red and icky looking. He loves to be goofy!

Clown got a little praying Precious Moments guy in his basket. It is a tad babyish for him, being almost 7 years old. But he likes it well enough and I always wanted my kids to have something like that. Saw it yesterday and had to snap it up!

So there it is in a nutshell. Went to the service at church. Was nice having Stud home to help with the kids, etc. He is usually in the production and wow was it amazing to have him here helping video and take pictures. He even made breakfast! I showed him my waffle recipe a few years ago and the kids prefer his to mine! Which is fine by me! I got in the shower and got out to fresh waffles. Does it get any better?? I think not.

More to say but Brain is wanting some time with me. I will close for now. These photos never go where I want them to, so I hope this looks alright and is not too hard on the eyes.

Trust everyone had an awesome day!!!

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Kind hearts

Few stories here from what the two youngest have done lately.

First up: Princess.

We were at a dance class on a different day a few weeks ago. We normally go on Wednesday mornings, but she missed one. So we went on a Thursday afternoon. I dropped her off and ran home to get supper in the oven and then go back and get her.

As we were leaving, she nodded her head towards a girl walking down the hallway ahead of us. She could not point (which I know she WOULD have, if she had been able) because her wee hands were full. One was holding mine, and the another, her little dance bag that contains her leotards, tights, shoes, etc.

So she nodded and said in a loud whisper, "I want to pray for that girl there. We have to pray for her, ok??"

I said of course, was there any particular need or did she just want to pray??

Oh, yes, there is a need. She has red hands. She has itchy skin and a bad skin disease. Then she struggled to pronounce it. She said, "I think it is called 'Eggsma' or something like that."

I stifled a chuckle, because I did not want her to misunderstand. She was very worried about this poor girl. Her brow was all knotted up and she was extremely serious. What I found amusing is not only her pronunciation of eczema, but the fact that her older brother has suffered from it his entire life and she seemed oblivious to that fact. It was a new and scary, yet apparently fascinating discovery to her.

Once I got myself together, I looked down and said, "Princess, Brain has that skin disease too."

She gasped and looked horrified! LOL

"He does!?!?!?"

Then I realised that in her life time, we have finally gotten him under control and she has never seen him at his worst. So it made sense that she has no way of knowing how badly he has suffered and how many years it took us to get things under control. She has never even seen pictures of when we lived in SC and the specialist in Charleston wanted to hospitalize him. She has never knocked on his skin with her fist and felt how there was a crust as hard as wood. She has no idea how we prayed for that little boy.

So we have prayed for the little girl whose name we don't know. Princess is very concerned and I am proud of how sweet and caring she is.

Will tell the tale of Clown later. Must get ready to go get my hair coloured, far too much grey seeping through again. I really hope the woman who does it today will LISTEN TO ME and STOP LAYERING IT!! I am trying to grow it out and she keeps on cutting it so that there is a fluffy top layer and then a heavier longer layer below. Looks RETARDED. We shall see what transpires today. Stud is taking the younger three to the Easter "Eggstravaganza" at our church.

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter Weekend! Will post a photo of Princess and Jock with one of the Bunny cakes we took to our party on Tuesday.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Whiner Baby

That is Clown's Imaginary Friend.

We were introduced last week sometime. Clown did something he should not have and then told me that "Whiner Baby did it."

I asked who Whiner Baby was and he just calmly said "A friend that I made up in my head. Anything not good that happens, and you think I did it?? Well, HE is the one doing it."

I don't remember Brain or Jock having any imaginary friends. When Brain was introduced to "Whiner Baby", I thought he would roll his eyes and explain to Clown that he does not exist, etc.

I was pleasantly surprised that Brain chuckled and then started to tell us of his imaginary friends! He got a dreamy look in his eye when he was talking about them. Said he had forgotten all about them, had not thought of them in years!!

I had no idea he even had any! So that was neat.

Clown came and cuddled with me this morning after I sat to rest after making all the cupcakes. He did a fake burp and then admonished firmly "WHINER BABY! That is RUDE."

I asked if he had any other ones. He said one more. The name is "Evil Easter Bunny". I asked why and he went on to explain that deep in his heart he is a loving bunny, but part of his heart wants to do naughty things. What he is planning this year is to ask Santa for some coal and then hide it in those "little plastic egg thingys that he hides around the yard, you know??"

