Monday, May 29, 2006


The link to the dairy farm is not working in my "Cheese and Doughnuts" post. Or "Doughnuts and Cheese" whatever it is I said.

So I will try again if anyone wants to go check it out.

Here it is.

*Crossing fingers*


Ooooo!!! FUN

L tagged with me one of these things:) Now I need to tag some people and see if they will actually do it...wonder if I know enough??

Anyway, here we go:

Five items in my fridge:

1. Pizza that Stud and Princess picked up for us last night.

2. Many bottles of water. I am trying to drink more water and for some reason drink a lot more if it is contained in a bottle, not a glass or cup.

3. Lots of yogurt that the kids beg for and then often forget to eat. Two big tubs of a cheap kind to use to make them smoothies.

4. Capers that I bought about a year ago to use in a salmon recipe that I have since misplaced and been too lazy to go searching on-line again.

5. Container of unopened "Chivo". I had thought Brain wanted some to use on his potatoes. I was mistaken. There are flavoured sour creams that he likes, but this is a sour cream substitute or something?? Can't remember. So it sits unused.

Five items in my Closet

1. Many deflated "Get Well" Balloons that Brain got from well wishers when he had his surgery in February. He wants to save them and wanted me to put them in his Memory box that I have in there.

2. Jock's RC Boat that he bought and I store in there for safe keeping. He seldom gets to use it, so it is less likely to get broken when it is not in he and Clown's room.

3. My Grad dress. I brought it home from Canada last summer. It is quite cumbersome, with many ruffles and crinoline, etc and Mum and Dad needed it out of the way. I was easily able to fit into it 9 years ago when Jock was a toddler. I have not tried since then but know there would be no chance the past 4 years or so. I would like to see if I can get into it again within the next year.

4. A dresser full of the kids' old schoolwork and treats for them. They earn bonus points for good behaviour and then they have drawers with goodies they get to earn with the points. Different things cost different amounts of points. The drawers are almost empty, because we are doing away with that practice.

5. Containers with about five thousand photos. I need to send them in here so that they are backed up and safe from fire or anything else.

Items in my van

1. One of my newest bibles. It is the True Identity Bible. LOVE IT!

2. Two bottles of wallpaper remover. We are FINALLY, after six years in this house, removing some of the wallpaper in the entry way. A guy should be here to start painting at some point today...oh, hubby just called him, he is coming on Friday.

3. Many sticks of varying sizes collected by the children when we to go to parks, Science class (which is right near some woods) and friends' houses. They are very useful when playing "Star Wars".

4. Princess's backpack filled with activities to keep her occupied while we are at Science Class.

5. I will include all the garbage as ONE item. There is SO MUCH, that is really all you see when you glance into our van.

Five items in my purse:

1. Protein Bar

2. Tic Tacs

3. Eight pens. Was tired of being stuck without one when I needed one, so I have a good supply now.

4. Hair band to get this mop off my face when the need arises. It is very fat and sturdy so can handle the huge job of keeping most of my thick coarse hair out of my face easily.

5. Gift certificate for a Pedicure. Stud and the kids went shopping for Mother's Day on the 15th and got me some lovely things. He must have read my post about how sad I was that they didn't get me gifts! LOL This was one of them and I have not had a chance to get away on my own to use it yet!

Now, anyone want to know if you are tagged?? Since I have such a small following, there are only a few to choose from:)

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Mrs. Dooney

Have fun! Can't wait to read your posts:)

Friday, May 26, 2006

Cheese and Doughnuts

Yesterday the three youngest kids and I went to two field trips that our Homeschooling group set up. Brain was in his classes. I would have had him miss classes except that he missed last week.

First we went to Krispy Kreme. It is an hour North of here, even more of a drive for some of the people. The idea was to let the kids see the doughnuts being made, have a sample, maybe learn something and then go on to the farm where cheese is made.

Well, we spent 10 minutes with the man telling us some things, and then we ate a free doughnut. That was it! We drove all that way for that!!

My friend who put the trip together was not impressed. They had planned it so the kids could see the doughnuts coming along on the...the name for it escapes me now and the man just told us yesterday! ARG! I am SO BAD...anyway, the conveyor belt type thingy. Nothing of the sort happened. it was obvious many of the kids were pretty disappointed.

They enjoyed what they learned though, and the man was very nice. They got to wear funky hats. They had the most fun playing with those hats. KIDS!!

Of course we had to buy a dozen (or three!) and then it was over a few miles to this place to meet the cows and see how they make cheese!

What fun! This was the highlight of the day for certain. The kids asked awesome questions and the husband and wife who own and run the place were SO SWEET and easy going. Lots of people get nervous with kids around. Especially in rooms that need to be kept so sanitary and everything. They were just wonderful, we can't say enough about them.

The vat containing what will become cheese!

Cheese aging in the aging room. YUM! We bought two different kinds. Clown retained what he learned and was reminding Princess this morning how one gallon of milk makes one pound of cheese. Then she did her Wallace impersonation. It is SO CUTE. "I'm just crackers about CHHEEESSEEE, Grommit!" she says in a British Accent. Very cute!

We even got to meet a day old Jersey calf:)

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Stupid TV Show

Well, I don't envision myself watching American Idol next season. This was my first (and last) season ever watching it.

I think that Taylor Hicks is a nice enough guy who can sing ok. I liked that he does not worry about what anyone thinks and is just who he is. He is comfy in his own skin, spastic as it may be. I think that is wonderful.

