Monday, April 28, 2008

General Update

Stud has the younger three kids up at the local school grounds to play catch, football, etc. I got Princess her own pink bat, ball and glove a few weeks ago and she has been begging Stud to take her to play catch so he finally got a chance tonight.

Cryptic is working on catching up on over-due assignments with his on-line school (I won't even GO THERE right now! ARG!) and I just got done doing some lovely yoga and ball exercises from one of my many exercise DVDs that I have not done in MONTHS. Stud and I are not doing good about going to the gym anymore and I am eating horribly AGAIN, so I am still attempting to get myself feeling better. I feel MUCH better after doing this and walking for about 30 minutes with Cryptic at 6:30 this morning. We plan to do that every morning before everyone else is up and before things get too bright. Neither of us like sunshine and bright light, so we go early! LOL

Stud was 40 yesterday! I feel kind of weird that it was almost like any old day. I made him blueberry muffins (eewww, from a mix, but he LOVES THEM!) for breakfast and went to the local espresso stand to get his vanilla latte that he has daily. He laid around watching hockey and played his new guitar for a few hours. Then I got him Taco Bell for lunch and he left to play in a hockey game. Got him a card, Clown and Princess made him darling cards and I got him some of his favourite candy and left it around for him to find. He got his gift a few weeks ago and since it was so insanely expensive and we were BAD and put in on a Credit Card (SHAME SHAME!) we didn't really do much.

So Clown is still struggling with this dang sinus infection. As it gets better, he has more drainage which causes him to feel even more sick:( I feel so bad for him! I didn't make him go to his Monday morning "Adventures Around the Globe" class this morning and he didn't really miss anything. The teacher was not even there and they had a sub, so it was no big deal. He ended up spending the day organising his hundreds of Pokemon cards, watching Bill Nye Videos and reading books I got he and Princess from the library.

Jock is loving his cell phone (did I post how he and Cryptic bought their own and pay the monthly bills?? I can't remember!) and is learning to control the texting that he does. He keeps on taking pictures and videos of Brom and sending them to me and his friends!??! So now he will have NO money for at least a month, since his bill is so big! Good life lesson, I say:)

Cryptic was supposed to have his sinus surgery last Tuesday. Stud drove him down to Seattle and they were getting things set up, only to have them stop, drive home and for Cryptic to go back to bed. The surgery is rescheduled for May 8th. Why, you ask?? Because people are incompetent!

We got his Cat Scans from over the years and all the records sent to the surgeon weeks ago. I wondered why they were not doing the surgery in the same hospital they did his surgery in two years ago, but didn't think much of it. It is a simple thing, just a day surgery, so whatever. Oh cool, I also found this! Look how little they were and how scrawny poor Cryptic ("Brain" back then!) was! Thank goodness that surgery finally helped him!

Back to this recent episode. *sigh* They did not look close enough at the records and had no idea that he has a latex allergy and they are not a latex free clinic!!! So there was no way they could risk doing it and are now sending him to the hospital he should have gone to in the first place. ARG! Ah well, at least he will have it. I bought him a gigantic cookie that said "GET WELL CRYPTIC!" on it and had to give it to him. He is still only done half of it almost a week later and he has been sharing with the sibs. Which is more like his old self, so that is nice:)

Princess is going to a weekly hockey class for about eight weeks. Every Wednesday night. She is thrilled to be back on the ice! She got her costume today in ballet class and is very excited! She will be a marshmallow and has been anxiously awaiting the distribution of the costume. That is always the highlight of the year! Next year will be interesting because she wants to add Hip Hop classes so will be starting that this fall along with hockey and some other activities. This girl is a busy one!

I got a frame recently that has space for three photos. I want to find different ones of the four kids together from over the years. As I was looking for what photos I want Stud to print out for me, I came across this~

I barely remember her this age! I miss that red hair and those blue eyes! Ah well, she is darling with the lighter hair and green eyes, who cares, right??

Here she is with her best friend and Big Brother Clown. Blows me away that he will be nine in a few weeks and she will be eight in October! ACK! Where has the time gone??

Speaking of them, they are back from playing catch and waiting to read a book to me and get tucked into bed.

