Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm Baaaaacccckkkk!!!!!!

Dern it, here I am in this bloody country again! *sigh*

It is nice to be home, in my own surroundings (messy as they are) but boy do I miss Canada. Not to mention my sweet nephew and my bro and SIL.

I will update more soon...Clown is hungry, need to feed him a late lunch. He has been trying to sneak all the good Canadian cookies and junk we brought home, without eating something decent first.

Just wanted all my faithful readers to know I am back, had a glorious time and will entertain you all with tales of my trip very shortly.

Friday, June 23, 2006


It has been more chaotic than usual around here.

Jock turned eleven yesterday. Pretty uneventful. He wants no party or anything, just cash. No cake. Nothing.

So I bought him a grocery bag full of junk food. He chose anything he wanted and wants to have one friend over soon to help him eat it as they watch movies. He wanted him over yesterday, but his parents need to talk about it and we had out of town guests over. So it wasn't the greatest time.

We got him a balloon and a card with a hundred dollar bill in it. He was so tickled! I bought him a hat he wanted at the Motorcycle shop we went to yesterday. That was what he wanted to do for his birthday. Go to that store. He and I go once in a while for "special time" just together. That is what he chooses to do. He wanted Clown to go with him and so I took Jock, Clown and JT, our friends 14 year old son. We spent over an hour there, with the guys climbing on the dirt bikes, motorcycles, etc. Then we had lunch at McDonalds and it was back home to hang around with our friends. My friends D, L and I took him to see MI 3 last night. He had seen it, as had L and I, but D had not. Jock was not about to complain! We had to leave Stud home to watch all the kids. It would be too much for JT and Brain.

I think he had a good day. Told him when I get back from Canada next week he can have a real "lazy day" like I always do for them. Felt strange in a way, just like any ordinary day.

Was sweet though. Last night, since we took D and L's car to the movie, I was in the back seat with Jock. He was cuddling all against me and very sweet and affectionate. Not used to me being able to sit with him, since I am always the driver. I think that was pretty neat for him:) The things that make kids happy!!

So they took my baby girl away this morning. We are not sure when we will go and get her. She will have SO MUCH FUN. They are much more active than we are. They camp a lot and just go and explore and find fun things to do. I want to do that often, but I guess I don't want to all that bad, because I don't often end up doing all that I plan to. I think the prospect of taking kids all over by myself is too overwhelming or something. Stud has no desire at all. So anytime our kids are with this family, they have a blast!

I will post a picture of her snuggled in the back seat of their car in between J and JT with her pillow, her bible and playing J's gameboy. Not at all sad to be leaving her family. Which is awesome, I am glad she will not be all homesick etc. They stayed two nights here, and even with her parents here, J was not too pleased. She was scared in Princess's room and just wasn't relaxed and happy. So I think our plan to have her stay a while, may not actually happen. Hopefully Princess will not end up being homesick once she gets there and it really hits her no brothers or parents are with her. She has never gone anywhere without at least one of us with her, so it should be interesting.

I am off to my native land in a few hours. YAHOO!!!!

Young Mr. J is doing really well. We had a bit of a scare when D, L and crew arrived with Brain and had a bit of a sickness going on. I felt the start of something in the back of my throat and was terrified I would have to postpone my trip to meet wee little Mr. J. I called my brother to ask him what he thought. I am so scared of any sickness near newborns. He discussed it with my SIL and they agreed we would carry on as planned. I feel totally fine, took a bit of Vit C yesterday morning and have been right as rain ever since. I don't often get sick, so this was a bit surprising.

Oh yes! Nice to have Brain home. He did not take care of his skin condition and is a huge flaky mess. *sigh* So I am getting after him about that.

Off to pack, will update when I return! CANADA HERE I COME!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Safe and Sound

Yes, he has arrived!

