Friday, January 26, 2007


Well, something happened today as I was driving Clown home from the Doctor.

He has been having headaches and we took him in to get him checked out. She says to keep an eye on things and if they get worse or he vomits or anything, let her know immediately. She thinks it sounds like tension head aches from his neck and shoulders.

On the drive back, he was wanting to see if Cryptic was home from school yet. We drove past the school parking lot and saw Cryptic walking along in there, on his way home. Clown was very excited that we were going to get home before he did!!! Once you come out of the parking lot, you turn right and then the street curves left and goes down a hill. You pass a house and then next is our house, a bit farther down the hill.

We also saw two neighbour girls walking along on the sidewalk along the street. One was way down past our house, almost about to turn into the cul-de-sac where she lives. Another one was in between the house above us and our house.

Because of the how our driveway is, we need to kind of turn out to the left into the middle of the street a tiny bit before turning right into our driveway. You can't get at the correct angle to pull in unless you do that. We have lived here for six and a half years and never had an issue with this. If anyone is behind us, they wait for us to turn in. They have to, you can't pass on the right and there is no room to go past anyway. The back end of our vehicle is still mainly in the right hand lane of the street.

It only takes a few seconds so doesn't hinder the other vehicles very much at all. Today as I was about to turn in, I glanced to my right to see what the girl on the sidewalk was doing. I wanted to see if she had stopped or was going to continue walking and I would need to stop until she was past our driveway to turn in. You never know what these kids are going to do. Sometimes they run to get out of the way, sometimes they know enough to just stop. I was trying to see if she was far enough away that I had time to proceed and not wait for her.

As I looked to my right to check for her, I saw that she was standing there waiting for me to proceed. The car suddenly jerked and was stopped by something very forcefully. I yelled "WHAT THE HECK!?!?!!?" because it startled me and I was freaked. I look and am staring directly into the face of a young man in the driver's seat of a car. I still can't figure out where on earth he came from!?!???

It appears that he was trying to pass me on the right?? Ummm...that is illegal!!! Like sheesh, give me time to turn into my drive way for crying out loud!!! I still don't know where he came from (I didn't even see that anyone was behind me and I am constantly checking my rearview) or how he even took up the lane so that the right front bumper of our car could hit the left front of his car. Stud says because by that time I was at the angle to pull into the driveway, so his lane was clear of our car's back end.

He was totally freaked and kept on saying how sorry he was. I rolled down my passenger window so that I could talk to him. When I saw he was near tears, I calmed totally down and was trying to reassure him. I was just schocked, I still CANNOT figure out WHERE he came from!!!!! I asked if he was ok, he said yes and kept on mumbling something about what his Dad would do.

I said don't worry, I will call my husband. By this time, we are completely stopping traffic and the school buses were all backed up behind us. I got my cell phone and told Stud we were right out in front of the house and to please come out.

I know not to move vehicles in this type of situation. But the kid was freaking, I didn't want to sit and block traffic, everyone was fine physcially, so I backed up a bit so that he could move and pull into our other, lower driveway that is on the other side of the house, down the hill a bit more. I said my husband is coming out, we need to exchange info. So right when I backed away a bit, he sped up a lot and kept saying "Thank you" and went to drive away!?!?!? I kept saying "No no, you can't do that, just hang on!!!" Then his hub cap fell off and he was trying to get it and put it in the car and drive away right when Stud came out the front door.

Great timing! By then, we are untangled so I just pulled into the driveway like I had wanted to in the first place. I went in the house and had Stud deal with him. Clown said he recognized him from the cul-de-sac behind us where they play sometimes. I wondered where the girl went, because I knew she was a witness.

Long story short, his mother came and called her husband. They decided to call the police at least to file a report and figure out who was at fault. There is not that much damage to either car, but it WILL cost something and can add up fast.

The police come and say it is non-reportable because there is such minimal damage. The girl who saw it and her Dad come and he says she came home and was freaked out and didn't know what she should have done. He told her you always stay at the scene and explain what you saw.

So we are thinking about dealing with it between just our families if possible.