Should be an interesting Sunday morning.

I hear Jock starting in on the younger two. Over and out for now!!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


First I would like to thank everyone for their input and advice where I have asked for it. I really appreciate it.

Today Jock had an appointment with the counselor we all go to. He was not too sure what he felt the need to talk about. I reminded him we always come up with something and all would be well. I informed him that I was going to talk for about 10 minutes first and then we would call him in.

I went in and told her that I really need to figure out something to do with him. He really does seem to be insecure and is driving everyone nuts most days. I am positive that he has some form of ADD and see things in him that my parents and brothers complained of in me as a kid.

I don't want him feeling badly about himself of course. And I don't want a cycle with him labeling himself or feeling labeled a "troublemaker" and then just fulfilling that. We ended up talking about how similar he is to me and how in my childhood I felt like a nuisance and basically labeled myself a trouble maker. It was really fascinating.

We ended up talking a bit about choices I have made throughout my life and the ways my childhood and how I felt about myself played into those choices. We kept on meaning to bring him in, but an hour passed quickly. She said she wants to see Stud for the first half of our session next week and then call me in after she finds some stuff out from him about his childhood and various things. She wants to understand where both of us are coming from a bit better before she continues in helping us.

At any rate, I find the brain a truly fascinating organ. Two of my brothers and I have been discussing the possibility of me having a form of ADD. One of them reminded me of various behaviours I exhibited as a child and that was helpful for me to tell the counselor today also. I have been talking with my Mum (Clown says we must spell that this way since that is how we pronounce it!) more recently also and she reminded me of some things. Maybe we will get all this figured out sooner rather than later!

I have been very bad about walking and yoga in the mornings this week. Stud has had a lot of work to do and has been working a bit late and then getting up at 5:30 to get to the office at a good time. They have a deadline coming up. I normally get up at 5:30 or 6 to walk and I don't feel good about doing that when he is not home. I usually don't get back to the house until 7 and I don't want the kids in the house by themselves, even though they ARE sleeping. Clown gets up earlier than the others and I don't want him scared or anything.

I can't wait until next week when I can get up and go walking again! I still have no excuse to not do my Yoga. But I admit to relishing the sleeping until 7:30! Been most refreshing, even though I feel so lazy.

We have our Homeschooling Easter Party and Egg hunt tomorrow. I have 4 dozen cupcakes to make in the morning, as well as locate their baskets and get other things ready. So I better hit the sack!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Clown is so funny. Thus the name Clown. I must take time soon to list some quotes from him here on the blog, but right now he is waiting to play on-line checkers. I asked him to fold his clean laundry while he waits for me to get off of here.

I have index cards that I try to write down cute or interesting things the kids say. I want to collect them all in a book or something and be able to show their kids and grandkids. I love to read through them, too! I only end up recording about 40% of the awesome things they say, but it is better than nothing. Now I have this way to keep track of them and record them for the years to come.

Just felt the need to say what Clown said yesterday as we were doing a study of colonial Times. We were reading through some books from the Library when he asked, "Today is April 10th, right???" I said yes and he grinned and chirped excitedly "Only 3 more days until Thomas Jefferson's birthday! He was born on April 13th!" His older brothers looked amazed and asked how he knew that. He explained how he had read it in one of the library books a few days ago.

He knows all kinds of trivia. He is like Brain in the way that they both somehow taught themselves to read at the age of four. The difference is that Brain took off with it, has never stopped (you may have noted in the picture from the beach that he was holding a book. He sleeps with them and would shower with them if we let him) and read at a college level by age 7. Clown CAN do it, but goes months sometimes not reading anything. Then takes a few weeks where he devours anything in sight, then months with not reading at all again.

He can read words like "Siphon", "Tentacle", "Camouflage", "Invertebrates", and "Predators". Which I think is impressive for a 6 year old. Then I remember back to Brain at his age, reading entire 500 page novels!!

Anyway, we thought that was cute, that he was so excited about Thomas Jefferson's birthday. He has been aware of what the date is since he was about 4. We have a HUGE cloth calendar that we hang on the wall that has velcro dates etc. He can be counted on to change the date every morning, it is one of the first things he does.