I was speaking to one of my brothers on the phone. He is having women trouble and was just sharing some of it with me. As I was talking to him, the call I had been waiting for all day came in! It was R, calling to say MR. J has arrived. That is what I have decided to call the new nephew. His initials are M.R.J anyway, so works well:)

So R told me quickly the stats and I told him I was talking with our other brother, S. He seemed pleased that I could then relay the info on to S. He sounded exhausted. Knowing him, he is a basket case worrying about his wife. Later in the day, when I spoke with him again, this was confirmed.

I was crying with joy and R got a good chuckle from that. When I went back to S, since I was crying, I worried him and he asked "What is wrong??" Sheesh! What a spaz I am. Oh, funny I say that. My brother S?? His nickname was Spaz all through high school. Hmmm...we ARE a lot alike...

Anyway, go here to see how cute we used to be. R (the one who just had a son) is the one sitting beside me. S (the Spaz) is the one in white behind me. The other one beside him is B, the coolest guy on the planet. LOL I seriously used to worship the poor guy. No pressure!!!

He is the one who has three kids. I keep meaning to ask him if I can post pictures of his kids on here. Maybe I should ask them?? They ARE 19, 18 and 16 after all. So if you take the time to read that post (since many of my readers have not read this blog for long and may not have read it then) I will clear something up. The L I refer to is Brain. B is Jock. R is Clown and obviously Bee is Princess. That is what I originally called them when I started the blog.

Anyway, back to MR. J. Apparently he is quite the little guy. Or, should I say large guy?? He was eight pounds and seven ounces. One week early. Large head, ears and hands. Can't wait to see him. Sounds like quite a combination together. They say part of his face is lopsided or something, since he had his head squished into his shoulder for so long, little goof! Said they are watching it, but are sure it is just fine and will work itself out within a few days. When I talked to my parents about it, they say it is not even noticeable unless he turns his head a certain way.


Edge of my seat

That is how I am sitting. My sweet little Spanish Sister-in-law is being cut open as I sit here. My young nephew is being extracted and hopefully the phone will ring shortly, telling me of his safe arrival and that she is recovering peacefully and well! AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

I get there on Friday. I am going to clean house, cook, change diapers and let her sleep as much as she can. I will help her get used to the breastfeeding thing and just be there to help in any way I can! I cannot wait! Getting some good ole Canadian junk food won't hurt also!

My brother has instructed me that no photos of them nor their son can appear on my blog. *sniff*. JERK. teehee

I understand totally, but wish I could show them off. They are the most gorgeous couple, if I do say so. No question how good looking this little chap will be. They both have jet black hair and black eyes...wait. Her eyes are very dark, I am thinking my brother's may actually be a bit darker than mine...can't recall. We both have the darkest brown, almost black. Our other two brothers eyes are just brown. Plain brown. Poor guys. LOL Just kidding.

Anyway, we are all excited. We have not had a new member of the family born since my youngest, Princess. That will be six years in October. Wow, weird.

For me personally, it has been sixteen years since I have had a niece or nephew born, on my side. Our oldest brother's baby just turned sixteen last week. Her mother, his ex-wife, was pregnant with her at Stud and I's wedding.

Stud's brother and sister have had three in the past 4 years. We have another due in August from that side. The really interesting part is that my little nephew being born today, has the same name that Stud's sister is naming her son, who arrives in August. So our kids will have two cousins with the same name!

My brother and his wife are using the Spanish pronunciation, though. It is really special, because it was my baby brother's middle name. Right after he died last year, one of my first thoughts was that he would not see R and P's (bro and SIL) babies. They had only gotten married in 2003. He LOVED babies and was always thrilled when my parents would get more foster babies. He loved to help with them. Mum would just sit them in front of him on his wheelchair and he would just look around beaming at everyone. Like he was asking, "See how I can help?? See how cute they are??" So this young man's arrival is certainly bittersweet!

Alright, expect an update soon. This is a busy month for our family. We have SO MANY June birthdays!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Freaky cats

While I was in Seattle on Saturday, Stud took our two cats to the vet. Along with the younger three kids.

