Monday, January 30, 2006

More writing by Brain


Green is a ferocious thing, with hate and fearsome might.
While red is like a pretty saint, a pure and gentle sight.

Blue is hated, feared and evil, just like a cruel assassin
Orange, a poor small Science nerd, who always has his aspirin.

Yellow, a rising star she is, fancied and admired.
Purple resembles your nutty neighbour with something to be desired.

Black is death in all it's forms, a fierce and evil thing.
White, a beacon of hope and light, an angel on the wing.

So now you know the colours, but let me ask you this:
What is checkerboard or polka-dot??
Do they remind you of your brother or your silly sis??

So now you know the colours.
So now you truly see.
When you take a look at burgundy, do you see a silly poet??
Perhaps it is me you see.


Here is something Brain wrote today, that he asked me to post here. So here goes:

Have you??

Have you ever heard a church choir sing??
Of how their voices carry?
I myself have listened to them,
light as air, sweet as a cherry.

And have you seen a figure skater?
Oh how they leap and twirl?
their outfits like dancing rainbows are,
oh how they swish and swirl!

Or what about the acrobats,
have you seen what they can do??
They twirl up there, up in the air,
their laughs sound like a cockatoo.

LOL Not too bad, for someone who "hates" to write and fights me tooth and nail.

He is working on some other things, but is not finished. Something about colours and how they signify certain things. He should be done sometime this week.

Over and out.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Pioneers and Young Mr. "Clown".

So normally we homeschool our kids. Last year, they started fighting a lot more often and I was tired of it.

Normally HSed kids are known for their ability to get along with various ages groups. Mine still do, to a certain degree. I love to see them with other HSed kids. You can have a 15 year old explaining something or just playing with, an 8 year old. I have always just loved to see on field trips how the kids will mix with all the kids, not just stay in one group. You can have a group of 7 kids walking through a museum ranging in age from 3 years, to 11 years old. And then another with a 13 year old carrying a baby that is not even a sibling to them, talking with a 6 year old, also not related. Boys and girls. Not just boys hanging with boys and girls with girls. Although there IS some of that. Just natural.

Brain (13) will sit and play "Pretty Pretty Princess" or "Polly Pockets" with Princess (5) sometimes. He will roll his eyes at me and not be too thrilled if I suggest it. I know she will be tickled and I want them both occupied for a while.

Lots of times, I hear him laughing and her just giggling and think how sweet that is. He will come out of her room and whisper to me some cute thing she said and admit to me how much he loves her and how it wasn't as bad as he thought.

So there are certainly lovely moments. The four of them will sometimes spend days at a time engrossed in some imaginary game they make up, or making tents and reading to each other under the table/blanket tent. They build with Lego and plan all kinds of things. Write comics or story books and illustrate them together. Get out craft materials and make all kinds of fun stuff.

However, last year, more conflict started. I am assuming it is partly an age thing. Now having Brain and Jock being pre- teens and Clown and Princess so much younger has finally made a noticeable difference. So I think they need more time apart here and there. We make sure they all get time with friends their own ages and they have their own classes at church and their dance/hockey/and other activities. Yet I figured they needed a break from each other and asked around amoung my friends who homeschool. What do they do in these instances??

Someone suggested an AEP. That is Alternative Education Program. I have always avoided those, but was getting desperate for a solution. I won't get into how I feel about this in this post. I will just say that when I speak of the boys going to "Class", "School" "The program" or "Classes" or something along those lines, that is what I mean.

Clown is in a Grade 1-2 Split class. He has been really fighting it lately. Begged me a few weeks ago to let him stay home in his room so he could spend the day cleaning it. WOW! LOL You know he doesn't want to go if he says that!

The teacher is having a Pioneer theme this year. Last year, I have heard, was Medieval Times. She is incorporating all the subjects into learning about Pioneers. It is really cute and fun! I am in there once a month and the kids have a good time. Clown always did too, until about November sometime, I guess it was. She gave them a list of what to take in their wagons and told them they can only have 2,000 lbs. Each item has a weight, and they need to calculate what they really need and what they will take. They are learning about geography, obviously history and math, amoung other things.

They have made covered wagons out of Milk Cartons. They made "people" out of clothes pins, yarn and fabric. They were given "roles" and Clown wanted to be the Blacksmith. He was given the role of one of the Hunters instead and we told him how important that is. He is pleased enough with this, but is concerned about "acting out my person". I kept hearing him say this and was meaning to ask the teacher about it. It is so chaotic when I drop him off and even the days that I stay. He was getting an upset tummy and crying about going, just not his usual smiling self anymore. He would be ok most of the week and then Monday would come and suddenly he would look panicked and say "OH MAN! Tomorrow is Tuesday!" and then sometimes even cry at the thought.

Finally this past Tuesday when I dropped him off, I asked his teacher. She said she had told them that at the end of the year there is a night called "Spotlight Night" where the parents come and see what they have worked on all year. They will all get up and do a square dance and tell who they played all year in the classroom. He has misunderstood and thought she meant he would have to act out being a hunter. He also did not catch that this is in June, not any time soon.

While I was talking to her about this, he was sitting on the floor waiting his turn to play marbles with some other kids. He was all stiff and serious. I was watching him out of the corner of my eye and when he overheard her say this, a smile slowly started working it's way around his mouth and he visibly relaxed his body. I pointed this out to her and she made a comment about how lately, he has been very stiff and not as relaxed as he was at the start of the year. He won't smile or laugh as much and just sits and looks sad most of the time. He won't raise his hand anymore or contribute to discussions.

We were annoyed at ourselves when we realised we had not clued in to precisely WHAT the issue was. The poor guy was SO stressed about the possibility of what he had misunderstood, that he was just miserable. I am so glad that I got that resolved. I remember misunderstanding things my teachers said also. I feel so bad for not putting more time into this. Part of me knew it was something specific bothering him. Part of me also considered the possibility that he just did not want to get out bed in the mornings and was finding an excuse.

There you have it. My little "hunter" feels better and had a GREAT day this past Tuesday. He was so drained, though. It seemed like he had kept it all in and was a bundle of nerves and once he let go of it, it knocked him out! The past 2 or 3 Monday nights, he was not sleeping:( He would come to Stud and I at 10:30 some nights and just be crying:( He was so sure that the next day would be the day that whatever he feared was going to happen really would. So this past Tuesday night he was out like a light and slept so long and well, I was thrilled for him.

Sometimes I really despise this parenting stuff.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


This is for you, Ramblin' Irishman!
Tell ME he isn't a Stud!??!


I find men amusing. I am curious as to what goes on in their minds. Stud insists it is nothing much. It is blank. I cannot accept this.

The man is brilliant in many areas. To be brilliant, you must use your mind. He inists that much of the time, nothing is going on in his. This confuses me.

Yet, some days, I wonder if perhaps he is correct?? No disrespect to him. I am not trying to say NOTHING is going on, but strange things are.

I think.


We have had rats or some type of rodent in the engine of our van for some time. We have yet to actually see them visually, but they leave evidence of their existence. They have chewed through wires, gadgets and gizmos in the engine and cost us many dollars to repair damage they have done. Before our trip to Canada for the holidays, we noticed quite a large pile of turds on the floor inside the van. This disturbed me, because I do not want to have the kids inhaling anything bad.

As much as this disturbed me, I have done nothing about it. I have so many things going on and trying to keep track of various appointments, assigning the kids school work, taking them hither and yon, keeping the house clean, etc etc. I guess I assumed that is Stud's area, being the man of the home. I didn't think he had done anything. The other day this was confirmed when he came inside the house, quite upset and perturbed. He said we must get traps for them, because now they are chewing on the seat belts.