Well, now his mother called and said the girl told them that she thinks I am at fault?? LOL What does a 14 year old girl know about the rules of the road and traffic laws??? Anyone even hearing this and trying to picture it in their mind can tell that he was at fault for trying to pass on the right, you know?? For heaven's sake, I was trying to turn into my driveway, can you give me a few seconds?? I can't count the # of times people have turned into our driveway and there is no problem. If you are coming up behind and you see someone getting over a bit, hang back and see what they are going to do. Not to mention NEVER passing on the right. There are rules for a REASON.

I signal 99% of the time, but I don't think I did today. He claims the sun was in his eyes and he couldn't see me. I got thinking about that. Before we came around the corner up by the school, you knew someone was in front of you. How could they suddenly disappear once you turn to go down the hill?? Ya know?? And I know for a fact, whether I had signaled or not, it would have made no difference in this case. Then, at one point, he tried to tell his Mother that I was behind HIM. HUH???

I was going very slowly, but he must have sped up a bit or something for him to even be able to make it almost past me entirely as I was slowly turning into my driveway, yes???

When the girl was here, I was saying how I was looking at her to see what she was doing. She said, "I know people's vehicles and I knew you were going to turn in there, so I waited for you." So... if SHE knows neighbours vehicles, then why doesn't he?? Wouldn't he know where I was going to turn?? And even if he doesn' is just common sense to me, ya know??

Anyway, now Stud has a call in to a friend of his who is a police officer and we will see what he says. I definitely will accept responsibility if I am at fault, but I just can't imagine that I am?? SUCKS that we moved the vehicles, but even without them there, you can totally picture in your mind what happened.

Here is a photo of our driveway, with the white van. The van was there when I attempted to pull the car in to the right of it. You can see what I would need to do to get at a good angle to do so.

Whatever, bloody blogger won't post a photo right now. I will add that later on, perhaps.

Alright, Cryptic has given Stud and I the go ahead to have a date. I told him it was up to him, and if he didn't feel like babysitting the sibs, his Dad and I would stay home. He had expressed lately that he would like to get one of their old babysitters sometimes instead of us always relying on him. So I wondered if he was ok with doing it tonight and he said yes.

Off we go. I don't really feel like leaving the house, but I Stud seems to want to get out. So I hope my mood improves!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Ok, I am finally going to post a bit about Cryptic. I did the thing in October about Princess, when she turned six. Showed baby photos and then progressed to what she looks like now, to show how much she has changed and grown, etc.

I have been putting off doing Cryptic's because I was trying to find which pictures to use, and making time to do that was hard to come by. I decided to go ahead and do that tonight. Of course, after all that work and his Dad getting the photos blog worthy, he rushed down here and asked what I was doing.

He has forbidden me from posting them. He says no baby pictures, only current pictures. After a bit of coercion, he has agreed to ONE photo of when he was two, and then a more current one.

Behold ~

Christmas 1994

This was taken the day after his 14th birthday. November, 2006.

So that is a bit of a difference, eh?? See any resemblance from the two year old to the fourteen year old??

I told more about him in my blog last February. If you care to read more about him, you can scroll around in the archives from last February. Almost a year since he had his surgery. Hard to believe!!!

He is enjoying public school for the most part and we were all amused by the fact that he did not make the honour roll, but Jock did!! We don't care about grades at all and know they don't measure anything for the most part. Still, we were proud of Jock and told him so. He and Cryptic got a chuckle out of it, since it was assumed Cryptic would do well. I forgot they even had such things, until Jock brought this thing home listing his name with the other kids.

The lowest mark Cryptic has gotten this year was an 80%. Most of them are 100% with a few 90's and 95's sprinkled around. The reason he did not make the honour roll first semester is because he forgets to hand things in. Jock is really good about it and finishes ahead of time. Cryptic procrastinates and continues to put it off and then forgets to hand things in. That is one example of why marks don't mean much. Jock has mostly A's and Cryptic has D's and C's off and on. They quickly go up to A's when he hands in his work and then go down again as weeks go by and he has not handed things in again!!! So it is clear he has a good grasp of the material (they are both quite bored) and understands and regurgitates it just fine. So he has been working harder this semester and hopes to get on the honour roll. It was nice to see him motivated and having a goal.

Ok, I need to get up to walk to Curves. I have not missed a day this week with my working out in some fashion or another. We enjoyed listening to my brother on the radio today, besides the fact that the woman who interviewed him cannot pronounce his last name (not difficult. JohnsTon. There is a "T" in there! ARG! That used to drive me nuts when it was my name. MAN!!) and even though she is Canadian, she can't pronounce Saskatchewan. MAN! Bloody Easterners.