We got these cats a few days before Christmas in 2001. Brothers from the same litter. They look very similar and it took me a long time to be able to tell them apart.

One of them was acting funny on Friday. He was sneezing constantly, couldn't meow and had his mouth open all weird all the time. He went off by himself and didn't seem to want anyone around. Princess was crying and Clown, Jock and even Stud were very worried. Stud told me that he would take him to the Vet the next day, if I could get an appointment. He actually wanted to take them that night, but it was close to 5 when we discovered how bad the poor guy was feeling.

I was surprised. Stud didn't want the cats in the first place and is very much against spending money on animals. Or anything that is not important to him, for that matter! LOL Apparently, the cats are important to him. The kids and I were pleasantly surprised!!!

I made an appointment to just take them both in, since they are due for their shots anyway.

That night, I went to check on him. I saw something sticking out of his one nostril. I held him down and pulled quickly. It was a 7 inch long blade of grass!?!?!? He felt instantly better and seemed like himself again. I cannot imagine how uncomfy that was! I was thinking that likely when he puked up some grass the other day, it had gotten in his nasal passage.

Saturday morning while I was still down in Seattle, I called Stud to see how the visit to the Vet went. What happens is what I thought. When they vomit the grass up, sometimes it slips over the palate and gets into the nasal area. During all my years of living on a farm with countless animals and being a Vet Tech, I had never heard of or seen such a thing!!! He said the Vet said it is very common and they usually need to put them under to get the grass out. The Vet said that I saved us a lot of money by pulling it out myself.

So I will post some baby pics (and maybe recent ones) of our beloved kitties.

Must take Clown to the Doc today, he is not feeling very well.

Alright, things are messing up. It will only let me post this one and I need to get off of here. Enjoy! Weren't they precious!?!?!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Race for the Cure

I was in Seattle early yesterday morning along with more than fifteen thousand other people. Some of us walked, some ran. We were raising money for Cancer Research. I think this happened in many of the major cities. I want to make it an annual event, that is for sure. Plan to take the husband and all the kids next year!

What a great experience it was! I went with a friend of mine who just lost her Mother last fall. She put up a good fight for more than eight years, and finally could not fight any more. She was young, just in her 50's. Never complained. What a sweet woman, we sure do miss her. She allowed my kids to call her "Grandma", since their grandparents live so far away.

On the way back, this same friend and I decided we needed to see a movie. So we went and saw "The Lake House" with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock. Very good movie. There were actually men in the theatre crying, I was surprised. I didn't cry and I am a sap, so that was funny to me! LOL Only movie I have cried a lot in was that Nicholas Sparks one, "The Notebook". That one got me. The only other time I have cried close to that hard was last summer, when my baby brother died. And obviously that was far worse and lasted a lot longer, but that movie was a real "tear-jerker".

Talked to my Dad on the phone for over two hours today. He and both I LOATHE speaking on the phone, but we did it and of course enjoyed it. Only reason we quit was because our ears started hurting. He said his was getting numb:) LOL

My kids were annoyed because I was ignoring them. Stud had left for a much needed ride on his motorcycle and they were (mostly Princess) annoyed that I had the nerve to spend so much time on the phone. Part of it is I guess they are not used to it, since I avoid it at all costs:) LOL

Princess whined later "Why did you talk to Grandad for SO LONG!?!?!" I reminded her that she gets to see her Daddy every day and talk to him any time she wants. I would like to talk to my Daddy sometimes, too. That shut her up! LOL

So Brain is speaking to me again. It appears that he will return on Wednesday. He is not happy about it and asked if they can leave them at their house, come here to get his sister and then bring her back there to him! LOL They said that was fine, but of course his father and I said no. He is behind on school work and he needs to start and help with chores around here. Jock and I have been sharing Brain's load and I am willing to bet he has not lifted a finger while he has been on holiday.

He called his Dad for Father's Day today. When I walked in from church (we took two vehicles and I got home later than he did) he was talking on the phone to Brain. He asked him if he wanted to talk to me and Brain said no. I was shocked.