That fact is, he is not nearly as talented as Katharine McPhee. Anyone who thinks he is is just...twisted and wrong. I know nothing about singing, but I can figure out when something sounds like it is supposed to and when it doesn't. Dude was so far off so many times, it was ridiculous. I was shocked he made it as far as he did. But to go to the final two was just silly. Plain old silly.

I have better things to do with my time than get sucked into that nonsense. I had NO IDEA that Paula Abdul was as idiotic as she is. I am fed up with people booing Simon no matter what he says. Randy is a freak and I could smack that Ryan Seacrest guy (WHO IS HE, anyway???) upside the head. He was constantly picking on Simon and then whenever Simon did anything, he would call him childish. Talk about a pot calling the kettle black. I am just getting all upset over again.

I better get off of here and get ready for the fun field trips we have set up for today!

Monday, May 22, 2006


Tonight at supper Jock asked me what I call him on my blog. I hesitated, because as I said, I don't like to label. I decided to tell him. Brain knows that he is Brain.

So I told him. He grinned and said "Really?? You think I am a Jock??" I told him that he is very athletic and loves to play hockey, so it was the best I could come up with. I asked him if that was ok and he yelled YEAH!!

he asked what I call Brain on here. I was worried that he would feel bad that Brain was called Brain and think it means that he himself is not smart or something. So I told him and he was fine with it.

I asked him if he wanted to know what Clown was called on my blog. He ventured "Nutso??" teehee

If you looked through the birthday photos, I am sure you can see how he could wonder about that. Clown is very...ummmmm...energetic and expressive.

Princess was sitting there and batted her eyelashes. I asked if she wanted to know what she was called and the little turd knew! She kept batting her eyelashes and whispered, "I bet I am called Princess, right??" Her's is easier, because it is one of her nicknames. She pretends to be one, loves stories about them, etc.

Stud is trying to shoot Raccoons with Jock's sling-shot, I need to go plead with him AGAIN to stop.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Go Mariners!!!

Clown was pleasantly surprised when his Dad took him here last night.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Clown's birthday

Little fart was up at 4 yesterday morning! He was so excited to do anything he wanted, he got right into the video game playing. He got lonely and woke his sister up at about 6. This is a girl who will sleep until 10 a.m. if you let her. She did not want to hurt his feelings and was sure that he would keep on trying to wake her up, so she got up and sat with him as he played. I think that she played some with him also.

Brain had put one of the smaller gifts at the foot of Clown's bed the night before. I could not remember who I had asked to do it. I was certain that it was Jock. I asked Clown when I got up around 7:30, if he had opened a gift or not. He said no. I saw the gift in question sitting on a bench by the front door. I went to wake Jock up and asked him why he had not put his brother's gift on his bed the night before like I asked. I thought maybe he had gone to, but forgot it on the bench. He said he did not hear me ask him to. Brain overheard us and informed me that I had asked HIM to, he indeed followed through and Clown had found it and brought it upstairs and set it on the bench when he went to wake Princess up. *sigh* These poor kids!

I was amazed that Clown had not opened it yet! He was so intent on playing those blasted video games that he could care less about his gifts! He finally took a break to eat some "sweet cereal" (sugary cereal like Froot Loops, Reese's Puffs etc that they are not allowed to eat very often)and open a few gifts. He was annoyed that we were still planning to go to Science Class. I told him his brother could not miss his class and when we were out, I could take him for his birthday lunch and he could choose a gift at a store. I had not finished all the shopping for him and knew he wanted this stuff called "Floam".

I was planning on telling some of the friends coming to his party about it and am sure he will get plenty that way. Since his party has been postponed even longer due to inability to acquire the particular products for the theme he is wanting, I thought he could chose what colour of Floam he wanted. I knew he and Jock were excited about putting it on Clown's bike.

So we had a fun day. When we got back from his lunch and his shopping for blue Floam, there was a package at the front door. It was a WONDERFUL encyclopedia of animals from his Tia and Tio in Calgary. He was reading it when I got up this morning. He can't carry it around very well, it is big and heavy. It is such wonderful quality and he is very pleased with looking through and reading up on various of his favourite creatures. He was commenting when he was opening it how fun it is to get all these parcels. He had received a fun kit where he can paint wooden snakes from his Auntie and Uncle in South Carolina as well as a nice parcel with new clothes and some of his Uncle Davy's special toys from his Granny and Grandad in Canada. He is loving all the attention!

He did three treasure hunts that Brain set up for him. Sometimes he would find some small candy or a treat along with a clue. He had a nice time playing with some of the things, but mainly wanted to get back to the TV and play those beloved video games!!!! He was determined that there was no way he would go to a movie. People get in the way and sit in front of him so he can't see the screen. That was his main reasoning. The other three kids had been so set on seeing the new movie, that I am taking them to it tonight when Stud takes Clown to a Mariner's game. He got free tickets and we thought it only fitting that Clown get to go. All six of us will go together as a family very soon.

The birthday supper he requested turned out nice, but it was hard to tear him away from his video games to come and eat it!!! He was so pleased when the realization hit him that even though he did not finish his meal, he could still have dessert if he so desired. I can't remember if he did have anything or not, but it was so fun to see how happy just that thought made him:)

Aside from a set-back with the telephone, things went well. There was a message from his Poppa in SC on the answering machine. He was saying how much he loves Clown and can't wait to see him this summer in SC. Clown was beaming and just thrilled as he listened. I was thinking maybe he would talk to his Poppa later if we called back. He never talks on the phone to anyone. Actually, if I am not around, he will talk to me easily. He won't talk to any of his most beloved and cared for relatives or friends. Absolutely freezes and panics. I thought this would be different.