He said he could hardly hear her, so just guessed at what she was saying much of the time:) LOL I think he did awesome!!!

Hope all is well out there with all you wonderful people!!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Pedicure gone bad

Again, I feel the need to seek advice on something.

As I stated earlier, I went for a pedicure on Friday. A man did it this time. I have never had him do anything, it is always one of the women who work there.

He was very rough. At one point, he went on a rampage with a pumice stone and seemed to derive great pleasure from attacking my heels! Usually, it is very relaxing and when I leave, my feet are soft and smooth. I am thinking that is a lot of the point to getting one???

Since then, my left heel has been hurting. It seems he did such a fine job, that he split my heel open and it is like a huge paper cut:( IT HURTS. *sniff* The bottoms of both feet are very rough and dry now. Worse than before I went in, which is saying something.

THEN. I got those fake nails put on. Remember, this was Friday. On Monday, two of them snapped off as I tried to open the trash compactor. This looks ridiculous. I paid $50 for this treatment???

So what do I do?? I feel bad going in to complain, but as Stud said, I paid good money for it and should say something and certainly have them fix my nails. I am not sure of the proper etiquette for something like this.

Please help!!


Just now I was in the kitchen getting the chili started in the crock pot for supper tonight. Clown was eating a peach yogurt for his morning snack.

I was putting various kinds of beans in it, sprinkling in more chili powder, telling him I will cut up peppers, onions etc later in the day, so they won't be too soggy. Our mouths were watering and he was commenting on how he can't wait until supper time. He is the one who asked for chili, he has been wanting me to make it. I agreed that I was looking forward to it as well.

I was saying it will be "De-lish."

He looked annoyed and said, "Are you a robot breaking down or something?? It sounds like you are breaking down and cannot finish the word Delicious!!!"

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Brother on the radio

Yeah, so my brother, the writer, is doing another radio interview coming up on Thursday.

You can go and listen live on the internet at 3:30 our time, 6:30 Eastern.

Go here and have a listen, eh??

That is all. Back to my ab workout and then my walk, shower and getting Princess from school. Clown is working on some fun worksheets that he is actually excited about!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007


Well, as you can see I have a photo of myself up here finally. To help remind me I want to be that slim again. I don't want all that make up on again though. ICK! I am glad I figured out to get my eyebrows waxed since then:) This was taken when Cryptic was a toddler and I think I was early in my pregnancy with Jock. So that would make me 24.

So on Friday after my horrid medical/coffee fiasco, Stud told me to go for a pedicure/manicure and have a nice time. I had been trying to go all week and it just never worked out. So I was glad he made me go, it was very nice. I even have those girly long fingernails and everything. Looks odd on my masculine looking hands, but it is kind of fun:) We will see how long this lasts!!!

When I got back, Stud told me that the VP of the middle school that Jock and Cryptic attend had called him. Apparently, some friend of Jock's had been harassing him quite a bit over the course of the day and finally Jock had enough. The boy was bent over a water fountain getting a drink and Jock took it upon himself to push the boy's head into the stream of water. Unfortunately, I think he used quite a bit of force and also since the boy has braces, this resulted in some bleeding.

If a student bleeds because of another student, it is an automatic three day suspension from school. But the VP explained to Stud that since he enjoys working with Jock (Jock spends a lot of time in the office and doing errands around the school since he often has all of his school done far ahead of time) and since the two boys are friends and were not seriously upset at each other, he will do a one day "in school" suspension.

So for today Jock and the boy are in a classroom and their work will be brought to them. I have my own theory as to why the VP did this. I know some of it is that Jock is a good kid overall, but I wonder how much of it is that he wants him there to do all his errands for him??

I need to go and make Stud and I our eggs and toast and get some school done with Clown. Then it is off to clean and scrub. Some friends from church who are missionaries in Spain are home for a year. We have FINALLY co-ordinated our schedules and they are coming over for lasagna tonight.

I will try to post more often this week. I still need to post about Cryptic, and share about our weekend in BC.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


As I am sure many of you have noticed, there are many people out there who are incompetent. I don't want to be negative, but I feel the need to share what happened to me yesterday. Similar things happen often. I am just posting about this because it is time for a new post and I may as well share about this.

