Saturday, May 09, 2009

Long time, no post

Well that was silly!

I guess I spend so much time on Facebook and doing all my other stuff, that blogging is not a priority. I don't even read the blogs I used to read. There were about 15 that I used to check every day, now I have about 3 or 4 that I might check every few weeks, IF that. I think about you all, but most people get their updates through Facebook, I guess!

Lots happening as always, but I don't want to blabber on for pages and pages like I usually do.

We are still working on Clown's room. At least he is moved into there now, but the painting is not done and there are no curtains yet. Everything is in there but his desk. Once we get his room done, we will start to work on Cryptic's. FINALLY!

Clown will be 10 on the 19th...we are planning his party at the pool that he and Princess takes their lessons at. He is SO EXCITED! He wants a drum set, so we are looking into it. He is very musically inclined, so we want to encourage anything like that. Who knows what may happen! He can play piano by ear. Refuses to take lessons and we have not pushed need really when he just hears a song he likes and goes to the piano and plays around for a while until he can play it. He says he wants drums...he will get drums:) At least I will do everything in my power to make it happen!

Princess got a bike that actually fits her, we had a garage sale, the younger two are doing gymnastics and swimming and Princess' dance recital is at the end of the month. That is the main news now.

Enjoy these photos and I guess I will just blog here and there, whenever the mood strikes!