Have a great week everyone!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New T-Shirts

After the derm appointments today and leaving Princess at her friend's house, Jock, Cryptic and I ventured over to the mall. Cryptic has been awaiting the release of the next book in one of the series he is reading and apparently also "needed" a new video game that was just released as well.

After he made his purchases, we were looking for a few posters for Jock's bedroom wall. Of course he wants ones with bikini clad females and I told him I will not pay for those, but he can purchase them if he wants. Since he is broke from his cell phone bill, he can't even afford a new poster for his room!??! HA HA! I say. That will teach him.

So as we were looking we saw some shirts that the boys LOVED and I decided to buy for them. Following are photos of them in their shirts. Even young Brommy got a new one:) I hope that none of these offend anyone; they are all in fun:) The boys are excited to wear their's to their Science Class on Friday! Cryptic was very angry with me that I made him pose. He has informed us that he hates us all and can't wait to move out. *sigh* What happened to my sweet little easy going darling??:(

Blogger is not co-operating and I must leave to get Princess and run some more errands. I will try again later, please enjoy this one of Brom in his new shirt:)

****UPDATE**** I will try the photos of Jock and Cryptic's shirts. I am glad that you like Brom's Jude:) LOL I do too! Jock is the one who found it at the store. If it hard to read, just click on the photo to enlarge it.

I guess he wanted to clarify in case it was unclear what the shirt implied:)

One unhappy teenager! Neener neener I say. Jerk! LOL

Monday, April 21, 2008

How sweet it is... be loved and adored by your younger sister.

As any of you who know our family well or pay close attention to what I babble about (teehee) you will remember that Clown and Princess are 16 months apart. He was sitting in a chair next to the bed where she was born, ran and brought me blankets because "baby's toes coooooood" when she was just a few days get the idea. She totally adores him.

So he was picked up today by a friend of mine (you may recall me talking of "Giggles" and "Smiley" before?? Maybe in posts over a year ago or so...well, he is staying with them) to spend a few nights. They will bring him back on Wednesday.

Princess cried and cried when he left:( We had to cuddle for a while and Jock came to ask her what was wrong. I thought he would start and make fun of her, but he was very sweet.

So tonight she asked if she could call Clown. I told her yes and I called and talked to him first. He sighed when I told him what the deal was, but you could tell he was flattered and felt loved as well.

So she got on the phone and yelled, "HI CLOWN! I MISS YOU!!!"

I heard him say, "I know, Mum told me. DO realise I have only been gone for FIVE HOURS, don't you???" and then he chuckled. She giggled and admitted yes she knew that, but she missed him a lot. He chuckled again and asked her how her day had gone.

She then asked him the ALL IMPORTANT question...what had they fed him for supper?? Well, my friend made him his own because he did not like what she offered the rest of the family!?!? ACK! I don't blame her, because he apparently told her he would PUKE if he ate it, since the last time he had it here at home, he did indeed puke. With all his health issues going on now, so I can understand her caving and catering to him. She normally doesn't!

Anyway, Princess then said, "Well, I will let you get back to playing with Smiley, ok?? I love you!"

He said he loved her back and I could hear in his voice how pleased he was that she called. He was not annoyed at all.

They are honestly such incredible friends, it is awesome.

Just to refresh your memories, I will show you some of my fave pics of them together...

Ok, if you go to this old post and scroll down just a tad, you can see them together. *sigh* Is it just me or are they SO CUTE!?!?

Then here are a few from last week when I took them down to this fun place where we had a grand time!

I also took them for some rides, etc. Princess BEGGED Clown to go on this one that he did not want to go on. I felt SO BAD. It is blurry, but you can see that she is having a blast and looking at him and he is trying not to vomit:( He honestly almost tossed his cookies:( And all in the name of love for his baby sister. I can't wait until this sinus infection is totally cleared up and my poor little man is back to his old self! He had just had some ice cream and I told them it was not a good time to go on the ride, but what do mothers know, right?? Princess got some goofy fake teeth instead of the ice cream.

Princess has been invited to her friend's house tomorrow, so she is excited about that. This little girl will be called..."Fluffy" from now on. I don't know what to call her, and she has VERY THICK hair, just not curly like mine. If it were not straight, this girl would be in bad shape, honestly. It is GORGEOUS hair. She is so sweet, we met when Cryptic started babysitting her.