I had my physical yesterday. They told me weeks ago, to fast for a blood test. Said don't eat anything after 9:30 the night before (I remember thinking that is an odd time, usually it is nine, ten, or maybe midnight or something) and only drink tea or water if I couldn't stand it. I also thought it odd since they just checked my blood back in the fall for a re-check on my thyroid, etc. I had not fasted then, but I assumed they had more things to check at a physical.

So I did not go to Curves yesterday morning because I always eat an egg or some of a protein bar or something before I go. The appointment was at 9 a.m. so I thought I would be alright and could eat around 10. Didn't think it would take too long.

So I get in there and tell them I am hungry since I had to fast for the blood draw. I get sympathy clicks of the tongue from a few people. Pats on the shoulder from the Dr. herself, saying she is sorry, we will get tests done as fast as we can and I can go eat.

I have been having shortness of breath, chest tightness and burning and my heart often jumps around and gets out of rhythm. I am sick of it. Very annoying and freaky. The breathing thing started three or four months ago and happens many times a day and the heart jumping thing is just here and there. Heart problems run on my Dad's side. My Dad has a pace-maker, one of my brothers just went through some tests etc. So she ordered an EKG.

I went over for that and was calling Stud to tell him what was happening and asking if Clown was doing the school work I set out for him and letting Stud get work done. Right when he answered, the tech guy called me over. I basically hung up on Stud. The Tech could see I was flustered and was trying to get Stud to know that I had to go. So I hang up and the guy goes, "Is your insurance information still the same?? Same home address??"

I said yes and he said ok, that's all.

*sigh* Why didn't he just ask me quickly, or let me know I did not need to hang up on my husband for that.

So my Doc had said I could come back after the EKG and get results or go and eat since I was hungry and she would call me. I said I would see how I felt after the blood tests and EKG.

I had the EKG and was asking people at the lab about my blood tests. They said they had no orders to take any blood. So someone went back and asked my Doc. After a while they came out and said she is not sure who told me that, but they didn't need blood today.

WHAT!?!??? I skipped Curves and starved myself for nothing!!?!?!?!?

Then why did she pat my shoulder and say, "I understand" when I told her I may not come back and would go get some food??

So I decided I wanted to know the results. They also did a breathing test on me that they always do with my kids for their asthma. I don't have asthma, but I feel like I do when this dumb chest junk happens. The nurse said to go and get some food somewhere and come back in ten minutes.

So I went to a nearby Starbucks. I asked that my drink be 140 degrees instead of 160. I wanted to be able to drink it soon, and not wait for it to cool down, since I was pressed for time.

I always get sugar-free vanilla in it. More often than not, they try and charge me for something added on, instead of just a substitution, which is what it really is, of course. I have to watch closely and draw their attention to it. So I watched the little screen and it said "SUB Sugar-Free". Ok, I was feeling better about that and not worried. I noticed later, as I drove away with my HOT drink that I put a nice burn on my tongue, that I was charged 30 cents for sugar free vanilla!!! ARG! So great, I get starved, then have to pay extra just to burn my tongue and have them squirt syrup out of a different bottle. *sigh*

So I go back and wait a long time. The doc finally comes in and says that the EKG was fine, the breathing thing was fine. I am having panic attacks!?!?!?!?

I remember during one time driving and the breathing (or struggling for breathe) thing happened. I was thinking how I heard people who have panic attacks comment on that being one of the symptoms. I dismissed that as silly since I was not upset about anything. I reasoned that when I HAVE been upset, nothing like that has happened.

So when she said that, I was taken aback. She said something about neuro-chemical and how it just something amiss with the chemicals in my brain and the only way to manage it is to take medication for a while.

Good times.

She tried putting me on anti-depressants about a year ago, but I refused to take them. To me, all that would do is mask the problems. I need to learn to deal with the stuff and not just take meds. Slowly, I have gotten better. Stud and I's marriage improving (by us now communicating and me not feeling so alone in everything) has been a huge part of that, I am sure.

I asked her about my MRI results from this past fall. When I had that MRI on Princess's birthday, the Dr. office told me to go to a neurologist. I finally got in in November and she said she saw something on the MRI to indicate that I am prone to strokes?? All the horrible head aches, the few migraines and the weird vision things are from constricted blood vessels in my brain. She said to take aspirin every day to thin my blood and go for an annual MRI so they can keep an eye on this.