"Look at my shirt!", he said. "There is fuzz and and stuff all over it!?!?"

I looked and saw small tufts of lavendar coloured fuzz on his shirt, the same ones that get on my shirt/coat or whatever I am wearing. His mother had given me a gorgeous scarf/hat/glove set for Christmas and I wear it daily. The seat belt near my shoulder has acquired some of the scarf on it. This has been going on for a few weeks and I was sure I had even mentioned something to him about how much the scarf is shedding.

My mouth was agape. I was stunned. My mind raced. How can a man such as this, seriously believe that somehow rodents are climbing up a seat belt and chewing only on one small space of the belt, far up near the seat??? Why are the remnants of their work a completely different colour than the grey seatbelt??? Is he joking?? Is he serious?? How do I handle this properly without insulting him???

I was stifling laughter and trying to keep a straight face to tell him what was really happening. I don't recall how I handled it, but most likely not in the nicest manner. Whatever I did or said, he did not skip a beat.

Seriously though. Something like that seems bizzare to me. I just cannot imagine thinking something like that. Yet the man is so knowledgable in so many areas????

Someone please explain this to me??? My brothers or Dad perhaps?? Anyone?? I want to understand.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Kids in the snow

Ok I am putting some photos out here for a fellow blooger. She has never seen snow and I feel SO BAD for her. I am hoping this will encourage her on her quest. She and hubby are on holiday and are searching for the white stuff. I certainly hope they find it! NO ONE should go without seeing and playing in snow at least once in their life!!! I cannot get the dern pictures to co-operate with me, so this will look silly and they will end up all along the side, I am sure, with this writing way down at the bottom. ARG!

So these pics are from December 30th and 31st up in Northern Saskatchewan, Canada. We stayed with a friend of mine who grew up there but now lives near Edmonton, Alberta. Her parents let us stay with them and showed us a great time with sledding, skidooing, etc. The kids LOVED it, they have only seen snow a few times themselves. There was not a lot, certainly nothing like when I was a kid. However, it was certainly enough for an awesome time and some great memories!!! Enjoy, Amanda B:)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Just an update

Just to prepare my regular readers, I have changed the names of Hubby and the kids. To get used to the new names, please check my updated profile. Still minus photo. Ok, I am going to put a photo of a photo of Princess and myself. So that at least gives everyone an idea. Take 40 lbs and all the wrinkles off and you will see the TRUE me:) Of course Princess is as gorgeous as always!

Well, just got everyone settled. What a night!

Stud and I tried to go out to a movie. *sigh* You would think it was a simple request, yes??

Not so.

We have instructed the kids to NEVER call unless it is of utmost importance. Like someone is bleeding, there is a person trying to break into the house, etc etc. They know this, yet for some reason Jock tends to think it is an emercengy if he wants chocolate milk and Brain won't let him have any. Or if he wants permission to go on the computer when he knows he cannot if we are not around, on and on. They KNOW this is not acceptable.

Yet they continue to go ahead anyway. Well, honestly, usually Jock does. Although Brain did call last week when I was getting my hair done to ask if he could eat a pudding!?!? *sigh* Seriously. You all need to watch the DVD "Bill Cosby Himself" and go to the one about "Brain damaged children". It is SO TRUE! It is UNREAL how accurate the man is!!! Not to mention HYSTERICAL.

Half way through "Underworld:Evolution", (do not say a word. It was Stud's choice, not mine. I was just glad to go see anything, ya know???) Stud's phone started vibrating. It said the call was from home. He waited until the caller (most likely Jock) had left a message and then he planned to just listen and see if it was an emergency. All the while, we are inwardly panicking, at the off chance it truly is something serious.

I was thinking "If that kid is calling to ask if he can make himself chocolate milk or to whine that something is not fair, so help me..."

Poor Stud kept on trying to listen to the message, but things were so loud and it was during a key part *cough cough* of the movie. Finally he was listening and even in the dark, I could see "the look".

Oh boy. I knew it was Jock. Oh no, maybe Stud will hurt him or something?? LOL

Apparently, he left a message whining that Brain would not let him watch a show concerning his latest craze. He is very into hunting and guns, etc. We had told them that since C had a headache (she is prone to migraines which land her in the ER often) that they all needed to be down in the Rec Room and to just watch a movie and let her be up here watching some TV or reading. So I am not sure what on earth he was asking about a show for anyway, since there is no Television reception down there. We only watch DVDs or VHS.

Anyway, we ignored the message and finished the movie. Came home and the little ones were in bed (Clown was exhausted from his day at school when he had been emotioanlly drained. Perhaps I will explain in more detail tomorrow) and Jock was on the computer!?!? (the nerve!!!?!?!) and Brain and C were watching TV.

The kitchen was a disaster (Brain is supposed to unload the DW and Jock loads) and downstairs, where C sleeps, looked like a hurricane had hit. There were toys all over and they had obviously had themselves a good old time on the folded out futon where C sleeps. Her blankets were all over, toys and fruit snack wrappers all over it, etc etc. The four of them have been very into playing "Cops and Robbers" lately and run all over and hide and put each other in jail, blah blah. I guess it gets pretty messy doing stuff like that?!?!?

Brain and Jock JUST NOW got to bed after cleaning up the kitchen AND the Rec Room. LORD HAVE MERCY!!! We have told Jock his consequence for doing what he did. He does not get to watch any of those shows AT ALL until furthur notice.

So Jock has an eye infection or something. Has had drops for almost a week. Princess is sneezing up a storm and now Brain has started. Can never tell with these kids if it is allergies or something else. We will keep watching that.

I thought there was more news, but I can't think...ah yes. I have some news, but my brother will not allow me to say anything about it yet. ARG! LOL

Well, that was interesting using my new names for everyone...I don't like labels, but they don't read this and it may be fun to use names that kind of describe them. I will devote a few posts to each kid also. I read a fun blog of a woman who has 4 kids and she did nice descriptions of each of them. She is actually a writer, so she did a great job, but I can try.

Over and out for now!

My guess is...1973

So here we are. As promised! Perdy cute, eh??? So if you have looked closely at my children in the previous posts, you will see L and R closely resemble my family and that B and Bee are more their Dad's side. Actually, there are mixes, it is interesting.

Hubby's side tans. My side is very fair (except my Dad). B and Bee look like hubby's side, but are extremely fair, as you can see my brothers and I were (and are). But then L and R tan easily, like hubby's side, but are darker in eyes and hair and just look like my Dad, brothers and I.

I find this stuff fascinating and may devote a couple of future posts to this astounding stuff. For now, I must get R ready for school (UG! NOT FUN) and get going with the day.


Monday, January 23, 2006

Nothing much

I am about to crawl into freshly laundered flannel sheets. The electric blanket has even been turned on. I love that! I would have given anything to have that growing up in minus 40 degrees C. Don't need it as badly now, but it is a nice treat to jump into bed with warm sheets. I shut it off before I get in or else it is TOO hot during the night.

I want to post a photo of my 3 older brothers and myself when we were wee ones soon, to go with the post about how neat they are. The third one, R, sent me some in e-mail that he had on his site. I just have to get hubby to show me how to get one or two of them out there. Hopefully that will be very soon. He has a hockey game down south right now and won't be back until 1 tomorrow morning. Poor guy! Actually, he chose to do this, so what am I talking about?

C and I have been having a nice visit. We have shopped a bit and read a few books. We have been out to eat a few times and seen three movies already! We want to go with hubby and the kids to "Nanny McPhee" when it comes out.