Later on, I had to call him to ask him what classes he wants to take next year. I went up to the middle school on Friday and am filling out the paper work IN CASE we enroll he and Jock in there. So I needed to know about various classes because since I have left things so long (can't decide if I want to put them in and am torn about it) I need to get things back to the office ASAP. When I called, he was fine and sweet, did not get upset and even told me he loves me. So I am not sure what is up with him! LOL

Lots more news, but I must go and help Stud get our yearbook pages done. Our homeschooling group is trying to get our yearbooks published and Stud and I have left our pages to the last minute, like we do every year! We are SO BAD!

Hope all you Fathers out there had an awesome day and that you women pampered your husbands!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Brain is MEAN.


The friends Brain is staying with made him call us last night. I have been talking with L (the man. His wife is D. Their kids are A (19), JT(14) and J(9)) off and on and he keeps me posted. He had told Brain that he needed to call home and I guess he finally decided to do it last night.

He was pleasant and polite at first. He spoke with his little sister for a while. That is great because she has been missing him horribly and begging to talk to him. I have not wanted to bother him and knew if I was not hearing from him, it was a great sign, meaning he was having a wonderful holiday. It was lovely to hear his sweet little voice again though. It is starting to change a bit here and there and I cling to the little boy part of it, since that will be gone forever soon.

Evidently told Princess he loves her. I know this because when she asked him if he was ready to talk to me again, she said, "BYE!!! I love you" and then giggled and said "JINX! You owe me a soda!" They always say this when they say the same thing at the same time.

So I was telling him I would let him go, I know there was fun to be had and he didn't want to talk with his old Mum for too long. He chuckled and agreed with me. I am actually a bit surprised. He is known for being a "Mama's boy" and is very clingy still, at almost 14 years old. I am pleased that he is not at all homesick and is having a great time, not wanting to come home. I really wanted this for him. Still, I thought he would be a bit more...I dunno. Homesick or something. When we were there together last weekend, if I was not around he always asked A where I was. Often I was gone somewhere with her Mother. She thought it was cute that he wanted to know where Mummy was all the time.

I asked him when he thought he may come back, because I hoped to see him again before I leave for Calgary next week. He got very snippy and said "GOOD BYE!" and went to hand the phone to L. I told him to calm down, wait, we just need to talk. I want to make this quick and not harp on anything, but we have plans to make and it would be appreciated if he assisted, and let me know ROUGHLY when he thought he could come home. He said when he is 21 and again tried to give L the phone. I laughed and said that would be nice for him, I am sure. But seriously, when do you think you will be back??


That was it. No "I Love you", which he dishes out easily to me and his sister. No thanks for bringing me here. No Good night. Nothing.


I still have not figured out what on earth I did wrong!?!?


I find it funny that he said 21. Just a few weeks ago he and Jock and their father and I were discussing what age they would move out at. They both say they will live with us as long as we let them. We keep trying to tell them that before they know it, that will change and they will want to move out and get as far away from us as they can. They insist we are out of our minds and that would NEVER happen.

I guess Brain is discovering just how on the mark we were, sooner than he thought! teehee

Still...he is MEAN! *sniff*

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Life without Brain

Brain and I traveled to the other side of the state this past weekend. I will tell the story of why later.

I left him there and the friends he is staying with will bring him back in a week or so. Whenever he says he wants to leave. They will then take Princess back with them and she can vacation for a week. When we leave to go get Princess, we will bring back their 9 year old daughter to stay with us and perhaps leave Jock and Clown at that time. Haven't hammered out the details yet.

It is SO WEIRD without Brain here. He is a quiet guy, so it surprises me how much quieter it is without him here. He is working on writing a trilogy and took a fun little notebook that one of my brothers got him a few years ago with him. He uses it to jot down ideas, characters' names, etc. He is anxious to get some peace and quiet and really get going on his writing.