I was thinking of getting a second opinion and my mum said something about her health that caused me to wonder about the aspirin. So I was talking to one of my brothers a few months back and he reprimanded me for not taking the aspirin yet. He said Mum told him that I was being stubborn and not listening to the neurologist. I have just been busy and wanted a second opinion.

Anyway, my doc was reading me yesterday the results from what the neurologist said about the MRI and something about not "just" the white spots that are common in migraine. There is something that concerns them more. So I need to ask some more questions I guess. Kind of freaky. I have always been afeared of aneurysm and my kids finding me dead somewhere and being all helpless and unable to get help and being traumatized for life by something like that. Now every time I get these stupid stabbing, shooting pains in my head, I am scared of a stroke. But I don't think you get warning signs with that.

So I will try this stupid medicine for these "attacks" and take aspirin. Kind of weird. I have never had any health issues, except with my pregnancy with Cryptic, there was some stuff near the end there. Other than that, nothing. Oh, besides mild low thyroid and having to take meds every morning for that.

So this will take some getting used to.

Alrighty, a post about last weekend will be here shortly. I started this earlier this morning and had quite a day!! It is almost midnight and we have to get up and go to church.

Hope all is well with everyone out there!!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

We are back!

Well, we made it back from Jock's hockey tournament safely. The kids are home from school again, because there is (GASP!) some more snow on the ground. This is just insane, I can't believe it.

The kids are loving it, all three of the kids who attend PS this year were begging for us to let them stay home no matter what. Even Jock, who LOVED public school at first is really tiring of it. He is bored. He gets all of his work done DAYS before the other kids and then spends his days running errands for the teachers.

Just wanted you all to know we are back and a story about the tournament will follow, I am sure. I am off for groceries and a pedicure. Not in that order, however.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Before I say anything, I want to warn my parents that there are going to be photos of Davy in this one. If you are not ok with seeing them, stop now please:)

I should be packing and getting kids to bed. I got Princess settled, but all the boys are busy with various things, keeping out of trouble. So I will leave well enough alone. Stud left for his hockey game. Sure hope they win! Poor guy, they have not won one game all season!

After posting Cryptic's story, I got thinking more about my version of what happened. I plan to finally post my version soon. I hesitate because it involves putting thought into what happened and I have avoided that for all these months. I think of Davy daily, hourly even. However, it is all the wonderful memories, not the horrible minutes, hours, days and weeks after his death. I haven't allowed myself to go there, but I think I need to soon.

Anyway, as I thought of that, I thought it might be nice to show a photo of Davy. Also one of he and Cryptic together. The first one is of Davy in the Living Room at my parents' farm about a week before he died. You will note a much younger Clown in the background, talking to one of my brothers who is in a chair behind Davy, so you can't see him.

The red and blue mesh thing underneath Davy in the wheelchair was his "sling". That was what supported him while he was moved from room to room, into the tub, onto the bed, etc with the lift that Cryptic spoke of.

In this picture, Davy looks a tad surprised. That is cause he was! He was watching TV and I took him by surprise when I snapped the picture. He kind of jumped in his chair and I felt bad. I had a habit of doing that. I am can be very expressive and am quite loud much of the time. Poor guy! He was always jumping when I was around! I even made him cry sometimes, from scaring him too much. I felt so bad. The good part was, I got to rush over and kiss and cuddle and comfort him and soon he was much better and beaming his beautiful grin at me again!

Here is one of him in bed, with Cryptic standing beside him, holding his hand and talking. They were nine months apart in age and both got a kick out of Cryptic having an Uncle only nine months older than him!! There are many pictures of them together over the years, wearing matching PJ's, etc. None of those are digital, so I can't share them right now. This was taken on July 29th, 2005. Davy passed away in his sleep and my father found him early morning of August 2nd, 2005.

I was leaving soon to take my kids and two nieces back here. We were leaving for Calgary within the next few days and I suggested that Cryptic go in Davy's room and spend some time with him since things had been hectic and we had to leave soon.

Alright, better get these kids in bed. It is snowing up a storm here, seems to be snowing everywhere lately! The kids are excited, because they are sure they will miss school tomorrow!