I am making all of her favourite treats that she doesn't often get (Chocolate Chip cookies, Lasagna, Waffles and bacon for breakfast, etc. and if all goes well this week... my home made lemon meringue pie and cheesecake. She loves them both!!!) and we are just having a good old time. She had a bad year last year and mine was not too hot either. We thought when we were together that we would both break down often, but so far, we have been fine. Not too much in the way of waterworks. I know Saturday will be hard. My brother would have been 14 that day.

Can't think of any stories or anything exciting right now, so will get to bed since I need to take R to school in the morning. He fights it and really doesn't enjoy it, I am struggling with what to do in that area. That will be a whole other post, how I feel about homeschooling vs. not homeschooling, etc.

Nighty night!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

How adorable is this!!??!?

Ok, soon I will quit with the R and Bee photos. However when I was gazing lovingly at the other one posted below, I remembered this one. This was taken one morning in March, 2001, before we left for church.

HOW CUTE IS THIS!?!? See how he does?? He has always put his arm around her this way. I just love it and wish I had posted it in the same post, so they could be side by side and you could compare almost 5 years difference. Thank goodness this hideous couch (loved it when we bought it. In fact it was the first furniture purchase we made since being married. It was purchased almost 6 years after our wedding. Everything until that point had been given to us.) is now down in the Rec Room with a slip cover on it.

Anyway, maybe I will update what has happened this week end soon. Right now, hubby is leaving for a friend's house to watch some football game on their HUGE screen in their downstairs theatre. C and I are going to watch a movie while the 4 kids play board games downstairs. They are asking to play video games (poor Bee and R have recently succumbed to the lure of those things and beg to play!) and I told them once they played some Monopoly or something, perhaps. So that is the plan for the rest of the afternoon. More ramblings later!!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Nuffin' much

So I am on my way to bed to read some tabloid magazines I bought today for fun. I rarely read those, but sometimes I get a few just for laughs.

I wanted to point out for Mr. Ramblin' Irishman, that there IS a picture of me and hubby on this blog already. Kind of. It is just hard to find. I will point you in the right direction!

If you go to Archives, and then click on April of last year. Read that post from hubby and then click on where he says to. It will take you to a web page for our business we are working on. If you hit "contact us", then info will pop up. You can even truly sign up for a free account from the business if you want, it really is fun! We have gotten some neat items and they back up all your old photos. I am slowly getting mine sent to them, old ones from when I was a kid, in University, etc etc. Anything, even negatives are fine to send them to avoid losing something so precious in a fire, flood or...well, you need to just read about it if you want. We really love it!

Anywho, if you are curious about a pic, there is one of us there taken 3 years ago, almost to the day!


Friday, January 20, 2006

My three Brothers

As promised, here is a story about them.

Apparently, when I was about 10 months of age, I was sitting in the back yard. Mom was sending the boys out with their morning snack and they all walked past me to play.

I am going from memory of how the story has been told to me over the years and may get some things wrong, but I find it fascinating how this tells of their personalities at the young ages they were.

The oldest (age 5) walked past with a cookie and I bounced around and reached up towards it. My way of asking for one, right?? He completely ignored me and walked on by.

The second one (age 3 1/2) came out and the same thing happened, except instead of ignoring me, he hit me!

The third (about 2 1/2) came out and when he saw that I wanted one, he gave me his and went back into the house to get another for himself. This from a two year old!?!?

Things stayed pretty much the same for many years. The oldest is very laid back and relaxed and it takes a lot to upset him. He is very...I am struggling for words to describe him. C is here with me and thinks "serene" is a good word. She knows him from his years driving buses for disabled people. He would often pick her up and drop her at her destination. She and I met when we were 17 and (story to follow on another post) she of course knows him through the years because she and I are so close. He is just the nicest guy and has been through a lot and comes out smiling.

The second one and I fought terribly. We are very similar in some ways, though. Must have rubbed each other the wrong way or been vying for parental attention, who knows. I will touch on this in another post, because I think there is a lot to the birth order thing. I find it fascinating that he and I, being second and fourth born are SO similar. And my second and fourth kids are almost clones of each other, in looks as well as behaviour. We were both trouble makers in school and are cynical people. He is a wee bit eccentric, which adds to his charm. He is a published writer and we are really proud of him:) He must have gotten past the hitting stage (he WAS only a toddler at the time of this story) but we sure did clash. He did not really hit me when we were older, but tormented me in other ways. He and I are close though and sometimes talk for hours on the phone. Very nice:) I think he likes me a little bit now.

The third one was sweet as pie, until we got to be teens. He had been very worried about everything. Always looking out for me. Teens years came and then HE started hitting me!!! Beat me good, actually. The oldest one used to have to pull him off of me and separate us. Was just going through teen angst, I guess. Now, he is back to his two year old self again. LOL SO kind and sensitive. He cries. I LOVE THAT. Doesn't hold back at all. If he is sad, stressed or worried, the tears come. He and I are really close, and as I mentioned earlier, have a unique way of talking to each other. Drives my hubby nuts! LOL I suck at keeping in touch with him, but he and his wife make strong attempts. We always stay with them in Calgary when we drive to my parents' in S'toon. They are expecting their first child in June and we cannot wait!

So there you have it. My bros. Well, three of them. I will dedicate an entire post or more, to my sweet Davy.

Over and out for now, going to visit with C:)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Best friends

As I said earlier, R and Bee have a great time together. They are so close.

When R was 8 months old, he was acting funny when he nursed. I called the LLL because L and B had quit nursing too early for my liking (7 and 11 months respectively) and I wanted to avoid that this last time. I thought he was my last child and wanted to nurse as long as possible. Within reason of course. I hoped to avoid him weaning himself early.

They suggested various things. Pregnancy was one of them. I laughed and told them that was not possible.

They were right, we soon discovered. I guess because Bee was being formed, all the hormones, etc made the milk was taste funny and that was why he was acting the way he was. I went on to nurse him as long as I could, and that ended up being into my 5th month of pregnancy. The only reason I quit then was because I feared the quality was going down hill and the quantity certainly was. So I was pleased with that.

He was 16 months old when she was born and I felt guilty for taking his babyhood away so soon. The spark and light from his eyes literally left, when we brought her home from the hospital. He was in the room when she was born and I think saw her before I even did. Of course, as young as he was, he did not know what this meant and what was happening.

It took a while for him to come around again, but that he did. They have been inseparable since. He refuses to go to class at church unless she is with him. He wanted to play soccer, but would not unless she was on his team. I pulled some strings and got her on. In one of the photos taken tonight, you will see a their soccer photo beside them.

So there you are. My sweet kids who I hope will always be close. I actually have a brother very similar to R. His name even starts with R and he is the 3rd son also. He and I are still very close and even have a weird language and way of speaking to each other, even though we are in our 30's!

Soon I will share a fun story on here that describes my brother's personalities and our relationships very accurately.

Can't think of a title...

I have been thinking about the pics of R shaving. Also the cute things he and Bee do together. It makes me sad that this stage is quickly chugging along and will be gone soon. This age is SO FUN.

Our youngest is 5. She can do so many things on her own and all the fun baby and toddler stuff is done. I am relieved in many ways and enjoy watching she and R do things together. I love to listen in on their darling conversations together. When the 0lder two are not around snickering and making faces, the "little ones" as we call the younger two, are free and un-inhibited in their play. I love that!!

As I type this, they are chasing each other around, shrieking and screaming "Let me show you MY Bear hug!" and seeing who can hug each other the hardest. L came upstairs and said loudly "Would you guys BE QUIET!!"