So I will drop Princess off there on the way back from taking Cryptic and Jock to their early morning dermatologist appointment. Cryptic is just not taking care of his skin and I am worried he is heading for some more infections, mainly on his feet. Jock is getting more and more moles all the time and wonders if he needs to have more removed. He had one removed off of his back when he was about Clown's age and has 12 stitches. Really cool scar that he is proud of:)

When I pick Princess up, I am going to stay and look through my friend's cook books. They have wheat allergies and since we just found out that Clown does also, we want to really take it seriously and change the diet. I will attempt to weed out dairy and egg for a while for Cryptic and Jock as well and figure out what we can all eat.

Then on Wednesday it is down to Seattle for Cryptic's sinus surgery. Princess starts some hockey camp...*sigh*. Never mind, I am getting tired just thinking of it, I guess I will sign off for now! Hope everyone has a great week!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Today Cryptic and I went to his first concert. It was my first since I saw this amazing talent way back in the late 80's when I still lived in good ole Canada. I think the only concerts I ever saw were her and...some band with one of my brothers. I can't think of the name right now. Or maybe it was Eric Clapton?? Wow. Brain fuzz is REALLY BUGGING ME!

So anyway, Cryptic and I have been waiting for months and it was well worth me having to drive down to Seattle. I don't like leaving the house, let alone driving in a big city and trying to find parking.

I was totally willing to step out of my comfort zone for this, however. Cryptic and I have every CD this group have put out thus far and it is almost all we listen to. If we are driving and any of this is playing and someone DARES utter a word or a sound, Cryptic shoots them daggers with his eyes and starts whichever song totally over.

This is Princess' favourite. It is another name for "Scotland" and Princess and I both adore it. She begs me to have a baby sister and name her "Caledonia"!!! Poor thing:(

This is one of Cryptic and I's favourites. We were really hoping they would perform it today and they did not disappoint.

I am still just in awe. These people are all so amazingly talented. We bought a DVD and I just watched the whole thing. It tells about each woman and a biography on them. We knew that Chloe was young, but we had NO IDEA that she is about Cryptic's age!?!?!?! Cryptic is one day younger than this young lady
and we both feel that Chloe is MUCH more talented. You be the judge. She put out her first album when she was ELEVEN!?!?

The violin player is HYSTERICAL! She flits all about the stage and really gets into her playing and moving all around. She is so neat and amazingly talented. She was the lead violinist for all the River Dance concerts and DVDs. Cryptic was saying after watching her that he may start playing violin again:) I am excited! He played for about four years and was really good, but tired of it.

I hope that these links will work and that you all have time to get just a short nugget of these songs. They may not be to every one's taste. Maybe it is the Irish in me or something, but this stuff leaves me speechless. It is the best EVER. Cryptic and I could have stayed there about 24 hours straight. As it is, they sang for over two hours! I really want to take Clown and Princess next time. Jock could care less and has no interest. Princess was just in awe that we actually saw them and pretty sad that we got to go and she didn't. When I told her how much the tickets cost, her jaw dropped and she said, "I understand why you guys only bought two tickets then. I can wait until next time!!"


Friday, April 18, 2008

Another Fun Tag

First, the rules:
1. Each blogger answers the questions about themselves.
2. Then tag five people. Make sure to let them know! :)

What I was doing 10 years ago - 1998

I was 28 years old. Living in South Carolina. Cryptic was five and Jock was about to turn three. We had been living there for almost a year and I was looking into a private Kindergarten for Cryptic and getting them signed up for Kindermusik classes. Stressed because Cryptic's skin was horrible and we could not get it under control and I missed our church here and all my friends.

Five things on my to-do list today

1. Not go crazy listening to Clown and Princess argue as they clean up the mess they made in the Rec Room.
2. Make sure Cryptic and Jock finally do the list of chores I gave them YESTERDAY.
3. Call to find out the results from Clown's Cat Scan that he had on Tuesday.
4. Take Jock and Cryptic to their weekly Science Class. (DONE! It is scratched off the list:))
5. Finish wrapping gifts and get parcel ready to mail to niece who is turning six!