A Departed Heart

Alright, we are off tomorrow to small town BC for a hockey tournament with Jock's team. Won't be back until late Sunday. Busy packing, etc. Before we leave, I wanted to post this.

Cryptic finally e-mailed me this assignment that he wrote for a class at school. He got 100% on it, which surprised me. Don't get me wrong, I like it. The topic is great, but I am surprised at how disjointed it seems and I find it unorganised. It is clear that he just wrote things as he remembered them and didn't do even one rough draft or anything. He is NOT a perfectionist, that is for certain!

It is also interesting to see his perspective of the day we learned of Davy's death, how Davy was cared for during his life, etc. I find it fascinating how any given number of people take totally different experiences from the exact same occurrence.

He threw it together in one sitting at the computer, very last minute. I would not have given him 100% on it when *I* was his only teacher. Never the less, it is an emotional read and I love it and he said I could share. I need to edit it just a tad, where he used actual names of family members.

And I like the title he gave it:)

Enough preamble. Here it is, enjoy ~

A Departed Heart

Last summer my family lost someone we all loved. My Uncle David, or "Davy" as we called him. Davy was born with Cerebral Palsy, a sickness that makes the afflicted person unable to control speech or movement of their limbs. He had to sit in a wheelchair all day, when he wasn't laying in bed or standing in a standing board to watch TV. A few years before he died, my grandparents purchased a lift, which made it easier to carry him downstairs. He could sit in it and watch TV instead of being supported by his standing board. He affected everyone who met him in an extremely positive way. Despite his limitations he almost always had an infectious smile on his face.

My grandparents have been foster parents for 34 years now. They started taking care of Davy when he was 8 days old. They have had many foster children of course, but Davy always held a special place in their hearts. The doctors said he wouldn't live past a year. But he proved them wrong. He lived for 13 and a half years before he left us.

My grandparents adopted Davy on 07/28/00. They always enjoyed taking care of him. Until he was four years old they fed him by mouth. Unfortunately he aspirated food when he was fed this way. So they had to feed him with a feeding tube inserted into his stomach. He had to sleep with a specially made triangular shaped piece of foam. It was strapped between his legs so they would not "scissor" together.

Even though he could not speak, Davy still had his ways of communicating with us. He had what we called his "no face". He would do that pouting thing people sometimes do with his lower lip, to let us know he didn't like or want something. He could speak a few words however. Some of them were "yes" and "I love you". He could also sometimes say my mother's name and the name of one of my cousins. He sometimes said "mum" when he wanted my grandmother, and was in the hospital for one of his many surgeries.

My family has a tradition of visiting either my mother's or father's family during the summer. Last summer my mother drove my siblings and I to her parents' farm. My dad had to stay here and work. Davy did not seem as active or cheerful as he usually was. I attributed this to the fact that my grandparents had decided to move to a house in the city, in part because of my grandfather's Muscular Dystrophy. Also, even with the lift it was getting harder for them to transport Davy downstairs. They needed a house with no stairs, and couldn't keep traveling back and forth to the city, especially in the winter. So when Davy seemed a bit depressed when we got there, I hardly gave it any thought.

While we were visiting, we went to check out the house my grandparents would be moving to. We took Davy with us of course, since he would be moving there too, and we wanted him to see his room. While everyone walked around the house, I went into Davy's room and sat down because I was bored, and hadn't really wanted to come. After a bit my grandparents brought Davy in to show him his new room. It was painted blue which was Davy's favorite color, so we thought he would like it. But he seemed preoccupied and hardly seemed to care, no matter how much we commented on it.

My grandparents live in Saskatchewan, Canada. It is an 18 hour drive from our house in Washington, to their house in Saskatchewan. Because of this, we stop at my Uncle's house in Calgary, and stay with he and my Auntie for the night before continuing on to my grandparents' house. The same is true for going back. So when we were done visiting we headed back home. While we were staying at my Uncle's house I mostly played his Gamecube with one of my cousins and her friend.

That night I had trouble sleeping. I woke up about 5 times. My cousin also experienced problems getting to sleep. Around 5:30am the phone rang, and my uncle answered it. My cousin was sitting at the top of the stairs at this time. I was still trying to get to sleep, but then I heard crying. It was my cousin, and I instantly knew something was wrong. After a few moments, my mother came down and informed me that Davy had died in his sleep during the night. "No" I instantly said, and turned away. Of course you can't deny something forever. After a while, I don't know how long, I came upstairs. Everything is sort of confused after that. And what I can remember, I don't really want to talk about. All I know is that there was a lot of crying and phone calls.