Stud got home and I told him his dad had called and we needed to call him back and try to get Clown to talk to him. I thought if we did it quickly, Clown may just agree to do it. He had been so touched by the message. Clown refused and was SO UPSET. Stud was so annoyed and making angry faces and I think that is what upset Clown the most. He thought he had disappointed his Dad and that his Dad was mad at him. He ran sobbing to our room and soaked the pillows with his tears. He curled up in the fetal position and was just weeping. It broke my heart. He was asking why everyone else will talk and he can't. Was asking me if something is wrong with him, why is he made this way?? I assured him nothing was wrong, we are all different. It took him about half an hour to recover, but other than that, I think he had a wonderful day!!!

The older two were so tormented by the idea of not going to a movie when they had been certain they would, that they asked their little brother if he minded if they left him on his special day and went to a movie with Dad. He said it was fine, as long as they both played five minutes of his favourite video game with him first! They obliged and then were off to see "RV" with their Dad. Princess and I coloured, she did more begging for a baby brother or sister, some tears were shed, we both played some of the video game with Clown and then it was off to bed. Clown wanted to sleep in our bed with us, so I got him settled in there. He read some more of "Hoot" while he waited for me as I read to Princess in her room. I got in our bed with him and we cuddled and read together for a while.

What a sweet little boy! I love you Clown!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Seven Years old!!!

That is how old Clown will be tomorrow morning.

I will post some photos from his second and third birthdays just for fun. Neat to see how much he has changed and grown.

These are from his second birthday at home. See why the nickname "clown"???

Third birthday at a gymnastics place. This was when he was fine with people around and crowds and just relaxed and had fun.

He was so funny. Wednesday morning he came running to me and yelled, "Only 48 more hours!!!" He has been counting down and driving us nuts with how many hours it will be!

We try to make their birthdays special and certainly not like any ordinary day. I want them to know how special they are and want to celebrate the gifts that they are. We make a big deal out of it and they really always look forward to it.

He can't wait to find his gifts tomorrow. We usually have them wake up to one of them in their room somewhere or on their bed. Then they like to have treasure hunts to find the rest. We do that throughout the day, to make the fun last longer. I think he is getting a total of 5 or 6. I just wrapped them and got some hidden, you would think I would know the number.

He chose his menu for tomorrow. He wants pork chops with a mushroom gravy, rice to put the gravy on and his favourite veggie ever. Broccoli!!! Oh, I better get the pork out of the freezer while I am thinking of it...

Ok, got that done. They get to eat anything they want and don't have to do chores or school work. We all pitch in to do their chores for them and they get to play video games, watch movies, go to the Zoo or Park or anything at all that they want to do. I am sure he is going to opt for playing video games since that doesn't happen often, it is very special for them.

He had been planning on us going to see the movie "Over the Hedge" that comes out tomorrow. Today he told me that he changed his mind, he is worried too many people will be there. He doesn't like being around a lot of people AT ALL, but he is getting better about it.

So his party will be next weekend. We have five little boys confirmed, still waiting to hear about two more.

Last night when I was tucking him in bed, he started writhing around and acting weird. He tends to do these things fairly often and always in the back of my mind I wonder if he is having a seizure or something. When he started asking "Who am I??" I calmed down and knew a game was starting. I can seldom guess correctly and he gets disgusted with me. Finally I gave up and he blurted out "Taylor Hicks!!!"

For those who do not know, that is a contestant on American Idol. He is a nice guy, but dances all around pretty spastic. So Clown was imitating him. I can't believe I did not guess Taylor, he was doing a very accurate impersonation, once I thought about it.

And here he was yesterday, with gifts sent from Granny and Grandad in Canada.

Alrighty, off to bed. I am sure he will up early and full of energy!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Quote by Princess

This was uttered by our 5 year old tonight while watching "American Idol"...

"Eeeeeeehhhhh...shuddup. We're not votin' for anyone but our Kat!!!"

Maybe you had to be there, but it was pretty hysterical! The first part sounded just like Bugs Bunny when he would say "Eeehhhh...what's up Doc??"

That is all.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Mother's Day

Well, I hope everyone had a lovely day.

Stud had to play guitar during both services at church AGAIN. Normally it is every other week and since he did it on the 7th, I assumed he was not doing it yesterday. I was wrong. He forgot to tell me that he was also on the schedule for Mother's Day.

When he plays guitar, he needs to be there by about 8 am. There is NO WAY I can get all the kids up and ready by then, so the kids and I try to get to the second service. Sometimes Stud will take a kid or two early with him, so that I have less people to get ready on my own. The problem with that is that since he is there more than an hour before any service or classes start, the kid has to sit and watch them all practice. So it has to be an older child, who finds it easy to sit and behave.

Once I discovered that he needed to play guitar, I decided I could not attend yesterday. I did not want to spend what I think should be a lazy selfish day, rushing around getting kids and myself ready for church. I spent too many years doing that all on my own and even though the kids are older now and can do more for themselves...I dunno. It just kind of traumatizes me and gives me flashbacks of all the years that they were tiny and helpless and I was left to do it single-handedly. Stud is much more helpful of late, but those flashbacks are pretty upsetting.

When I found out that he was going to have to go early and there is no way he could take all the kids, we agreed that when he got home from church, he would do something with them and I could have some peace and alone time.

Also since he was going to have to go early, he made me waffles on Saturday morning. They were yummy! Some of the kids brought me a waffle and some bacon in bed. I also woke up to my favourite drink from Starbucks. That was very sweet.