Snacks I enjoy

1. Saltine crackers with cheddar cheese and pickles.
2. Any Canadian Chocolate Bar.
3. Fresh Chocolate Chip Cookies
4. Fresh Baked Bread with melting butter and jam...YUMMY!
5. My Mum's shortbread and home made buns...I HATE LIVING THIS FAR FROM HOME:(

Things I would do if I were a billionaire

1. pay off all our debt and have a full time maid and a nutritionist to plan our meals.
2. Send money to family to buy them cars, houses, etc.
3. Travel the world caring for orphans and all those less fortunate.
4. Take a fun vacation every six months.
5. Build a really cool house and have friends over all the time to feed them catered meals and play in our pool and watch movies in our home Theatre.

Five of my bad habits

1. not exercising enough
2. eating sugary things
3. being grumpy
4. being negative
5. not doing devotions often enough and straying from the close relationship with God that I used to enjoy.

Five places I have lived

1. St. Albert, AB.
2. Regina, SK
3. Asquith, Sk
4. Kitchener, Ont.
5. Simpsonville, SC
6. Saskatoon, SK
7. Everett, WA
8. Mukilteo, WA (I know this is more than five, oh well!)

Five jobs I’ve had

1. Convenience Store Clerk
2. Grocery Store Clerk
3. Waitress
4. Veterinary Technician
5. Receptionist

What I’d like to be doing in 25 years (wow! I will be 63!?!?)

1. Enjoying my Grand kids.
2. Travelling with Stud.
3. Reading A LOT.
4. Spoiling my Grand kids and taking them to Disneyland and places like that.
5. LOTS of Volunteer work.

I am not going to tag anyone. Whoever wants to do it, feel free!:)

Ok, better get off of here for now. Just wanted to get this done while I wait for the farts to bloody well CLEAN THE MESS THEY MADE!?!? ARG!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Ok, Jinny tagged me a while ago and I am finally going to do this!

Here is some trivia about Stud and I...

How long have you been together? Seems like a LONG wonder. It has been almost half my life, actually! We were never "together" in the normal sense since we lived in different countries. We "met" in August or September of 1988, and met in person that December when he flew into Regina. Were married a year later and only spent about 5 weeks total time in person with each other over the course of that year.

How long did you date? Didn't really date. As I said, we were seldom actually in the same country, let alone the same city!

How old is he? He will be 40 on the 27th!

Who said ‘I love you’ first? He did. Most definitely!

Who is taller? hahahaha, if you've seen me, you know that everyone is taller, except children under the age of 10. There, I am stealing what Jinny said! LOL Although I am sure even SHE is taller than I am:) Stud is six feet exactly and I am ALMOST five foot two. My dream was always to reach five four, but it was not to be:(

Who is smarter? In what area does this mean, I wonder. As far as common sense, me. By FAR! LOL As far as academics and grasping various concepts quickly, that would be be him EASILY. He is VERY smart:)

Who does the laundry? Me and the kids. Sometimes I leave his clean things for him to fold, but most often he doesn't even fold his own clothes.

Who does the dishes? Me until about three or four years ago, when the kids were finally completely trained in that area!! LOL Now I only do the kitchen clean up about 10% of the time and I do the really DEEP cleaning and organising. As far as dishes after meals and all day long, that would be our four angels:)

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Right as in correct or right as in right and left?? LOL Here is the thing. We still, after 18 years of marriage, have an issue here. Before we were married, he told me that he would not care what side of the bed I slept on, I could do anything I wanted and I was perfect and amazing, yadda yadda and could have anything my little heart desired. I told him that was cool, because I was sure that I would sleep on the left, but did not know since I had never shared a bed. As soon as we were married, he suddenly decided that HE always slept on the left and would always sleep on the left and too bad for me. *sigh* He is even more stubborn than I am (if that is possible!) and has insisted on his way this whole time. I wonder if that is part of why I don't sleep well and never have since we got married?? I have no choice but to sleep on the right side and honestly think I may sleep better if I had the side I naturally must need or something. Who knows! Weird how we both prefer the same side. Ah well, as he often reminds all of us; he is the "ALPHA MALE" and what he says, goes!

Who pays the bills? Him. Unfortunately. I did until 1997 when I got tired of it and asked him to take over. BIG MISTAKE. But we won't go there! LOL

Who mows the lawn? Jock. Jock has done it since he was about eight or nine and we finally gave in to his begging. He wears safety goggles and is very serious, careful and responsible.