Hubby needs help. I have refused to cook anything until he cleans the oven out. It has been horrid for months and the other day when I made supper, it was a fire hazzard and stunk up the house for hours. I think he is trying to clean it out and the kids are still chasing each other for hugs...yes...LOL...poor L just said in a most defeated tone, "Would you guys stop running!??!" HA HA Now he knows what HE and B did to me just a few short years ago:)

Monday, January 16, 2006

Trying to grow up so soon??

I wanted to post some pics of R shaving with a kit Bee got him for Christmas.

I read some blogs written by Canadians who have a 4 year old son and almost 2 year old triplets. They live in Hong Kong. I started reading it when a friend of mine who worked with the woman's mother in a bank years ago, told me of a site they started when the Trio was just born. They were VERY premature and things were scary. Tess And Charles were amazing at updating us all on the babies and I still read and love watching those beautiful kids grow up and be healthy. I love how their parents write also.

So anyway, Charles posted a precious picture of their 4 year old shaving with him. SO CUTE! Then I remembered these ones of R. He also seems to feel the need to shave his chest.

I hope these things go on here nicely, I can never get pics where I want them. Let me go try...

Some things about me...

1) Was born in 1969.
2) In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (Canada, for those who don't know)
3)Three older brothers. So obviously, if you have been reading this you see that hubby and I did the same as my parents. Three boys and then a girl. Incidentally, my parents did the same as my Dad's parents. He is the oldest of three boys and then a girl. The only difference being the 2nd boy passed away when he was 4 (can you imagine!??! how horrible, I cry every time I think about it) AND they had 5 kids altogether (the youngest was another boy).
4)We were all born within the space of 4 1/2 years.
5)Moved to a suburb of Edmonton when I was 2
6)Moved to an acerage near Saskatoon when I was 7 1/2
7)Have always loved animals
8)Complained (I am sure) about doing my chores and milking the cow/goats but right now would give one (or both, don't need them anymore) of my ovaries to be able to do so again.
9)The reason I said that is guys tend to say give one of their "nuts" or whatever. You know. So that is the same for me.
10)I do not like mushrooms, but I love pork chops cooked in mushroom soup.
11) My parents have taken care of foster kids since I was 3 years old.
12)It was very hard in ways, especially when the kids had to leave. We always missed them really bad.
13)One of my little sisters was the flower girl at my wedding!
14) I have not seen her since early 1992.
15) I miss her.
16)I have 4 nieces and 2 nephews and two more on the way! I think they are both nephews, but we shall see.
17)I don't know the ones on my hubby's side as well as my two nieces and nephew that are my oldest brother's.
18) I graduated from high school in 1987.
19)I never left the prairies until I was 17.
20)Went West with the Youth Group and saw mountians and the ocean for the first time.
21)Wait, that is not true. I had seen mountains in Banff and Jasper, but not all the way to the Coast and all through the Rockies.
22)Met hubby on the internet in 1988.
23)Got married just after my 20th birthday.
24)That was way too young. Wish I had realised that.
25)We are both determined and have stuck it out.
26)I don't like the East coast. Can't handle humidity. ICK!
27)Lived with my brother in Ontario the summer of '88 and freaked out. Took off West on a bus. Or Train?? Who knows, it is a blur, I was so traumatized.
28)Always felt bad that I left him with a 2 bedroom apartment that he got specifically so that I could move out there.
29)Went to a tiny school that had 300 students from K-grade 12.
30)Graduating class was 14 people.
31)I was the only girl with no "escort".
32)That was the way I wanted it.
33)People kept trying to "set me up" and I was getting ANNOYED.
34)Finally the only guy in our class with no escort and I had to be hooked up.
35)This is the same guy who at one time had muttered a racist comment to some of my younger sibs.
36)I did not like him, but tried to be nice.
37)When one of my older brothers graduated, he also had no escort, so took me:) I was so pleased:)
38)Maybe I should have taken him to my Grad??
39)I used to worship my older brothers.
40)It has taken me some years to see the light and not put them on a pedestal.
41)One of my brothers is a social worker.
42)One is a writer.
43)One is a computer programmer.
44)My parents adopted a son and I finally had a YOUNGER brother:)
45)He was amazing and adorable.
46)He had CP and was in a wheelchair and could not speak or barely move on his own.
47)We all adored him.
48)We were so proud of him and his great attitude.
49)He was gorgeous (I will post pictures soon).
50)He passed away in his sleep this past August.
51)I still cannot believe it and that I just typed that.
52)We miss him very much and...I dunno.
53)My brother dying is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.
54)Most of that time is a blur.
55)I want him back.
56) Now.
57)I have been to Costa Rica twice.
58)It is very beautiful.
59)I want to go back and do the RainForest or beaches.
60)I went to visit my brother's kids who lived there at the time.
61)I went back with my brother for his son's Grad in 2003.
62)I was very happy that my brother got to see his kids, as he seldom has had the chance.
63)I had my first baby in 1992, when I was 23 years old.
64)He is amazing:)
65)I had my 2nd baby in 1995, when I was almost 26 years old.
66)He is also amazing, but in different ways.
67)My husband made us move back to SC (where he grew up and we lived from 90-91) in 1997.
68)Remember #26???
69)I tried to like it, made friends, found a church, got involved in various things.
70)Next to my brother dying, that was the worst time of my life.
71)I love to visit there, but CANNOT live there.
72)My 3rd baby was born in 1999.
73)I thought he was going to be a girl because God told me I was having a girl and hubby said we were only having three kids.
74) I was shocked that there was no girl. Did not occur to me that maybe God knew how many kids we would have, not hubby:)
75)The third one is also amazing.
76)Hubby got offered enough money to move back here and we moved back in March 2000.
77) Praise God!
78)Around the same time, discovered baby #4 was on the way.
79)My only daughter was born that fall.
80) She guessed it...amazing:)
81)I worked many jobs before having kids.
82)I have never worked outside the home since giving birth to the first one.
83)I was a Vet Tech, and a waitress.
84)I used to ride a bike to work.
85)Was hit by a car one day on the way home from work.
86)It hurt.
87)My cousin is a comedian and has been in movies with Bruce Willis.
88) He actually introduced Bruce and Demi Moore to each other.
89)I thought it was a rumour throughout the family, but then I read an interview with Demi in People magazine and she confirmed it.
90)I thought that was kind of neat.
91)He was filming something for HBO in Seattle one time and hubby and I went to visit him and he took me on stage.
92)Luckily everyone was gone:)
93)We met Ali this past June. We have a picture of our two oldest boys with him.
94) I love chocolate.
95)I am getting fat.
96)I don't like that and really need to do something about it and quit just saying that:)
97)I love to hike but never do it.
98)I hate living in the city.
99)I can never keep up with all my house work and other things I need to do.
100)I love to watch movies. Almost any movie.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Spelling Errors

Hubby has informed me that I have been mis-spelling things. Please ignore those mistakes. I am often chatting with kids as I type and can't pay attention to every detail! :) I just type quickly and everyone has a few words they often get wrong. Right??

More medals

B got another medal today. He is very pleased. It is one they all got, for participating in the tourny. Yes, H&B, he did look proud, eh?? :) They won their game today finally, so that was nice. It went into overtime because it was a tie. B scored two goals and they put him down for three. That would mean he had made a hat trick, and would be very exciting. It has been a while since he did that! However, he did not, he got two. He seemed pretty worried when he called me on my cell, wanted to make sure they knew he had "only scored two goals". He got a nice break away at one point, but missed that one. He assisted the final goal that broke the tie and caused them to win, so that is cool. Man, I hated missing all these games this weekend. I LOVE watching him play. Guess they somehow placed 4th out of 8, by only winning one game?? I don't understand it all. He had a fun weekend, that is what matters!!!