So yesterday he went to church and the kids played and ran around the house. I spent some time on the computer and some of them brought me cards they had made. They were so precious and priceless. I love those kind of cards the most! Stud called and asked what I wanted to eat for lunch. He picked up food from my fave Thai place and when he brought it home, it was the wrong thing! LOL He ordered my usual, but they messed it up. I ate some anyway, and it was not bad.

Then I went to go have some peace and quiet. Went shopping at Target. I got Princess some shorts and T-shirts, since things are warming up and she has nothing. Being the only girl, she doesn't have any older sibs to have hand me downs from. Even Brain has hand me downs, from my baby brother who was just 9 months older than Brain. I had a nice time looking around Target. I also got myself this since I suspected I was not going to get any gifts. Normally they bring me gifts in the morning, but since Stud was gone before any of us even woke up, I thought maybe I would be presented with something later in the day. By the time I left, it was obvious I was not going to be getting a gift to open. I love the flowers and cards, don't get me wrong. I am just a gift person, it is one of my high up "love languages" and I didn't get anything for my birthday last fall either, so I guess I am going through withdrawal.

Then I took myself to a movie. Poseidon. It was a rough one to watch. Not a great choice, because I am deathly afraid of drowning, crawling through small spaces, and many other things that ALL happened in this movie. It was good, but just hard to watch. Especially at one point when this little boy and his mother are separated by a small thing that they can't break through and the side the boy is on is filling up with water. They are crying and telling each other how much they love each other and there is NOTHING the mother can do to save her son. I was a blubbering fool during that part.

When I got back, Stud had taken all four kids to his hockey camp thing that he has going on for six weeks. So I had a chance to call my Mum. We talked for almost 3 hours! It was wonderful and very healing. It is always healing to talk to her about my little brother. She and Dad are having better days sometimes now, she said. I am very glad of that.

We had planned to send Princess and Brain up there for a week or so this summer. Jock, Clown and I feel like we cannot go. Just the thought of being there, where I always loved to be and not having my brother there to kiss and talk is just wrong. Christmas was hard enough, but it was different because it was a totally different season. When he died, had, until that point, always been a very happy and wonderful time that we all always looked forward to. Now that time will always be traumatic and...I dunno. So the plan has been for us to just fly Brain and Princess up there. They LOVE it at my parents' and feel the need to be there every summer like they are used to.

Mum has always told me that she understands that I can't come. Yesterday when we were talking, she started sobbing so hard and said that it was important to her that I am there with them for the first anniversary of his death. She said she can understand if I can't come, but she wants me there with her and Dad, if I can. Of course, I can't say no to my precious Mum. If it will make things easier on her, then I will make sure I am there. So we have a lot of plans now to put into place.

Enough blabbering for now, I have much to do today. Those termites of mine are all sleeping in! Their father let them stay up until after 11 last night!!!

Friday, May 12, 2006


Well, someone special has been on my mind lately. One of my many foster sisters just turned...let's see...she's gotta be about 24 or so. That is crazy!

She had a birthday on May 6th. I am sure she was born in '82 or so because she was adopted by some family when I was still in high school. She was 4 at the time and I graduated in '87. It was before then. I think it was in '86 or so. So I am thinking she was born in '82. I will have to post some pictures of she and I. I made an entire photo album full of pictures of her, her and I together, etc. She was one of the special ones. They are all special, but there are a few that really touch you deeply.

We got her when she was about a year old. I forget the whole story. Her mother threw her grandmother (her mother's mother) off of a balcony or something and Roxy was watching. So we got her and had her about 6 months before she was returned home. She was brought back into care about 6 months later, if memory serves. Then we had her until she was adopted. I am fuzzy on the dates, I think it was spring. Maybe of '85 or '86.

She and I shared a room. She was SO SWEET. She had this thing where she would pick big open sores in her cheeks so my Mum would sew the pj's sleeves closed. We even had to do something so sometimes her arms were behind her back or something. Sounds cruel, but she had to be kept from picking her skin. It would get infected and we did not want her to have scars one day.

It was always so traumatic when the kids would leave. If they left to go back into an environment where they were not safe, it was a pretty helpless feeling. We all just felt defeated, but hoped the love we gave them would last them and give them a...I dunno...the strength to handle their rough lives a little bit easier.

We had her for another 2 years or so, at least. So when she Until that point the worst thing I had been through was when my Uncle, who was like a grandfather to me, had died around my 10th birthday. When Roxy had to leave, it was pretty bad. You don't want to cry a bunch and scare them, you want to be positive, but you are absolutely heartbroken. Especially in this case, when you FINALLY had a sister and got to share a bedroom. Sure, there was about a 13 year age difference, but we were incredibly close. Over the years, I had enjoyed plenty of sisters, but they never stayed long term. I had changed her diapers, fed her, likely even helped potty train her. She would lay in our bed and watch me rehearse lines for the plays I was in, talk to me as I did my homework, etc. Wait a minute...I think she must have had her own room at some point, because I think then I only had a twin sized. Maybe Mum just let her come in and be there with me at night, because we loved each other's company. I just remember her being there a lot.

Anyway, the great news is that she was the Flower Girl at Stud and I's wedding! Her adoptive parents were great at making sure we kept in touch. We went to their house two or three times over the next 3 or 4 years. When I was pregnant with Brain and spent a month in Canada at my parents', they came to our house. She was about 8 or 9 and we sat on the couch and she read some books to me. I have not seen her since then.

For years after that, Mum would call her Mum and leave a message that we were there, could they please come and visit. We would never hear back. We finally gave up about 5 years ago. I sure hope I can see her some day again.