Who cooks dinner? Always me. Jock and Cryptic are getting pretty handy in the kitchen as well. Stud has cooked about six times in 18 years. Once was when I was pregnant with Princess and I BEGGED him to help. Last week he cooked something that the kids LOVED and they asked him to cook more often. He is NOT happy about that! Keeps claiming he "doesn't know how" and I try and remind him that I didn't either, but I had no choice because someone had to, right?? I had to learn as I went. I used to LOVE cooking, but after years of trying with kids clinging to my legs and fussing and everyone complaining about the food, I am over it. Totally. I wish I still loved it:(

Who is more stubborn? We are both VERY stubborn. He used to always "win" and get his way in everything, since I avoided confrontation totally until about eight or nine years ago. That is when I finally learned to put my foot down and speak up for myself. This has caused some friction and problems, but we work through it:) It depends on the situation, as to who is most stubborn. It is honestly very hard to give a clear answer on this one!

Who kissed who first? He kissed me, no question!

Who asked who out? Well, we never went "out". Any time we were with each other, it was because one of us had left their country to visit the other. So we spent the entire time with each other, many long dates right after the next! LOL

Who proposed? Stud did. Many times. I finally agreed and the rest is history!

Who is more sensitive? No contest. I am much more sensitive. In fact I would be willing to bet that everyone else on the planet is more sensitive than my husband and he would be the first to agree! LOL He seems to pride himself on this. The kids often comment on how "cold" Dad is and wonder at how he doesn't seem to care. Nothing really seems to bother him or phase him at all. In fact, he often laughs or makes faces at the rest of us when we are upset or worried about something. He is getting better about that as time goes on, thank goodness!

Alrighty, there we have it. Whoever wants to do this, go for it! I am now off to take Jock for a hair cut:)


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hair again

This time I will talk about Stud's hair.

Why can't it be mine?? Look how nicely his grows?

This is EXACTLY what mine was like when Cryptic was a baby, but of course mine is darker. This is gorgeous, especially for a female, eh?

Neat tidy curls, no frizz, soft (can't tell that from the picture, but his hair is SO SOFT and shiny! NO FAIR!) and just gorgeous!

Now, I can't get this hairy on my face, thank goodness, but this is what he looked like a few weeks back:) Before Easter of course!

Now looky here!

Doesn't he look SO MUCH younger??

His family all age very well and look like they are about 35 when they are 60. My family are the total opposite! My parents were both completely white haired by the time they were in their early 50's. We are all quite wrinkly and I already have "age spots" on my face and hands.

So yeah, here is my cute young hubby married to an old goat like me! LOL

As I type this, he is playing his new birthday gift that we picked up today. I don't see any need to wait until his actual birthday, why not have fun with it before then??

I am not musical at all and can't relate to he and the kids spending hours in music stores, browsing and trying out the instruments. Bores me to tears, honestly. It makes them happy, so that is awesome!

Ok, I need to kick him off of it so we can do some yard work before our company arrives tonight for some good old shootin' the breeze and eating ice cream sundaes!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

My poor Clown

Alright, I had promised to talk about Clown's tummy issues, so here we go. Wow, I just finished writing this and wanted to warn you all it is longer and more longwinded than I had intended. SORRY!

About six weeks ago, I took Clown to a store after the kids' Monday morning class that they go to. On the way, he was saying he felt a bit sick. It had been a few hours since breakfast and he can seldom eat much first thing in the morning on Mondays anyway. He is very nervous every Monday morning before class. Being as introverted as he is, it is very hard for him to leave the house and attend this class. I can't remember if I have posted about this before or not?? Anyway, I thought he needed something to eat and it was partly nerves as well.

As we got out of the car to go into the store, he was walking slowly and swallowed a few times. I asked him if we should go home. He insisted that he was fine.

Then he puked. All over the parking lot! Well, not ALL OVER, but a large area. I am talking projectile!! I was standing there, watching and thinking, "WHAT THE HECK!?!? Where did this come from??"

Yes, I know it came from his stomach. You all know what I mean.

In fact, there was nothing much but fluid. He insisted he was fine, as he continued to leave a trail of stomach acid on the pavement. We would just think he was finished and then more would spew forth. My poor baby!!!

He assured me all was well as we walked into the store!?!? I was rubbing his back and asking if he wanted something to drink to take the taste away. It was honestly just a fountain of liquid erupting from him. I had no idea such a small little guy's tummy could hold so much liquid!!