At one point my mother went up to the room my younger siblings were in, and told them the horrible news. As my mother continued to cry, my 6 year old brother asked her to please be quiet. He lay there with his eyes closed. "What are you doing?" asked my mother, after a few moments. "I'm watching Davy. He asked God to shrink him so he could fit on the back of a bald eagle. I can see them flying through the sky right now", he whispered.

When my grandparents later heard this, they decided to have a bald eagle pictured on the cover of the bulletins for Davy's funeral. They also chose a blue coffin for his body, since it was his favorite color.

My dad flew up to Saskatchewan to be a pall bearer at the funeral. He also had to drive me and my siblings home, because my mother was so upset she had to fly home. We also took one of my cousins with us. Two of them had been going to return home with us, but Davy's unexpected death caused one of them to want to stay with my grandparents.

Looking back, there were signs that Davy would soon be leaving us. His unenthusiastic reaction to his new room, or the fact that he wasn't as happy as he usually was. Still there is nothing to be done about it now. Davy had gotten pneumonia shortly before his death, but I don't think that was the cause, or at least not the entire reason. I think God decided it was simply his time to come home. He had dealt with his Cerebral Palsy his entire life, and greatly influenced many people, changing them for the better. I believe that God was rewarding him for his years of service on this earth. And someday we'll all be able to join him.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Clown again

Alright, I have been debating writing about this. I just can't resist, I have to share this story. Clown would be mortified if he knew, but he doesn't need to know, now does he?? *rubbing hands together gleefully*

Yesterday morning, after he and I took Brom for a long walk, I noticed that Clown was holding his neck funny as he had a few weeks ago when he suffered from his first attack of Torticollis and I panicked inwardly for a moment. It was so horrible and I didn't want him suffering again.

When I asked him what he was doing, he said there was a lump on his neck and when he held it that way, he could feel it more easily. I asked him if it hurt and he said a little bit. He looked scared and very worried. I was trying to tell him maybe it was a lymph node that was swelling and that his body was trying to fight something off (of course later when I took him to the Dr., this was confirmed) and it was ok for that to be that way sometimes.

He didn't look convinced.

He looked at me with tears in his eyes and whispered in a very trepidatious voice, "Do you think it's a testicle??"

Monday, January 01, 2007


Just now I was snuggled in bed with Clown, tucking him in, discussing the holidays, the coming week, saying prayers etc. We often say the Lord's Prayer together and then do "regular" prayers, where he says what is on his mind, prays for certain people, etc etc.

Tonight, he put a new twist on it. He prayed a lovely prayer, thanking God for many things, and then he ended it with, "Sincerely, Clown." and then grinned an adorable tooth missing grin at me. I love this age where they are missing teeth.

Of course he doesn't know he is called Clown in here, so he said his true name. Which is actually his middle name, since he goes by his middle name and we don't usually use his first name. But I digress!

Ok, off to the next one...

New Years

Happy New Year everyone!!!

When the time switched over to the New Year, Jock was here on my computer playing his new hunting game that he bought with gift cards he received for Christmas.

Cryptic, Stud and I were in the Living Room watching some of the Everybody Loves Raymond DVDs I got.

Princess and Clown were down here in the Rec Room watching "A Christmas Story". They love how Ralphie swears. They rewind over and over again...*sigh*. I think they had fallen asleep by midnight, though.

I have many resolutions. I should write them down before I forget them!

One of them is to walk 20 minutes a day, rain or shine. So I had better get out there!

Hope everyone has a great year and thanks for visiting my little blog here:)

Another treat from Santa

It is fun to have a girl and all these girly gifts.

This doll interacts with Princess and dances the same dance as she does. Or, she can also teach Princess and she can follow along with the doll.

Tea party with Daddy.

"Am I reduced to this?" Brom wonders.

Where are we going??

Tuckered out baby!

All these things from his stocking demanded that he play with them. When you are a baby, it really makes you sleepy:)

Good buddies!

Santa brought Clown and Jock DS Lites.

Look what Santa brought Brommy!

Baby Alive...cute or creepy???


Jock isn't sure what to think.