The brother who gave it to him as a gift is a published author, so it is extra fun. I think Brain dreams of following in his Uncle's foot steps. They e-mail back and forth fairly often and Brain is really enjoying that. That same Uncle teaches Creative Writing at a College in South Dakota, and enjoys it when Brain shares his writing with him. He has said he would love for Brain to be in his college classes and Brain beams with pride when he hears that.

I forgot that Stud and I have counseling tonight. Must get ready to leave for that. The younger three kids are outside building a fort and then I will take them to Smiley and Giggles' house. I called their mother in a panic this morning, wondering if there was any way she could watch the kids for us. Normally we take Jock and he waits and reads in the waiting room while Brain babysits the younger two. I felt bad asking her, because they are in the process of listing their house and leaving on a six week vacation. She said she could do it and I asked if she was sure she could. I was shocked and said "You can!?!?" She said, "No, I can't. But I am a good friend, so I will make it work."

What would I do without incredible friends???

Friday, June 09, 2006

Cuteness from small ones

Yesterday Brain was playing a computer game. He shouted out to anyone who would listen:

"YES! I finally found the Derigan Paintbrush!!!!"

Princess and Clown were sitting with me, making clay figures. Princess gasped and then looked excitedly at Clown.

"Did you hear that?? He got the arrogant paintbrush!! Good for him, huh Clown??"

Their counselor got a kick out of her the other day.

She seldom talks to her, mostly it is the older two who feel the need to sort through their feelings etc. She asked to speak with the counselor and when we got in the office she blurted "Apparently, I have many thoughts floating around in my head right now! I can't sort through them to decide which to talk about first."

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

New hair

Princess and I both got our hair cut today! She has been so hot and we have been waiting until after the recital to chop it all off.

She looks SO SWEET like I knew she would. She has loved shaking it all over and feeling how light it is.

I got a trim and a colour. I had mine long for so long, but it seems that it just frizzes out too much. It is not all neat and curly like it used to be. I want it long enough to pull back off my face into a pony tail, but that never seems to happen. I like it this length.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Clown's Birthday Bash

He turned seven more than two weeks ago. However, we could not get any of the things we needed for the theme he wanted until just last Saturday. So the only weekend we could do it was the same weekend we had his sister's recital, a painter coming, and were going to have landscapers coming, but decided to try and do as much ourselves as we could, to save money.

It turned out fine. Can't often avoid chaos around here anyway. So why try, right???

He had a great time. He invited seven other boys. One RSVP'd that he could not attend and another one said they could, but then did not show up. Which is pretty common, I think.

So there were five guests. Two of which he plays with on a regular basis, the other three he had not seen since February when he quit his weekly classes. We have been trying to get together with them (one in particular) since then and nothing has worked with our schedules. Hopefully things will get easier and we can get together more often. You would never have known these boys had not seen each other in so long. They were as close and not shy as if they play together daily. This is unusual for Clown, who can be pretty reclusive and withdrawn.

This one boy (who incidently has the same first name as Clown. Clown goes by his middle name, so it is not confusing. Until I use Clown's full name when I am trying to get his attention. Then the other little boy looks at me like "What??") is a tiny little guy who makes up for it with his personality. This kid is hilarious. He is also very strong apparently and takes great pride and happiness in fighting with people.

I guess Jock made some comment months ago when he and Clown still attended the classes. This little guy was wrestling with kids when I came to pick Clown up and Jock made a comment to Clown. He said how annoying that kid was and how he was always beating on other kids. Little did he know at the time, that this was Clown's best friend. I guess it made an impression on Clown and he was eager for Jock to meet and get to know his friend.

After the party, Jock could not say enough about how "cool", "awesome", "funny" and "strong" this guy was. Clown just beamed and kept on saying, "I TOLD YOU!! Didn't TELL you he is awesome!?!?!?"

Wanted to yap more, but I just spent over an hour on the phone with my brother. We are trying to firm up plans for me flying up there to help when my wee nephew is born the 20th of this month:) I cannot wait! Must get the kids to bed, will try again soon...