I finally convinced him to walk back to the car. We got him settled, I told Jock (who was waiting in the car) what happened and I said I needed to go into the store quickly to at least alert the people what was in the parking lot. I got Clown a drink and some napkins to wipe his face and told the people what happened and showed them so they could clean it up.

By the time I got back to the car, Clown insisted we could carry on with our errands and said he needed some pizza to eat! So we went into the store and got him some pizza from the lunch counter. He ate almost all of it!

Over the next few weeks, he was constantly nauseous and threw up a few more times. Mornings were always worst. One of the docs jokingly asked if he was pregnant!??! LOL He didn't have a fever and it did not affect him in any other way.

I took him to the doctor, who thought it might be GERD and gave him meds that didn't work. I was sure it was not GERD, since Cryptic had it and needed surgery. I told the Doc as much, but of course they know best and we mothers don't know our kids, right?? Right.

He missed one of his Monday classes and missed going to our Science class a few Friday mornings. Jock and Cryptic take Science with our HSing group on Friday mornings. This Amazing Man makes it SO FUN for the kids. Clown and Princess to not attend his classes yet, but they play with friends while their older brothers are in class. Clown was so sad to miss a few weeks and stay here with his Dad because he felt so horrible and was always afraid he may vomit.

I assured the people at Monday morning class that the reason he had a "barf bowl" with him each week was in case he threw up. Explained we did not know what it was but there was no fever, it had lasted for weeks and none of the rest of the family had it. They still would not let their children sit near him, which really hurt his feelings. I was not impressed. Like I was going to bring a sick contagious child to class!?!? They had seen him this way three weeks in a row, I had talked to all of them about it! ARG!!!

The teacher called me and wanted to check things out and told me some parents had been concerned seeing him in there with this bowl. Sometimes he would leave class with me and we would go for some fresh air outside and it would make him feel better. Then we would come back inside and he would be in class more. He could even speak up a few times and answered some questions. Sometimes they pray aloud about orphans and kids in other countries (it is a geography class) and I am proud of him that as shy as he is, he speaks up and prays sometimes!! He did not want to miss any of these classes!! Nervous as he gets, he truly just loves it. I hated for him to miss class at the off chance that he vomit. I was sure he was not going to (he never did) and we pay for the classes and he loves them and doesn't want to miss anymore. He had already missed once because of this mystery illness. He really has to get himself psyched up to go and it takes a lot for him, but he is always glad he goes and just thoroughly enjoys the class!

So the Doc wanted to put him on stronger meds and I refused. I said they are not doing anything, I want him tested for food allergies. All his siblings have many allergies, he has never been tested. I looked into it a bit and found that they can suddenly aggravate a person.

Meantime, they did a tummy ultrasound. He thought that was pretty cool! We were wondering about ulcers, since he is such a nervous little twerp:) Then the allergy testing a week or so ago confirmed a slight wheat allergy...he LOVES his wheat toast with peanut butter almost every morning. So we are going to watch that. While there, the allergist (this is the man who has discovered everything that has ever been wrong with Cryptic. We ADORE THIS MAN!) said he bets it is sinus drainage.

DUH! I felt like SUCH A DORK. This was what had upset Cryptic many times in years past. He has had such impacted sinuses before and they have been talking about surgery off and on for a few years, but then we get him cleaned out with a sauna, meds, steroids, etc. He IS having sinus surgery on the 23rd of this month, but not for being impacted.

So about Clown. I slapped my forehead and yelled something about how I should have thought of that. Doc is so sweet. He looked at me and said, "Why should you have known that sinus drainage is irritating him and making him feel sick??"

I said maybe it was because Cryptic had the same thing before and you have helped me with it many times over the years!?! He just laughed and said not to be so hard on myself, I have a lot going on. At one point he told Clown, "I have known your mother for many years. I trust her judgement. If she says you can play video games to make your tummy settle down and you feel better, then I think she knows what she is doing, right??" Or something along those lines, I can't remember. Clown had been explaining how he is not sure why, but if he lays on the futon to play video games, soon his tummy feels better.

So he gave him steroids and said if after a week he is not better, we know it is not allergy junk bothering him and he will need another CT scan. He loves to get those! It has been a few years, but even when he was three or four he enjoys being in the "donut" and getting spun around and almost upside down.