L earned $50 last night and was very excited! He ended up staying until 10 pm and when I called to see if he wanted his Dad to come, he said whatever we wanted. Hubby did not want to go, so we left it at that. L babysat for 3 hours today and J's hubby gave him $40. L looked at the $40 and said "This is way too much money for only 3 hours." Then he gave it back. So J's hubby gave him $25!!! I am so proud of him for being honest, although I am not surprised. He now wants us to take him to the bank tomorrow so he can deposit this. He is nervous having that much cash in his wallet. We are getting closer to getting his snake, I CANNOT WAIT!! I LOVE reptiles and am just so psyched!!! C is deathly afraid, even worse than hubby I guess. So if L earns enough and we get set up with the python before she leaves, she has instructed L not to bring her anywhere NEAR C! LOL His best friend J called him this morning before church to see if they could spend the day together, but L had to tell him he had a paying job to go to! What a thrill! teehee

I finished "Memoirs of a Geisha" last night and C is more than half way through. We cannot wait to go see it!

We looked through some photos tonight and the neighbour boy came and played inside with R and Bee while L was baby sitting and hubby and B went to hubby's hockey game. He also plays, in case I have not mentioned.

Tomorrow, we have much cleaning (does it ever end???) to do and I want to get some Science and History done with the kids, hopefully. The kids want C to see the Kids Museum they love to go to, so hopefully we can do that this week. I need to be in R's class on Tuesday, then it is off to L's First Spelling Bee. We are not sure what to expect. He has been reading at a college level (or so they told us with all the testing they did the short time he attended public school) since he was 7, speaks like a 29 year old and spells flawlessly. Still, the words I glanced at are words hubby and I have never heard of, so we are a tad nervous. I told him it will at least be an experience for him. Poor guy is regretting agreeing to enter. Will update everyone on that of course.

Soon, I plan to tell "100 things about Me", like I have seen on other blogs. Stay tuned:)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Medal winner!

Ok, here he is, freshly showered after being on the ice three seperate times today. He also got this shirt from the tourny. It is called the ARCTIC BLAST tournament.


My baby is at someone else's house babysitting THEIR kids for money. How weird is that??

L has his first babysitting job! He is very excited, as he is saving for a pet snake. A ball python that he will name "Asmodeus".I think I spelled that right, will have to ask him later. I can't wait until he gets her. We went and looked at some the other day and man are they stunning. We have put this off for years, because hubby is scared of snakes. The kids and I cannot handle it any longer, and L is determined to get one of his own. Now B is thinking of saving up for one also!

It felt strange to leave him at J's house to watch her two boys for her. The plan was to be for four hours at most, but with she and her hubby's work schedules (they wanted L to babysit because of work, it is not even like they are out on a date, poor things!!) it may be until 10 tonight. If that is the case, I want hubby to go and sit with him for the last 3-4 hours. This will give them some time together, which is rare. If hubby is not at work, he is with B, pretty much. I know L would be pleased to see his Dad show up. And I know C would appreciate me staying with her and not leaving hubby here to help her! LOL

Hubby and B have been at B's hockey tournament all day. They had a game last night. Lost. Another this morning. Lost. Another starts in a few hours. I hate to miss, but with L out of the house and C just wouldn't work out for me to be there. B understands and I don't think it bothers him. I can't go tomorrow either. I need to teach in Bee's SS class at church and L babysits again tomorrow afternoon. I want to be available if he needs me. Our house is closer to where L is than any of the arenas.

B was chosen to do some competitions this afternoon and won a medal for "most accurate". A team mate of his won for "speed". I was a bit shocked that B did not win the speed medal, because he really is amazingly fast. Any team he has been on, he has been the fastest and has won prizes before for "hustling" etc etc. In swimming too. They wanted him on the swim team, but he wouldn't join until L was ready. L was SO CLOSE, just needed to work on his stamina, but because of his health issues and our schedule, it has not happened yet. I thought it was sweet he wanted his big bro with him:)

Back to my news. Hubby explained that he only competed on the accuracy one. They chose 5 kids from each team to compete in 5 different activities or "drills" I guess. The only one B participated in was accuracy, so that made sense. I hate to brag, but he really is awesome:) LOL I wish I could get his hockey photo on here, but our scanner is broken. And who is kidding who, I have no idea anyway. It just sounds like I am computer literate when I say things like "The scanner is broken so I can't do it." Hubby wants to buy a new scanner anyway, so we shall see. There are so many fun things I want to put on here, but I have NO IDEA HOW and not much time fo rspend figuring it out.

I have many stories to share, but Bee wants to show C her dance recitals on video, so we must go locate those. I have pork chops in the oven and they smell SO GOOD! Then we will have rice and peas and use the gravy the chops are cooking in (mushroom soup and worchestershire sauce) to put on the rice...YUM YUM!!!! Is your mouth watering yet???

Friday, January 13, 2006

The long awaited Drama at the Border!

Well, this will be a let down, I am sure. It was annoying, but not really dramatic.

I am guilty of the wrong choice of words. I was in a different mood when I closed my last post, I guess.

At any rate, let's get this story over with so I can tell you all the fun exciting news from this past week. Seems I am still stuck on news from Monday!

Once I got my wonderful C, we made the mutual agreement to leave her in the bathroom while I took the luggage cart to the car to unload. She had been left for no reason before, we figured we might as well multi-task and get useful things done at the same time.

I did not expect taking her to the bathroom to be so emotional. *Sigh* As I mentioned, she was in a wheel chair, since she could not bring her motorized scooter. When I left the luggage thing to get her settled in the bathroom, it was much different than pushing her the 4 feet or so that we did when she was attempting to push the cart in front of her. I still can't get over what a silly idea that was! SHEESH!

So this was easier and I started pushing her and IMMEDIATELY flashed back to all the times I pushed my younger brother in HIS wheelchair. For those of you who do not know, my younegr brother passed away this past August. We are still in shock, perhaps some denial and total anguish. That will be another post sometime soon. Or whenever (IF) I am ready to tell that story. Sometimes talking is healing in some way, sometimes it makes things worse. In fact, there are still a few people in my life who I have not even told.

I had not anticipated this, gasped, struggled to contain myself and leaned over to her and said "I may have a break down." She nodded and said "The same thing happened to your Mom this morning at the airport. And she DID break down."

I somehow shook it off, got through it, and we got some food, there was no ticket on the car (by this I mean a parking ticket, not a little stub to PAY for parking! LOL) and we were on our way to the border to get us into this country.

We got there and answered the usual questions. The last time we drove across the border with her, we admitted we did not have any firm travel dates to get her back into Canada. Admitted the same thing this time, but this time they did not like it. She eyed us up and down, looked the vehicle over, scribbled some notes on a sticky note which she stuck to my windshield and said "Please pull over to the left and go inside. They will give you your ID back when you get in there."


Being the silly person that I am, I actually thought for a short time that just *I* could go in, we would not have to bother C with this nonsense. I got out and the guy said we both need to go in. FINE!

We got her walker out of the car and we got ourselves in there. There were 3 or 4 long lines of people and the guy motioned us right to the front of one. I told myself it was to punish all the weirdos who kept on staring at C. LOL HA! Serves you right!

Man, it just gets me. She is used to it, but it still amazes me. I remember the first time I saw her. That is also another story for another day:) I didn't stare, I was intrigued.

Are people not taught manners?? I guess I just was raised differently.

Anyway, after much silliness and fuss, him taking my car keys and coming back about five minutes later and asking C all kinds of questions, we were free to go. In all my years going in and out of that border crossing, that is only about the 3rd time I have been pulled over to go in. And once was because I left my green card at home for some insane reason and M insisted we go up for some Canadian treats!?!? I had to pay NINTY DOLLARS because I did not have a dern card. LOL Remember that M!?!?