What a crazy weekend! Recital, birthday party and someone coming to paint in the entry way of the house. YIKES!!!

The Spring Recital is what we look forward to all year!!! Well...Princess and I do:)

They have one in mid December. It is just in the little basement auditorium of the old studio that lessons are in. The admission is a dozen holiday cookies and the costumes are always provided. It is always precious!

This is the big one! Ten bucks a ticket, rented backdrops, professionally recorded. It is at one of the local high schools and is done four times. One show Friday night, two on Saturday and one on Sunday. Seventy five dollars for costumes, thirty five for photos, thirty seven for the DVD, something for flowers or whatever you choose to buy for the dancer, etc. Adds up quickly.

Last year was the Wizard of Oz. It was alright. I enjoyed it but admitted to hoping for it to end after Princess or any of the other little girls I knew were not on stage!! I expected the same this year. Exciting for the dancers and their families(to a point), but boring for anyone else.

I was blown away. It was MUCH better than last year.

I took the boys to the Friday night performance. It was called "In the Library with Hans Christian Anderson". They did four stories. The backdrop was like a huge library and these older ballet students dressed like librarians danced out and then it was like the entire thing was them reading stories to little kids. There was "The Ugly Duckling" (we know the girl who had the lead role. Her older brother and Brain were great friends when Brain attended public school) and that was where Princess had her first dance. She and her class were "Chickabiddy Shortshanks" doing their tap number.

The teacher tends to have her come out first, since she takes it all so seriously and pays attention so well. She knows Princess will go where she needs to go. Some of the other little girls just go half way, into mid stage and then stare around and don't even start dancing. Princess goes all the way over like she is supposed to:) I am honestly not just saying that because she is my child:) LOL She really pays close attention. Even when she had just turned four and was doing it, she knew where to go and what to do:) So she came dancing out first. I wish I could show a quick video. Maybe I can get Stud to put a 30 second clip on here or something.

Anyway, then it was "The Little Mermaid". After that, something about a Matchstick girl. I am not familiar with that story. Princess and her class did their ballet number then, as Christmas Trees. We had to leave soon after that because Poor Clown had diarrhea and he and I kept on disrupting everyone by getting up all the time to go to the bathroom. He and I missed so much of it anyway. Jock was whining about being hungry and when I had spoken with Princess during the intermission, she said she was starved. So I figured we may as well go home.

I had left Stud home so he could weed and clean in peace. We had to prepare for Clown's party the next day. He had tickets for the last performance, on Sunday afternoon. I wish so bad that I had planned better and bought more tickets. I had no idea I would enjoy it this much! The boys (including Clown) were really upset that we had to leave early. Even though Jock was hungry, he told me later, he would have stayed. They wanted to go see it again SO BAD that they were willing to spend their own money!!! It was sold out. When I dropped her off on Saturday afternoon, her teacher put us on the waiting list for Sunday. There is no way we would get in. I can't wait for the DVD to be finished.

Her brothers and I got her a stuffed bear dressed in a Ballerina outfit. She loves it! She says we need to go shopping to find tap shoes for it too:) LOL Her dad got her pink flowers and she was thrilled with that. After he gave them to her and they came home and everything, I was taking her hair down from being in a bun. She asked, "Did you tell Daddy to get me flowers or did he think of it on his own??"

*GULP* Here we go. I wondered if it would matter that much to her. I did what I tend to do in situations like this. Answer the question with a question of my own! I asked her what she thought had happened. She said she thought I told him to do it, because she didn't think he would think of that on his own. I just smiled and said that I am sure he would think of it on his own, but I had indeed reminded him to try and get some.