So every May 6th, I think of my sweet little sister. I think of her more often than that, but especially on May 6th. I will try to post some pictures oon.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Brain's Story

Okay, it is called "The Legend of Drayew". I think that is how he spells it.

The names are all from a video game that he loves. He just made them backwards. The light house idea is also from that game. Other than that, everything is original. The zombies, all the plot and conversations, etc. I think it is not bad for someone who hates to write and was made to do this. He suddenly seems to really enjoy it and has made mention of possibly trying to make a living at it. I told him to continue with his original plans and keep working at the writing!! LOL

I am not sure if this is the edited version or not. I am too lazy to read this one. He has edited some and made some revisions. This is at least a taste. Enjoy...

Chapter One

"Get up Xilef!" Xilef turned over in his cot and groaned. Sometimes he wondered if letting this creature be his traveling companion was a wise choice. "Come on Xilef we have to go!" Xilef knew Ohce would continue to pester him until he got up. Yawning hugely, he tumbled out of bed. "Did you have a good sleep?" The voice had come from somewhere near his knee. The stubby brown creature with sky-blue eyes looked up at him and smiled sweetly. "It was all right until a certain little Innijd decided to wake me up," grunted Xilef.

"You promised we would look for one of my friends today." Ohce bounced up and down on his cone shaped feet in excitement. "Yes, but I didn't say you could wake me up at the crack of dawn to get started." replied Xilef. He continued before Ohce could protest. "Besides what would happen to you if we were fighting a zombie and I was too weak to fight?" "Hey, I'm not completely helpless you know," groused Ohce. Xilef sighed, "I guess we better get started."

Ohce thumped his forked tail against the floor happily. "Careful, we don't want to wake everyone in the inn up," cautioned Xilef. Ohce waddled over to the door but, was unable to reach the handle. This probably had something to do with the fact that he barely topped two feet. "Slow down there buddy. We better eat first," said Xilef. "Can't we leave now?" complained Ohce. "What if we-,"began Xilef. "Alright we'll eat" Ohce said. "But can we please leave after that?" Xilef sighed to himself. It was going to be a long day.

Chapter Two

Xilef pushed his long brown hair out of his face and fashioned it into a ponytail. He was hot and irritated. They had been looking for hours and he was tired. Ohce on the other hand, showed no sign of slowing down, and had lost none of his previous enthusiasm. Xilef groaned, "Ohce can we please stop? We've been looking for hours and we haven't seen a thing. There isn't anything here, and I'm tired." "Just a few more minutes Xilef?" pleaded Ohce. "I know he's around here somewhere."

"Let's at least take a break for a few minutes." sighed Xilef. "That tree looks like it will provide some shade." He pointed to a towering oak on the edge of the forest they had been walking towards. "Okay," said Ohce. "But we will keep looking right?" "Yes we'll keep looking," groaned Xilef. He just couldn't deny the little creature. He had discovered that Ohce was extremely emotional. When Xilef had hesitated when Ohce first asked to accompany him, the little Innijd had practically burst into tears. He thought back to the day he had met Ohce. The day after his 17 year old sister Annej, had been kidnapped by a pair of powerful Erif Controllers known as Idranem and Sorutas.

Idranem and Sorutas had stolen the four stars of Ymehcla from the hidden sanctum in Mt.Hpelah, and set off to light the four lighthouses of Htrae, Erif, Dniw, and Retaw. Xilef had encountered Ohce the next day, after deciding to pursue Idranem and Sorutas. He had learned Ohce was a creature called an Innijd, and that there were others like him. There were different ones too, Ohce had told him. There were many from each Power. Ohce was aligned with Htrae. Xilef himself was a Htrae Controller. Ohce had told him if Xilef took him along on his journey, Ohce would magnify his power.

Xilef was startled out of his reverie by a wild cry. He looked around and saw Ohce being dragged behind a tree. There was a rumble and a low moan. Xilef dashed around the tree to see the remains of the zombie disintegrating. " Xilef help! There are more of them!" Xilef ran deeper into the woods and saw Ohce fighting a group of four zombies. Before he could aid the Innijd, a group of three zombies jumped out from behind the nearest tree and piled on top of him. Xilef felt his Ygrenysp flowing through his veins, and summoned it forth. The ground shook as a miniature earthquake threw the creatures off him. Their limbs flailed as their bodies flew through the air, disintegrating as they went.

Ygrenysp, thought Xilef as he used it to send a pillar of rock crashing down on another zombie. The mystical force through which gifted people, like himself, could manipulate the base elements of the land of Drayew. Being a Htrae Controller, he could command stone, dirt, and other such things. His sister like her captors, was linked to Erif. She possessed the power to control heat and flame.

His mind returned to the present as he ran to Ohce and began hacking at the zombies with his axe. One of them ran at him. He swung and missed. The zombie knocked him to the ground and leaned in for the kill. A spire of rock stabbed through the creature's rotting brown skin, and it shrieked as its body was rent in two. "Thanks Ohce," Xilef shouted, as he ran past and dispatched the last zombie. His breathing was fast and ragged as he sank to the ground to rest. "I guess it's a good thing you made us eat breakfast before we left huh?" Ohce said cheerfully. Xilef just shook his head and sank into unconsciousness.

Chapter Three

Xilef moaned as he sat up. His head swam, and he was sure there were stars in the trees. "Awake yet?" piped Ohce. Xilef stared at him. "Okay it was a stupid question," admitted Ohce. "How did that zombie get you anyway?" asked Xilef. "I thought you were right next to me." "So did I" said Ohce. "But I looked back and saw you staring off into space, and then the zombie grabbed me."