So there you have it. I am sure that was not worth waiting for, eh?? LOL SORRY!!!

So this past week, we have been busy. B had a counseling appointment, I had that filling yesterday morning, the kids classes, Bee had dance, I had a Homeschooling meeting on Tuesday night that I was too exhausted to go to, L had an appointment in Seattle on Tuesday about his surgery that will FINALLY happen on February 2nd, the phone rings off the hook. All the while I am trying to "teach" kids, clean house, cook, get C what she needs, actually spend time with her, etc etc!!!

We had a painter come to paint our dining area (not really a "room") and he told me it is a wonder I have not had a nervous break down by now, all that goes on here! LOL He has spent only 10 hours over the past 3 days, trying to get this DEEP red to stay on the walls and not need more coats. He cannot believe all that I do! LOL

C finally got out of the house today. We tried to go to a movie last night, but I was exhausted. Next week should be calmer. Besides the Spelling Bee L is entered in, my hair appointment (grey is coming back! LOL), the normal classes, etc etc.

Bee needed a new leotard for dance. So after L and B's Science class this morning, we came home and dropped L off to stay home with R. B, Bee, C and I went to Target. Confused yet???

C and I got matching HUGE bags. I guess you could call them purses, not sure. They are kind of a rubbery material, I am thinking for putting wet towels at the beach or something. We, however, will use them as purses. I will take pictures. We both love angels, and plan to get matching tattoos of an angel in honour of my little brother. We both want to lose some weight first!

This purse has two angels on it. One with blonde hair and one with black. So we think of them as signifying us. C is blonde and the black haired one is me:) I actually have auburn, but it is close enough. Lately it is dyed closer to black, cause hubby hates all the grey and likes me to colour it so I don't look 20 years older than I really am! LOL They were regularly $30, we got them for $7!!! I will post a picture soon. C got herself some make up and had fun spending money on herself, which is what her hubby wanted her to do. She deserves it and had a good time, although it was foreign to her.

We got Bee a leotard and many tights on sale and B bought himself a DVD he wanted. Then we came home and left the kids to go out for supper. Hubby was almost home and I felt ok leaving them for a short time. B is doing a bit better with attitude, I was sure there would be no blood shed, and I was right:)

C and I had a wonderful talk and meal at the Olive Garden. Then we went and saw the movie "See Dick Run". Next we want to see the new Queen Latifah one and for sure "Memoirs of a Geisha". We are both reading that one. It is fascinating. I am almost done, but told C to start. She is getting to the half way mark, I need to go steal it from her now!!

Soon I will post some pictures of the fun we are having with C. The kids are LOVING having someone give them undivided attention and she seems impressed with them. They help her get up if I am not around, get her drinks, her walker, etc etc. Bee loves to cuddle with her constantly. And C loves it just as much!

The end.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I can't tell the Border Drama one yet, must get to bed. I was informed today that I made a dental appointment some months ago for a filling tomorrow at 9 am. I had another just insane day and must get some shut eye. Tomorrow should be calmer, so I am sure I can catch up.

Ramblin' and Happy, thanks for your comments on here. I know for a fact others read this and am wondering why they don't take the time to just comment on here!?!? UH!?!? Takes a few short seconds and is a nice touch.


Also, Ramblin'. I tried to comment on your post about when you were 4 or 5, about your accident. It won't let me?? So I wanted you to know I am enjoying your stories IMMENSELY and DO NOT want you to cut them shorter. It is something in the Irish blood, perhaps:) Did I tell you I am Irish also??

I am going to get hubby to put my photo in my profile, I don't know how to do it.

I will try to catch up tommorow!

Sweet dreams...


So sorry to have left you all hanging. I know I have countless faithful readers who are most certainly wondering what became of C and/or myself. *grin*

So, as I said, I went to find somewhere to sit near where they were supposedly going to bring C to meet me. I tried to concentrate on my book and got a few pages along. I was just so paranoid (can anyone blame me???) that they would take her somewhere else or something, so was constantly peering around. The flight arrived and eventually people starting coming to get their luggage. I watched for her and never saw her. I waited by the elevator. A woman who worked there had told me that is where she would come out. Fifteen minutes after people had starting arriving off of that flight, I went to ask the woman AGAIN, just to be sure.

She was pleasant but seemed a bit annoyed. She assured me things were fine, they would get her off last. I told her I assumed that, but people had stopped coming through the doors a good fifteen minutes ago and she was still nowhere in sight. She waved me away and turned back to talk with her co-worker.

During this time, there were a few times that I wandered over to where the people were coming out and pushed my little luggage cart (I wanted to be prepared and have one to get C's walker and bags on something)around, looking at everyone, just to be safe and sure. Nothing.

Ten minutes after the woman assured me things were fine and she would be here any minute, I went to some people who were now coming through the doors. I thought either they were stragglers, coming late off the flight, or it was a different flight altogether.

So I asked one man, "Did you just come from Calgary??" He mumbled something that sounded like "Tonno" and I said "Pardon??" And again, he said "Tonno!"

I think he was saying "Toronto." Either way, it was NOT Calgary.

I went to the desk behind the baggage claim and told them I had been waiting for my friend from a connecting flight from Calgary for over half an hour. He got on his walkie talkie and told someone C's name. The person on the other end said something about elevator.

He nodded and put his walkie talkie away and said they were in the elevator right now. I went all the way back to the elevator and FINALLY it opened and THERE was my sweet friend! Looking exhausted and NOT happy.

We hugged and we smiled and I said "WHAT HAPPENED!?!?!?!" The woman pushing her said there had been a mis-communication (I think it was NO communication) and she had been left sitting for - are you ready??? - TWENTY FIVE MINUTES!!!!!!!

I shot a mad look at the woman who was pushing her, even though it may not have been HER fault. OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

C told me later and I can just picture it, that anyone walking past her basically ignored her. I have seen this when I am with her. Either people STARE and look like they have never seen a person who needs help walking, or she is INVISIBLE. This time, she was pretty much invisible.

The man who got her settled where ever he did, told her someone would be along in a few minutes. UNREAL!! She was totally helpless and what if she needed to go to the bathroom!?!? These chairs are NOT ones you can use your arms to push along, and even if she could, they had piled her things on top of her!?!? Needless to say, we are writing a letter to complain. That airport is UNREAL. There is no excuse for that, right?? Am I being ridiculous?? We can at least let them know how hurtful and demeaning that was.

Not only that, the woman who brought her to me expected me to push C in the chair, while C pushed the luggage cart in front of her!?!? How do you push something like that from a sitting position?? SHEESH!!!

Alright, will continue this later. Get ready for...THE DRAMA AT THE BORDER!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

CRAZY Adventure in Vancouver

Wow. Sit down please. Grab something to eat and drink and make sure you have used the bathroom. This will be a long one. It may take me all day to write, I have many things to attend to, so will add to this as I get the chance. Hopefully it will all make sense and not be too boring or jump around too much.

So yesterday I was going to Vancouver to pick up from friend C, right?? She was supposed to come back with us when we drove back from the holidays at my parents' in S'toon. She was sick, hubby and B chose to pack BOTH of their HUGE hockey bags and then not ONCE use them or any of their equipment like I KNEW would happen and told and told them please don't bother bringing them. Some of my brothers even spoke to hubby earlier and said there is no point, don't bother. They all played hockey together etc and my brothers do not use equipment for a friendly game, they wondered why hubby would bring it all the way for no reason.

Well I wondered too, but he did. Whatever. So C did not really have all that much room in the van anyway, she was sick, yadda yadda, we left her there and got ourselves settled here. Waited for her to feel better, etc. I went to get her yesterday.