She is getting too smart for her own good. Stud and I planned it all out. We did not want to pay the high prices for all the flowers that they have available at the show. So we planned on him going and getting some from the grocery store while I was doing her hair and getting her ready. Then he would hide them in the trunk of the car, take her into the school, then go out and get them from the car and have them ready to present to her later. So she would not wonder where he was going when he left, he and I said he was getting he and I some coffee from Starbucks. I think we over did the act a little. She was on to us! Little fart!!!
Anyway, I will post some photos of her from this weekend. Maybe later today I can post about Clown's birthday.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Quotes and stuff

I will post some news and photos from this past weekend later on today. I just got done yoga and need to get in the shower.

Right now, I wanted to share some quotes from Clown. Also, something a friend of his said to him this weekend at his party.

His friend was helping him open the envelope of one of his cards. Clown has trouble opening those and his buddy was helping. He said to Clown "Watch and learn, pal. Watch and learn." This child is tiny for his age, and coming from any seven year old, it is amusing. This kid is a hoot, more on him later.

Just now Clown was trying to take a toy he got out of it's package. It is a Star Wars figure. He said, "I don't wanna hurt you little guy, so just work with me, alright??"

About 45 minutes ago I was doing my cardio for today. Normally I try to get up and go run/walk at the track at the school near our house. If I don't get up in time, then I run up and down our 14 stairs. Clown and Princess were eating breakfast as I did this and Clown confided to Princess that he wondered why their mother is so weird. I told him I am weird to add excitement to their life.

He brightened up and said he guessed that makes sense, because I sure do add excitement to day to day life. Then he compared it to a commercial he saw recently on TV.

He shared this with me-

"It is like that hotel commercial. There is an old fat man floating around in a floaty thing in this pool. It is all boring music and stuff and it says 'ordinary hotel pool' and then it shows a pool where kids are having fun and there are all kinds of toys and fun things to do. The guy on the commercial yells 'NICK HOTEL POOL!!!!!!!'. You are like the Nick Hotel Pool. You are certainly not boring."

The way he explained it was precious, I am sure you had to be there to hear how he did it.

Stay tuned for photos from his party and baby girl's recital!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I am SO IRRITATED when my kids do stuff like this. Following is a conversation that just occurred between Princes and I:

P- Remember when Billy stuck that thing up his nose??

Me- Who is Billy??

P- Remember?? That guy??

Me- to stay calm. Just tell me a bit more and maybe I can remember.

At this point, she is getting highly frustrated. She and Jock are very bad for this. If you don't know what they mean INSTANTLY, they often get mad and stomp away and won't even tell you a bit more. I am teaching them not to do this.

P- When he was going to make cookies???

Me- Blank look

P- *sigh* And then he stuck that cookie flipping thing up his nose???

Me- Ummmmmm...tell me a bit more? Who is this again??

P- BILLY! He pulled out a huge booger when he stuck that up his nose, remember??

Me- Who is Billy!?!?!?!?

P- From "The Adventures of ________ and Billy"!!! YOU KNOW!??!!? ON TV!?!?!?! (I don't recall the precise title).

Me- Honey, Mummy doesn't watch that show.

P- (Very agitated by now) YOU KNOW!?!?!? Brain was telling you about it in the van that time!?!?!?


What is up with that??

Do any of you people's kids do that???

She was REALLY upset that I didn't know who Billy was and didn't remember Brain telling me about it one day, who knows HOW LONG ago!??!?!

She and Jock do this many many times daily. Brain and Clown are not so bad for it. They have more patience and don't get annoyed nearly as quickly. Although all of them do some of it to a small degree. They remember so much and can't understand that I have many countless things going on in this noggin and can't possibly recall in great detail who said what, when, where and what they looked like when they did/said it. *sigh*

Just now, as I type this, she is sitting here with Brain and Clown. They are waiting for Jock to finish his chores and Stud and I to play hide and seek with them all in the house here. And they are all talking at once. Asking each other "OH!! Remember this!?!?!?" and then stating what it is. Luckily, the others will shout "OH YEAH!! And then he said___________!!!" and they all laugh and are pleased.

Thank goodness they have each other and don't have to rely on this old Mum for such important things.

It still ticks me off though!!!