"What were you thinking about anyway?" Ohce asked curiously. " Xilef sighed. "My sister Annej." he said. "Oh." said Ohce simply. This was the first time Xilef had seen Ohce look downcast. "You really miss her." It was a statement, not a question. "Yes I do." said Xilef. He had told Ohce everything after they had started traveling together. Ohce was very interested in Mt. Hpela. "You say it erupted after the stars were stolen?" Ohce inquired. He asked Xilef this every time the subject came into a conversation. "Yes it erupted." sighed Xilef. He knew that was the reason for the zombies. There had always been dangerous creatures in the land of Drayew.

Xilef had always been told Drayew was isolated from the rest of the world. Now he wasn't so sure there even was a rest of the world to be isolated from. There could be no such things as iron birds, or ships without sails. It was ludicrous! Did the Elders of Elav take the children for fools? Drayew was the only place on earth. Xilef was sure of this. Otherwise there would be no monsters in Drayew. Weapons from the other world would have destroyed them long ago. If there was another world, which there wasn't.

As for the population of the creatures, ever since the eruption there had been more. The numerous zombies were an example of this. Ohce had explained it to him the first time he heard Xilef's story. "The Ygrenysp stones in the mountain must have scattered across Drayew," mused Ohce. "Now, Controllers and Innijd are not the only creatures who can wield Ygrenysp."

"Do you want to go back to the inn?" asked Ohce. "Do my ears deceive me Ohce, or did you just suggest we stop!?!" exclaimed Xilef. "Oh come on." scoffed Ohce. "You're tired and so am I. We can continue the search tomorrow." Xilef grinned. "Thanks buddy." As they trekked back out of the forest, Xilef silently promised himself they would find Ohce's friend tomorrow. He knew the little Innijd was making a big sacrifice, suggesting they stop when it was only midday. They had been traveling together for only two weeks, yet already Ohce could read him like a book. He knew Xilef was thinking about Annej, and that he was too depressed to keep looking. Tomorrow they would find Ohce's friend, and then they would continue their quest to rescue Annej and stop Idranem and Sorutas.

Xilef went over what he knew about those two as he climbed the stairs to his room. No one really knew who Idranem and Sorutas were. They had first come to Xilef's hometown of Elav three years ago when he was fifteen. Annej had been fourteen. Shortly after their arrival, a storm erupted on Mt. Hpela. Soon after that, Idranem and Sorutas left. Now they had returned, and for unknown purposes, kidnapped Annej. But for now, Xilef was content to close his eyes, lie on his bed, and sink into a deep, hopefully peaceful sleep.

Chapter Four

Xilef woke to the song of a bluebird perched in the large birch tree outside his window. "Look who decided to get up," squeaked Ohce. Xilef smiled and jumped out of bed. "Did I sleep all night!?" exclaimed Xilef, mildly alarmed. Ohce smiled. "Yes and all morning too. I was just about to wake you up." Xilef looked out the window and saw that Ohce was right. The sun was already high in the sky. "I decided to let you sleep in." said Ohce. "Thanks Ohce. You're a real pal," chuckled Xilef. Ohce beamed.

After they ate breakfast and cleaned up their room, Ohce and Xilef set out for the forest where they had been ambushed yesterday. "The zombies must be guarding something," Ohce guessed. "I bet it's one of my friends." Xilef agreed with him. They kept to themselves as they marched through the trees, pausing only to signal to the other that they had heard a noise. After about a half hour of this, they neared the heart of the forest. Xilef stopped suddenly, causing Ohce to crash into him. Before Ohce could speak, Xilef raised a finger to his lips and pointed through the trees. They peered through the dense network of thorny vines, and spotted about fifty zombies milling around a steel cage. Inside the cage, shaking with fear, was a creature identical to Ohce.

Xilef and Ohce backed up a few hundred yards. "We need a diversion if we're going to save your friend," whispered Xilef. "I'm stronger than you when we're alone, so I'll take on most of them. How many do you think you can handle?" "I'm not sure," murmured Ohce. "If I can surprise them I'd say ten, maybe fifteen." "Okay you circle around to the right," hissed Xilef. "If I can surprise them, you should be able to take out ten before they can organize themselves, if they're even capable of that." He glanced back into the trees before continuing. "By the time you finish off your group, I'll have taken care of most of mine. Then we can team up and finish them off." "Sounds like a plan." agreed Ohce. "I know. Which is exactly why something is bound to go wrong." muttered Xilef.

They circled around the thicket and got in position. Xilef burst through the trees shouting, "Hey you filthy maggot-riddled corpses! I'm over here!" The zombies turned to stare at him empty eye sockets gaping. Xilef gave an involuntary shudder. I have to work on my insults, he thought, as he used his Ygrenysp to send a barrage of fist sized rocks ripping through five zombies. They writhed in agony as the rocks tore their fragile skin, tearing it to shreds. On the other side of the clearing Ohce bounced around, laughing as the zombies slow lunges carried them far past him, then using the spikes on his back to stab them.

As they used Ygrenysp and natural abilities to forge a path to one another, Xilef lost sight of Ohce as a particularly large zombie lunged at him and grabbed him round the waist. He could smell its rancid breath as it leaned forward to bite his face off with its pointed teeth. Using the last reserves of his strength he hefted his axe, and felled the zombie with a series of blows so violent, the zombie might as well already be disintegrated. "Ohce how are you coming along?" Xilef shouted. There was no response. "Ohce? Ohce!" I knew it, he thought. Something has gone wrong. I hate it when I'm right.