Jock, who is 4 years older, often asks Clown what the day is. He seeks Clown out for lots of information, which cause Clown to put his shoulders back and stand a little taller. It is nice to see.

One more example and then Clown gets the computer -

Clown got a set for Christmas that has big glow-in-the-dark Planets to hang from his ceiling. Last night as I was tucking he and Jock in, he was commenting on how neat Jupiter looked. Jock has no idea about that stuff and was asking Clown which one it is. Clown started spouting off information about it and how far it is from whatever ones are near it (he mentioned those at the time, but I am like Jock and don't retain things like that) and what it looks like, etc. Jock just laid and listened to his little 6 year old brother explaining these things to him:) Very cute!

Now Clown is reading to me from a library book about the Octopus...

Monday, April 10, 2006

Parenting advice

Ok, say your 5 year old took a library book outside and forgot it out there.

Your 10 and 6 year olds SAW that it was out there and did nothing.

You had no idea this happened until more than 24 hours after the fact. Your husband was working in the yard WHILE the 5 year old had the book out there, but didn't notice.

It is now soaked in rain and ruined and will need to be replaced.

Do you make your 5 year old help pay for it since she IS THE ONE who took it outside in the first place??

Do you have your 10 and 6 year olds contribute to the payment since they KNEW it was there, saw all the rain and waited hours and hours to mention it to you???

Does it have anything at all to do with anyone except the child who took it out there??

Or are the other kids partially responsible because they KNEW it was there and did nothing at all. Walked into the house as the rain started pouring down and waited until THE NEXT EVENING to casually mention, "Oh, did you know Princess left a library book about bugs out there yesterday morning??? I bet it's pretty wet, eh???" For all I know they partook of the book whilst out of doors. Sure, she took it out in the first place. BUT COME ON!! If you know it is there, either remind her to bring it in, bring it in yourself or tell me SOONER.

KIDS! There has to be a teaching moment here.

Really seriously wondering what anyone thinks the course of action should be.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

WOW! One hundredth Post

It appears that this is the 100th post that I have done on this blog. So that is kind of neat.

Update on the feminine health nonsense.

Apparently I have an ovarian cyst. I am going to talk with him more about it soon. I have had those before and this feels and seems very different. So maybe there will be an update on that soon.

On the ADD front, it is looking more and more like I was correct and I do have some form of it. My counselor directed me toward a site that has tests a person can do to check on various brain...things. So she wanted me to take the one about ADD and have Stud take it as best he can in regards to ME and how I communicate, etc. He did so and the results he got were very similar to what I got for me. I found that interesting. It says it is "highly probable" that I have "ADD Inattentive Type" and the same for "Limbic System Hyperactivity".

We are thinking Jock may have a form also! It would explain A LOT. My mom said I always had the tendency to never accept responsibility for things and was constantly blaming other people, giving out advice that was not sought, and generally sticking my nose where it did not belong. I am not as bad for that now as an adult, but Jock is just TERRIBLE for that type of behaviour.

One example is last night he put some cookies in the oven. I was doing various things with other kids and was downstairs for a while, when I caught a whiff of burning cookies. Which annoyed me because about 5 minutes prior to that, I had come up to check them and saw that they needed a bit more time. I said something to Jock about being sure to keep an eye on them and he waved me off like "Yeah yeah!" and had some music blasting in the stereo. Which is in the Living Room. Which is right around the corner from the kitchen. Very simple to pause the music and go into the kitchen to check on his project.

So I came upstairs and saw that the cookies were BLACK and smoking and non edible. I took them out of the oven and went looking for him. He was still in the LR, banging his head to this loud music, oblivious to what was happening so close to him. There is no way he would have heard the timer go off. I wondered why it was set in the first place, only to turn on very loud music so it could not be heard. I was sure that Stud had been kind of helping Jock and thought that maybe he could have reminded him, or helped in some way.

When I said something to Jock, he immediately blamed his father and started saying how his Dad was supposed to help him or remind him or something. I pointed out that I had reminded and he had given me attitude. I got more attitude and more bad-mouthing of his father. I told him to clean up the mess, think before he spoke and went to look for Stud.