Hubby picked me up a treat from Starbucks and then took B and R to our friend V's house. She was going to have them for the day, they have 2 boys almost the exact same ages and the 4 of them get along great. R packed up all the small seeds, sticks and acorns that he and D (V's son that is his age) have been collecting to use as grenades, and various other weapons. They have a blast outside together, was SO CUTE to see him excitedly packing all this up. I had watched V's boys the previous day for about 5 hours and the kids could not believe that they got TWO DAYS IN A ROW together?? LOL

So L was going to stay with Bee, just for a bit while hubby ran to the office for a meeting and then came back to work from home. I left and was on my way, nice peaceful drive, although I had to stop twice to pee. That Venti drink went through faster than usual! LOL Went through customs just fine. The woman even said "Good Day" to me, like Bob and Doug McKenzie always did. She didn't add the "Eh" though.

I was looking for a parking spot at the airport. There was NOTHING but ONE wheelchair accessible one. I drove around 2 or 3 times and then realized I NEEDED that one, since she would be in a wheelchair. I was worried I would get a ticket, so I went right away to ask someone about it.

I am still in shock about how CLUELESS people can be. This is how the conversation went with the first person I went to ask if there was anything they could do or if they could direct me toward the person I needed to talk to.

Me: "I am picking up a friend who will be in a wheelchair so I parked in a wheelchair spot. I don't have anything on my car that shows I can legally do that, so I was wondering if there is something someone can give me that I can run and put in the windshield or something so I don't get a ticket for parking there. Her plane is landing soon, so I need to hurry."

Person: "What??"

I explained AGAIN and they said to talk to a commisionaire, outside directing traffic.

So fine, I went outside and looked for one and only found a shuttle bus directing dude. Sweet older gent, explained it again and he said he had no idea, go to the information desk and ask them. I said something about this can't be the only time something like this has happened, they must have some policy of what they do. He said you would think so, but this was the first time HE had heard of a situation like this. Told me to go to the 3rd floor.

So I went up there and could not find the information desk anywhere. This was the departures level and everyone was just getting checked in and going through security etc. I looked pretty helpless I guess, cause this woman who worked there walked up and asked if I needed help.

I went through my spiel again and she pointed to my parking ticket stub sticking out of the book I was carrying ("Memoirs of a Geisha" VERY good so far!) and said "You HAVE a ticket."

I was speechless. I did not know what to say. So I said what any sane (I think) person WOULD say.

"This is the ticket I got to park here and when I leave, I will pay for the parking. I DO NOT want a parking ticket in the sense of NEGATIVE. Like pay a fee for parking in the wrong spot."

She looked lost and I admit to hesitating and questioning myself (I am SO BAD for that)for a split second, wondering if perhaps I was somehow speaking in tongues and that was why no one understood me, or what was going on. She pointed to a small sign with a question mark on it and told me to go ask over there. Turns out this was the information desk I had been seeking. Right in the obvious spot. Tucked far back, totally out of the way, near service elevators and restaurants.

I went there and explained again. SHE saw my ticket stub and mentioned I already had a ticket. I almost screamed at her "WHY DOESN'T ANYONE UNDERSTAND MY SIMPLE QUESTION???? I JUST WANT TO AVOID GETTING FINED FOR PARKING IN THE WRONG SPOT!!!!!!!!!!!"

However, I remained calm and thanked God that my kids are not as clueless as sometimes think they are. I vowed to hug them when I got home and tell them how proud I was that they were not going to grow up to be as clueless as these freaks:) LOL

She told me I must find a commisionaire. I said there are none to be found. I had alrady gone to all three levels (forgot to mention this) and I CANNOT find one. She said "The guys in the orange vests, who blow whistles and direct traffic???" I assured her that yes indeed, I had heard they exist, but was unable to locate one. I asked her if she could perhaps call someone, ask them the simple question and give me an answer because frankly, I was tired to trooping back and forth and hither and yon and I needed to pick up my friend.

She said no, try to find a commisionaire.


So I talked to a few other people, got the same remark about my ticket, saw some orange vests, but it was obvious they were not the ones I sought. I decided to go BACK outside and see if I could find one on each level. By now I was sweating, so was carrying my coat over my arm and slumped into an elevator. The man in there asked me what floor. I told him it didn't matter, I don't care any more, just press something. Then I smiled, did not want to seem rude. He had done nothing to me.

He asked if I needed help. I explained AGAIN what was happening. He glanced at my ticket stub sticking out of the book and - you guessed it - told me I already had a ticket!?!?

He was a sweet guy. Huge dark eyes, I knew he had a kind heart and soul. And those are the only things that saved him from my wrath.

I said nothing. Just gave him a blank stare with my jaw dropped. What else was I to do at this point?? We stared at each other for about 30 seconds and then I think he got nervous:) LOL He said he would help my find a commsionaire. It was only then that I saw he had a badge and somehow was employed there. GLORY BE!!! Now, we may bet getting somewhere!!!

We went outside on one level and saw a Shuttle Bus driver walking toward us. This man with me addressed the driver as "Bill" and motioned to me to explain my situation. I took a deep breathe and AGAIN let out my short, simple predicament. I was so frustrated, at the end, I just whined something along the lines of "I am just trying to avoid paying a fine for parking in the wrong spot. I really need to go meet my friends plane."

This man thought the solution was to go get my car and park it right there in the shuttle bus pick up lane and then go get her!?!?!? I was just stumped at how useless everyone was!?!?

So suddenly, what does "dark eyes who avoided my wrath" do?? He says "Listen, this is no problem. I will call Nancy and just tell her. What level are you on?? I will tell her about it and make sure you don't get a ticket."



WHY do you SUDDENLY seem to comprehend what I was saying all along!?!?!?

Fine. Thanks. Thanked them both for their help. There was THIRTY minutes of stress that could have been avoided.

I go to where I think they will bring C...I need to help her, will post this now. To be continued...

Sunday, January 08, 2006

General Update

Hubby and B are leaving for a hockey game. I told B all of us would skip church and come watch him. This is a rarity. I think I have seen ONE game all season. He is SO EXCITED, he got up on his own and had his HUGE hockey bag all ready and was ready to go before hubby's alarm even went off. I want to post his hockey picture soon, so I can show him off. He looks so good in it, now that he has grown his hair out. All my guys are growing their hair long. Someone asked the other day if L got a perm!?!? LOL I said no, he just has curly hair and since it is not cut close to his head like usual, a person can now notice that.

So we spent Friday and yesterday trying to get all the Christmas stuff put away. *sigh* I had no idea we had so much stuff. Hubby made a good point. He said something about it being much more fun to get the stuff out and set it up, than to pack it all away again. We have everything packed away except the wreath and garland from the front door, will do those later today. Then it is just a matter of putting all the containers back in the storage room in a neat and orderly fashion. I will leave that up to hubby, he is much better at stuff like that than I am.

I have to be honest. Hubby did 90% of the packing up and taking ornaments off the tree, etc. I did a lot and gathered many kitchen things, dishes, holiday towels etc. Yesterday, after I ran to Coscto and the library, got my eyebrows waxed (man does THAT feel better!!!) and some other errands, I wanted to take the younger two to see the Narnia movie since they have not seen it.