Yes, you read correctly. My eight year old son has had multiple CT Scans for sinus issues and I am TOO STUPID to have thought about what was going on?? Guess what else? When I picked up the files and all Cryptic's CT Scan CDs for the surgeon to have before Cyrptic's surgery, I flipped through and saw that Cryptic tested positive for being allergic to MILK AND EGGS!?!? I FORGOT THAT MY SON IS ALLERGIC TO MILK AND EGGS!?!?!? He eats both EVERY DAY pretty much!!

Wow, maybe that is why he has such horrid eczema and sinus issues!?!?!? With my kids' allergies, that is how they present themselves. Not with swelling throats or lips or anything like that, they get sinus infections that stay for years at a time and I get so used to it that I block it out completely. I remember Cryptic being tested at three years old and we knew he had those allergies. We took those foods from his diet for a few months and then slowly starting allowing them back in cause he missed them and hated rice or soy milk!?!? Man, what an awesome mother I am!

So I am taking Clown for a CT tomorrow, most likely to discover he is pretty full. he HAS been feeling better, and when they tested him we discovered many tress in the area that he is allergic to. So perhaps they are not bothering him anymore and his drainage is not...draining anymore. :) When the allergist first saw him, he said he has allergy shiners, but is not mouth breathing. Cryptic has been mouth breathing since he was about two. You would think I would know the drill. We have taken Cryptic so many times and had him on so many six month regimens of four different antibiotics, standing in the shower to clear things out, nasal sprays, saunas, etc. All three boys are supposed to use the sauna for their noses twice day but have not for about two years. Why you ask?? Because I got sick of forcing them and fighting with them about it.


We have had a friend who is 2 weeks older than Clown staying today and will take him tomorrow to Science class to meet up with his mother and brother. They have had a lovely time and my poor darling Clown hurt himself today trying to make something pretty for me.

I was in the process of writing an e-mail to my SIL in SC about my niece's upcoming 6th birthday. I heard Clown crying and ran outside to see a very scraped up knee. He was so excited to make me whatever my surprise was, that he tripped while running into our backyard.

He was so enthralled that he bled in such a way so that the blood ran down his leg that he said, while wiping his tears, "Wait until I wipe these stupid tears and then take a picture and I will smile, ok??"

He of course recovered quickly and over the course of a few hours, with a break for supper, much giggling and whispering, this is some of what I overheard~

"Do you think she will like it??"

"Are you kidding!??! She will LOVE IT!"

"Wait, we need more yellow ones!"

"Do you have any blue ones??"

"This is the best day of my life!"

"Do you think she will think it is so pretty that she will cry?? Does your mother cry when she is Happy, D?? Our's does sometimes!"

"Don't let her see it. Princess, you will lead her down the stairs with her eyes closed, while Clown and I wait here and present it to her, ok??"

I know you want to see what it was, right??

Ok, this is what they made for me and put so much work and love and time into. It is SO SWEET and pretty:)

D's wee feet in yellow, then Princess (DUH!) and then Clown.

Aren't kids awesome??

Tuesday, April 01, 2008




Cryptic just broke the 100 pound mark for the first time in his life! He weighs 100.2 lbs!

I am running around the house screaming and jumping up and down. None of you probably have any idea how exciting this is for me!

This is a person who did not get to 20 lbs until close to his 2nd birthday. He has always struggled with eating and was failure to thrive when he was seven months old.

I can relate. I was 98 lbs for about five years. I did not reach the 100 pound mark until I was about four months pregnant with him. I got to 112 by the time I was about six months pregnant and always remember that and being SO EXCITED because I had always hoped there would be three digits to my weight. Little did I know then that I would be 30 lbs more than that these almost 16 years later!

So here he is, fifteen and a half and he has done it! YAY! He has been eating a lot more lately, we noticed. Now once he gets this sinus surgery done and he can actually smell and taste things again...WOW! I really hope he gets to about 120 by his 16th birthday. Especially considering that he is five foot four, be nice to be more than just 100.

OH WOW! Ok, I need to set up our Science lesson, just wanted to share:) I am SO EXCITED!

Here is my sweet guy (what you can see of him) a few weeks ago helping Clown study for a spelling test I was about to give him...