Chapter Five

Xilef cut down a zombie in front of him and frantically looked around. He had been calling Ohce for the last five minutes of the battle, but there had been no answer. "Ohce!" he cried desperately. There was a crunching noise behind him, and he turned to see the last of the zombies being flattened under a miniature boulder. "Sorry I didn't answer earlier, but I ran into some really big, really dumb zombies." said Ohce. "I'm just glad you're okay." sighed Xilef.

Xilef walked over to the biggest pile of gray dust he could find, all that remained of the chief zombie. Just as he suspected, he found a ring of keys buried in the powder. He walked over to the cage and unlocked it. "Ohce!" exclaimed the Innijd. His voice was slightly deeper that Ohce's, and he was a little larger, but other than that the two creatures couldn't be told apart. "Nori!" shouted Ohce happily. As the two Innijd danced around laughing and talking, Xilef looked to the north. There, somewhere in a frozen tundra, he knew the lighthouse of Erif was, waiting to be lit. I'm coming Annej he thought. I'll save you if it's the last thing I do. He smiled grimly to himself. And it very well might be, he thought.

The End?


Princess got her dance pictures done today.

Tap is called "Chick-a-biddy Shortshanks". It is going to be CUTE! They shake their little "tails" and at one point stick their necks out really cute like they are pecking. Sounds dull to read it, but when you see a line of little 5 and 6 year olds dressed this way doing about quality entertainment!

Ballet she is a Christmas tree. I overheard a fellow dancer and her discussing how they don't really think the costume looks much like a Christmas tree, but they still like it because of the sequins:) I snapped this really quick before she went in the room for the photo shoot. I got CUTE pics with her buddies, but of course can't post them since I don't have those parents' permission.

Also wanted to mention that I know saying "Princesses" when I am talking about something regarding her is incorrect. I am not typing things correctly, but I am stubborn and like the look with an 'e' better. I know it is silly. I can't help it. Maybe none of you even noticed. I am just sayin'. Sometimes it bugs me, so it will depend on my mood what I type. Alrighty??

I took the kids to the Zoo on Tuesday and when we arrived and went to snap some photos, we realised that there was no memory card in the camera! Anyone who knows me knows what a traumatic experience that would have been for me. You would have been proud of me! I kept calm and just carried on with the day and made the best of things. It was the kids who were upset and made comments about how they wanted snaps of them in their usual favourite spots. Ah well. Life goes on, eh???

Ok, I will start a new post with Brain's story, finally!

American Idol

No offense to any Americans out there who may read this. I don't think there are many, so I am pretty sure this is ok to say:


WHY ON EARTH would you vote off CHRIS!?!?! CHRIS!?!?!?

Taylor and Elliot should have been gone LONG AGO. I can't believe Kelly and Bucky were around as along as they were. Lisa and Mandisa should have stayed far longer and Ayla should have been in the final 12 at least.


I know nothing about singing but I at least have common sense.

No wonder I have never watched this show before. I can't believe I got sucked in this year.

Never again. I don't think I can watch again. And I am also fed up with how mean everyone is to Simon. He is usually the only one with a brain and he is not nearly as mean as I had heard. Randy, Paula and the weird Ryan guy are constantly picking on him. It is so irritating.

That is all.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Princesses Issues

Been meaning to post, but many things have kept me from it.

The older two had an interesting counseling session today. They have been discussing their relationship with each other, and apparently today it trickled down to how they feel about their younger two sibs.

They were both telling the counselor how Clown is a combination of both of them. Lately, Brain has felt left out of Clown and Jock's little circle and Jock has agreed to "share" Clown with Brain. Brain and Clown have been spending a lot more time together and have discovered some more things in common. This is good in many ways, but Jock is obviously jealous and trying to figure out how to deal with that. Been interesting.

Anyway, today they talked a bit about that once I came in and then told how they feel about Princess. I was so sad. Brain called her a spoiled brat. He was just saying to me the other day how he feels like she is a "Daddy's girl" and how she is SO ANNOYING. He told in more detail today what he means.

The counselor and I both explained that a lot of it is age. Jock told us some things she says/does when she plays with he and Clown and the neighbours. That is when what I have struggled to avoid happening, was confirmed. One of my worst nightmares has become a reality. That may sound dramatic, no one freak out. I will try to get right to it here! LOL

We determined that she appears to value herself basically by looks alone. I was planning on posting how I can't relate to her because she is SO girly and feminine and I am not. I can't count the times in one day that the child prances around in various shoes and dresses and costumes. I never know what she wants. Sometimes I say that looks nice, or something along those lines. She always asks if she can go outside and show this kid or that kid these shoes, or bathing suit, or dress. Sometimes I say yes, mostly I say something like "they will see it eventually when you happen to be wearing it. You don't need to show them right now."

The other day I had a long talk with her. I asked her what she wants from any of us when she does these things. She said nothing. I said, "Then why do you go and change over and over into various outfits and wander around the house?? I feel like you are wanting us to say something." I went on to tell her how I am not excited by shoes and such and tried to tell her in a nice way, that I DON'T CARE about fancy shoes, high boots, etc. I told her I am very masculine and guy like in many ways and can't understand her fascination with that. I apologised and said that I am sorry that I can't, but I can't get excited about something like that. It bores me. I like other things that she likes, like animals, babies, etc. But not shoes and clothes.

She insisted it was fine. I know some degree of it is normal little girl stuff. However, it has always bothered me how people constantly comment on her looks. I debated when she was about 2, making a little card to hand to people before they had a chance to say anything. It would say something along the lines of "Please do not gush over my daughter, we don't want her to get a complex." I didn't know how to go about it or if it would seem...arrogant or presumptuous. I wish now that I had done something! The boys have always complained about all the attention she gets everywhere we go. It is really annoying. It is like people don't realise there is a person in that cute little body and SHE CAN HEAR YOU when you go ON AND ON about how pretty she is and THOSE EYES and on and on. Some people won't stop at all, I need to almost run away with her. Can't people think about what effect that would have on her??