I found him where I thought I would, down in his office on the computer. He said that he had left Jock totally in control and had reminded him as he was putting the cookies in the oven, "You wanted to make those, so you need to keep watching them, set the timer and listen closely for it." *sigh*

Just one small example. Jock TRULY believes that it was Stud's fault?? When Stud and everyone else was downstairs and Jock was about 10 feet away from the oven the entire time?? It is constant, every day, that he does things like that. I don't mind the issue so much as the reaction and blaming that follows. I mean, just say "OH MAN! I totally forgot! Sorry, I will clean it up." Or something along those lines. He went on and on about his Dad "sitting on his butt" and was very rude and disrespectful. I was almost falling for it and going to go be annoyed at Stud when I told myself, "Wait. This is Jock talking. I am sure Stud was not involved in any way." The reason I thought he might is that he often won't allow Jock to do things like that and I thought maybe he said he could only do it if Stud was there to supervise. Turns out that was not the case at all.

I find myself aware of doing (or at least thinking) similar things and then catch myself. I have to remind myself "Wait a minute. That was NO one's fault but my own, what am I doing??" When we did the ADD thing, that was some of the points brought up in the test. Fascinating to me!!!

I will close with a picture of my four darling angels taken down at the local beach last week.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Fibroids?? Perhaps not.

Well, that was interesting.

I went to my ultrasound appointment this afternoon. After 20 minutes of her doing the external scanning, she told me to empty my bladder while she asked someone for help.

"Is something wrong??" I asked.

"Oh, not at all. I am just having trouble finding your right ovary."

Uh huh.

So I went back in and laid down again and she came in and said she would try to find it internally. *sigh* GREAT! The doctor I went to last week said that he did not think they would need to do this. He had no idea my ovary wanted to hide though, either.

After another 20 minutes, that seemed like at least an hour, she said I better empty my bladder again. When I came back, there was another woman in there.

I laid down and they started AGAIN. There was muttering and mumbling.

"Do you see THAT???"

"Yes, did you measure it??"

"No, I did not do a package on it."

"That's alright, I will get a package."

Much blipping and beeping and more measuring and probing. After about 5 minutes, the newer one asks me "Do you feel more uncomfortable on one side as opposed to another??"

" I feel pressure directly in the middle, like an early pregnancy. But sometimes it is also very tender and uncomfortable to sit. Feels like something long is right in the middle and is bending when I try to sit. Just feels like pulling or something."

She implied that that all made sense. Then they started uttering various medical terms and talking about how she will call it this and if the radiologist calls it something else, that is fine, he can change it, but she thinks it is such and such. I asked what that meant she said something about along the side of or on the edge of. Which did not answer much for me! LOL

At one point one of them said something about "Does that look like a fibroid to you?? I can't tell." The other leaned over to her and mumbled something and then the other one nodded. She acted kind of surprised that she spotted something that looked like a fibroid. Which makes me wonder WHAT on earth they DID find??

Like, did they ever find my ovary!?!? LOL

Asked how many kids I have and seemed surprised that I have not had any C-sections. Another FIFTEEN MINUTES of probing. Told me to wait and they would see what "HE" said (wonder who this mysterious HE is??) and if he wanted to come look for himself.

About 5 minutes later they came in and said I could leave.

ONE HOUR!?!? I had an internal ultrasound back in '90 or '91 when I had some ovarian cysts. And it lasted about 5-10 minutes. I was more nervous then and had not had any kids or anything that invasive done before. Was really scared and you would think that it would seem to take a long time, even if it did not.

Today it seemed to take hours, but when I left and looked at the clock on my cell phone, it was 4 minutes past an hour since I had first started being examined?? Sheesh!! I am no doctor or nurse or Tech, but that seems a little silly to me???

I still don't know what the deal is!?!? They said my Doc would get the results by late afternoon (well, it was 4 o'clock by then, so there is not much time) so I am assuming they will call tomorrow sometime.

I get to have a root canal at 9:30 tomorrow! I am falling apart!

That's it for now!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Nothing Much

We all went out to brunch yesterday around 10 or 10:30. There is a new restaurant down the street that we have been wanting to try out. Clown and Brain were too hungry before we left, so had some cereal. Insisted they would not eat anything when we got there.