R did not want to go. He wanted to stay home and play video games. He is starting to enjoy them a bit and his big brothers include him in their games and he loves it! I told him he could come to the movie or clean his room. He was seriously considering cleaning the room!?!?! L and B were in shock, saying they would go in his place. Starting to beg, can they please go?? I reminded L he has seen it twice already. He didn't care, said he will spend his own money to see it again. B chimed in and said the same thing. So they paid their own way:)

So we all left hubby here to clean in peace and went to the movie. When it was done, R said it was the best movie he had ever seen! L was stationed on Bee's left, then me, then R and then B to his right. Since L has seen it twice, I left it up to him to cover his sister's eyes during any parts when the bad UGLY creepy guys would be seen. B and I alternated between doing R's. I finally did it all, since B and I disagreed on what he should be allowed to see. He was missing all the good parts if B did it. B could not rememeber when suddenly a scary guy would be flashed onto the screen, and neither could I. To avoid anything happening, B blocked R from seeing lots of innocent and fine scenes. B was getting mad and arguing with me (he is VERY good at that, as my family noted during the holidays) which was going to disturb people around us. I took over and it worked out.

That kid seriously drives me to an anger I never knew resided within me, however. He thinks he is Mr. Know-it-all, questions us ALL THE TIME, picks on R and Bee to no end, etc etc. I actually had a dream last night that he was arguging with me in some public place and being rude to kids all around him. I was telling all these kids to ignore it, he is mad at me and taking it out on them. They nodded and said they knew that and that he was always getting upset over "stupid things" and they were tired of being around him. They suggested I beat it out of him!?!? LOL I was leaving and thinking that may be the only answer and thinking what else could I do to get through to him and then the dream switched to me being at the farm I grew up on.

However, this has jumped around too much, I need to get ready for the hockey game. I have tried to wake the other kids up, Hubby and B leave earlier of course to get dressed and do the warm up drills etc.

C arrives demain. Change in plans when we were up there and she flies into Vancouver right around lunch time. I am SO EXCITED to go get her!?!?!? YAHOO!! My parents are taking her to the airport and then will pick her up when she goes back sometime next month. We are not sure when that will be. Will buy the ticket when she has had enough and gets sick of the kids bickering, B being disrespectful and me yelling at them:)

Over and out for now!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Almost five years difference!

Ok in looking for those pictures of Bee previously (No idea why it put one pic of her looking like it is part of the post from yesterday. I am not messing with it! The dern thing NEVER puts the pics where I want them, no matter WHAT I do. I am amazed I got them out there at all) I came across some other CUTE ones.

Wanted to show you all the difference in the kids. One picture was taken in January of 2001 and the other was just a few weeks ago. It is already on the blog, but I wanted them side by side (or at least in the same post! LOL) to compare how the kids have changed.

L WAS 8, B 5 and a half, R 18 months and Bee about 3 months old.

L IS 13, B 10 and a half, R 6 and a half and Bee just turned five. WOW! Time flies!

The tongue

Please let me know if anyone has similar experience to what I will describe below. I would love to hear about it and see if my theory has much merit.

In the summer of 1996, good friends of our's had a 4 month old daughter. I remember, because I am thinking in particular of B's first birthday party. EVERY TIME we looked at that baby, she had her tongue HANGING out of her mouth. I mean, it was hardly ever inside her mouth. My hubby commented. Many time. I think it bugged him or something. He seemed disturbed by it. I laughed and thought it was cute. I did wonder, however.

Then we thought about it, and my friend, the baby's mother, often stuck her tongue out. Like, you know when a person winks or has a certain habit they do to let you know they are joking or just having fun or whatever?? She does that in those cases!Just flashes it out really quick, almost the way a snack does. I go cross eyed. Not sure why. Just a habit I developed. Our oldest, L, gets a real kick out of it. I actually wish I could stop it.

Anyway, we thought maybe it was a genetic thing with her family. Females just keep their tongues OUTSIDE the mouth, instead of inside.

Since then, we took note of all the females we ever saw, especially babies, that had their tongues out. There always seem to be plenty to see. Anyone else noticed this?? I am thinking there is something with females. Some reason we must do this. I have only come across 2 males in my life who do it sometimes. And they are both my brothers:) Don't yell at me guys, I am not naming names! LOL Mainly, it is females, though.

In 2000, we had a daughter of our own. Almost from day one, THE TONGUE! I need to find a picture of her that I can put out here...ok I found a few. I have about three, I think I will post them all:) They are all when she was around 3 months of age.

She has since kept it in her mouth for the most part, but until she was about 9 or 10 months old, it hardly ever was. Same with our friend's daughter. She will be 10 next month and I have not seen her tongue in YEARS! LOL So everything turns out fine in the end.

Hubby claims I always have mine half in and half out of my mouth. I think he is full of beans. I need to have it out sometimes to concentrate. SOMETIMES. Here and there. Once in a while, you know???

A few weeks ago I noticed he was walking around the house doing things, with his tongue stuck out just a bit, looking like a cat when it is done grooming itself. One of the kids asked him what he was doing and he said "I am just being like your Mom." HUMPH. MEN.

Tattoo Issues

Well, my most recent one has been acting funny. When I got to the lovely prairies of Canada, it started swelling and getting...I dunno what you could call them but bumps. Then it was itchy and after a few days the ENTIRE thing was all raised up off my arm and looked horrid. I asked a few people and they said it was the climate change. I guess because it was the most fresh, it was reacting. I have others and all of them behaved properly.

So when I got back here I called the guy who did it. He said to give it a few days and if it did not improve to come and see him. I may need to do that. It is a smidgen (what a funny word, but I love to use it:)) better, but still very ugly and itchy.

As I said, I have many things I hope to discuss on here. Also some stories I want to tell. I will copy my friend the Ramblin' Irishman in the story telling area. I won't be as good as him, but I will give it a shot!!!

First, I need to clean some more (I only made a dent in things yesterday) and then take the kids to their Science Class. I am sure they will be glad to get back, they also missed the last one before the holidays. I think I will surprise them and take them to lunch after that and then the kids museum. We have not been there since September or October and they LOVE IT! I need to come home and clean, but oh well. They need something to do out of the house and it is a VERY educational place. I may need to limit our time just a bit, which I seldom do. We often get there right around lunch time and then leave when it closes at 5:30. I will see how things go.

Also, anyone seen Syriana?? If so, please comment and let me know. WOW, I was so lost when I saw that last night. I could not keep it all straight and figure out exactly what was going on. I got the basic idea, I think. Details threw me.

Have a great day!!!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

No big deal, it just tastes bad

That is what R said about his trip to the dentist this morning. Poor little 6 year old guy had to get THREE fillings!?!? I didn't mention to him that he would need needles. He and L tend to get themselves VERY worked up about basically ANYTHING and I wanted to spare him that. I told him it would not be fun and left it at that. I felt a bit guilty, like I was keeping major info from him and he would feel like I betrayed him.

Apparently he did not even cry and they said he never flinched with all the needles. I asked him if he was upset that I never told him that it entailed needles and he looked at me like I was nuts! LOL Said he didn't care, it was fine:) What a tough guy!! When we were leaving and I took him for a chocolate shake to get the icky taste out of his mouth, he told B, Bee and I that it was no worse than when he got his ear pierced.

What a brave guy I have!!

I have spent too much time reading all the blogs I love lately. I have GOT to clean this house or I will lose my mind. It is close to being lost already, I don't want to risk anything else!

I have many points I want to ponder and topics to bring up on this blog, but they will have to wait...

Back from holidays!

Well, we got back the night of the 3rd. Took B to classes yesterday and need to get everyone up now so that I can take L Then it is off to the dentist for poor wee little R. What a horrible mother I am! They told me at his appointment in late October that he had THREE cavities!?!? I had to cancel the appointment we made right there for the fillings and he is finally going in today!?!? ACK!!! I don't remember L or B having cavities this young. We help R brush his teeth lots of times...guess we need to be better about flossing.

I will write more as soon as I can...