Clown was reading the menu, smelling the smells, seeing the plates with yummy food and changed his tune. He ordered eggs, bacon, hasbrowns and some fresh fruit. The child would live on fruit alone if allowed. Which is of course great, I am not complaining, just saying. He ate almost all of it, too. Except that Jock reached across the table and snuck pieces of fruit. He did not like the eggs (they were too slimy, not dry like mine) but Stud shared some of his french toast with him. All in all, we enjoyed it. I was not impressed with the hashbrowns. Clown barely touched his, now that I remember. They were not cooked through enough, which seems to be a risk one always takes when ordering those. Fresh squeezed OJ, home made everything. Was pretty good! Princess got a "Teddy Bear Pancake", which was a big bear face, with fruit for eyes/mouth, etc. Of course she gave those to Clown!

From there, it was on to shop for Curtain Rods and Curtains for Clown and Jock's room. Clown and I found some that he liked the other day at Target, but I forgot to drag Jock from the video game section later and show him as well. So he needed to see and see if they agreed. Turns out they do! They are really quite nice. Dark metal (or metal looking) with red glass mosaic egg shaped finials on the ends. Got them red curtains. Stud was shocked at how much everything cost (we got the cheapest we could possibly get) so I am hoping he sees first hand and won't grumble and groan so much from now on when I purchase things.

We loaded up on candy and were off to see "Ice Age 2: The Meltdown". Very nice! We really enjoyed it. Stud and I vowed not to take the kids to a movie again for a long time, but other than that, it was fine.

It is honestly mainly Jock. The child cannot keep his mouth shut or leave anyone alone. *sigh* Sometimes he and Brain get in moods that seem to be labeled "Let's pick on the younger two for any small little thing, see how much trouble we can get into and how we can scar them emotionally."

Jock has the gift of not hearing anything. Also of not remembering anything that is said to him 3 seconds after the fact. And also of miraculously not recalling any name he has called anyone, one second later. Not only does he not remember, he instinctively denies it.

Our friends Giggles and Smiley came last night, so their parents could go out. I was upstairs and heard Jock say "Moron!" I waited and turned out Stud (who was down there with them) was obviously not doing anything about it. Found out later that even though he was there with them, he did not hear it!?! LOL Maybe he had the drill running when it happened, I dunno. Anyway, I went downstairs to find Jock in his bedroom, watching Stud put the curtain rods up.

"Who did you call 'Moron'??", I asked.

Blank look (yet I could tell he was amazed at my range of hearing) and then "Clown said that to ME first, so then I said it back!?!?!"

Now sometimes this does happen. I will catch one at something, or one will even tattle on a sib and it turns out they did it first. Lately, Clown has been into name calling, since Jock sets such an awesome example at it. I still stress how we make out own choices and can choose NOT to say whatever or do whatever.

So I went out to the Rec room, where the other 5 kids were.

"Who called who a name???"

EVERY KID said "Jock called Clown a Moron."

"Did Clown say that to Jock or anyone else??"

Unanimous. Nope, Jock is the only one who said it.

*sigh* So I go back in his room and tell him the verdict. Immediately, he claims it is because Smiley and Giggles don't like him, so of course they will say that. Hmmmm...interesting. Smiley and Giggles actually REALLY like him. Wonder why Giggles invited him to a party at his church last week?? Wonder why they always want to play with him???

Apparently, I was the same way as a kid. Could never accept responsibility for anything I did. Argued about everything. Talked non-stop. So somehow, my poor baby has inherited habits that cause him to infuriate everyone!!!

Missing church AGAIN today. *sigh* NO matter how hard I try, I can't get things together the past few weeks. I even end up cleaning and doing laundry on Sundays, which horrifies me. My family always stressed (well I guess mainly it was my Mum) that you DO NOT do that on Sundays. I even have a book about keeping the Sabbath Holy and having a big meal on Saturday and using paper dishes on Sundays to ensure no work is done, etc. I can just never get around to putting it into action!! ARG! SO FRUSTRATING!

I am SO EXCITED about my ultrasound tomorrow. I can't wait to see what all is in there and what the course of action will be. Right at the moment, I am sitting here fine and it is not really bugging me. Seems odd. Some days it is horribly uncomfy and some days I hardly am aware that anything is out of the ordinary.

Must sign off for now!!!!