Well, as I said, my nightmare has come true. It appears that now she is only valuing herself based on that. The counselor told the boys to catch her doing something nice or being patient or something and be sure and bring attention to that. Then she won't only get positive attention for existing or wearing a nice outfit. Maybe I should buy her ugly clothes and never brush her hair??

So that made me sad but at least we can work on it. I tell her often about what is inside is what counts, etc. She is a SWEET, thoughtful, caring little girl and I constantly remind her of that. I have always tried to "Catch them doing good" and ignore the negative. So I need to for sure work with Stud and he and I need to try to reverse this. I have always worried that her brothers will start to resent her and also that she would get this attitude and feel this way. I hate for her to feel this way!!!

I was going to post the other day about something that happened in the neighbourhood regarding her. That will have to wait. I need to help in Brain's classes tomorrow, so best get to bed.

Saturday, May 06, 2006


As I said already, Brain was telling us about an assembly they had on Thursday at the church he attends weekly classes at. This was the same place Jock and Clown attended until they quit in February. Brain doesn't mind it as much as they did, but is ready for it to be over. Sadly, the main reason he and Jock aren't happy with it is the woman in charge of it. That is another story, though.

So I asked him what the assembly was about he said "Bullies." I was kind of surprised because Homeschooled kids are known for just generally not being that way. All age ranges play together nicely and there is seldom any kind of conflict when we are together. Sometimes groups of us spend entire days together and it is blissfully peaceful. I am unsure as to why this is the case, but it seems to be.

So I started to ask if they were having trouble with that, when he laughed and said no no, the teachers were talking about how public schools tend to have those troubles and how proud they are of all of them, that it is not an issue. He went on to say that some of the kids were not even sure what a bully was and what it meant!?!?! So the kids who knew and the teachers clued them in and they were shocked that people would act that way! I am not sure if it is because HSed kids spend more time with adults and are influenced that way, or what.

Brain and Jock started talking about popularity and if they were in a setting where that came in to play, did I think they would be popular or not?? I explained how one person can be in a certain group of people and for some reason be picked on, bullied and teased. Then that same person could be put in a different group of people and be THE leader and most popular sought after person. So I said there was no way to know.

Brain doesn't desire popularity as much as Jock does. Brain prides himself on being inconspicuous and even unapproachable. He says that no one sits with him at lunch and he likes it that way. He said sometimes people start to approach, but he gives them a look and they think better of it. He is an interesting fellow. He has many friends, but only a few close ones. He is always laughing and joking with kids and teachers when I go to pick him up. He just doesn't care if anyone likes him or not. If they do, good for them. If not, no loss.

Jock is the total opposite. He doesn't have Brain's self confidence yet. He is going to be bigger and stronger than Brain, we are pretty sure. Most of the kids that he hangs around with thought he was older than he is. His two best buds are 14 and almost 12. He is 10. Of course, he will be 11 next month. It is not so much his size, but all of my kids are very articulate and people are amazed they are as young as they are. I can see him really caving in and going with the crowd if he were to attend public school. If he went, I would want Brain with him, but Brain has no desire to go.

I got a kick out of something they worked out during our discussion the other day. They were saying how if Jock did go to public school and was invited to parties, how people would be surprised that Brain was his brother. They said that Jock would be with all these huge Jocks (see how they label themselves, from what comments people make, etc??) and ask if his brother could come to the party.

So Brain said "Yes, and then I would skulk in, with my hair straightened and dyed black, hanging in my face and my dark clothes on and people would ask 'Who is that FREAK!?!?' and then you would go 'That's my brother, you got a problem with it???' and then..."

Jock cut him off and they were all excited sharing what they think would happen. Jock said "There would be two different things that would happen. Either they would say 'no, we don't have a problem. Any brother of your's is cool with us!' or they would say you needed to leave."

Brain was saying how he thinks Jock would be one of the most popular ones and how they would agree with what he said. Jock said if that was not the case, and they had a problem with Brain, that they would leave together and go do something else. It was so neat to listen to them working the scenario out!

Ok, Stud has taken Princess to donate things we did not sell at our Yard sale last weekend. The three boys are cleaning up the yard and under the deck. I need to get in the shower and take Jock to spend some time with him. Apparently we are off to "Cycle Barn" to drool over dirt bikes we cannot afford.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006


Been doing it off and on for months. Usually do it at least a few times a week and then go for a few weeks where I do it daily. Not often that I go longer than 4 days without doing it. It is amazing, the difference it makes in just giving a person energy and how flexible it makes you.

I have a few DVDs and I alternate between them. I recently got a new one and am learning some new moves. There is this one move where you start out sitting with your legs stretched out in front of you and your back straight. Your arms are stretched out front and then you quickly (yet gracefully and very fluid like) throw yourself backward so that your feet reach out behind you and your butt is up in the air. Like a half backward somersault.

I cannot do this. I used to do things like this and think nothing of it. I know I have gained weight and most certainly inches. I was just telling Brain this morning how disheartening it is that I weigh now what I weighed when I was nine months pregnant with him!!!

This move makes it all too evident! I can't move in the graceful and fluid way that the person on the DVD does. So I try to use my hands to push myself up and over. Any way that I can help myself, I try. By the time I have gotten myself close to the position she is in, she is on her fourth turn of it! LOL When I reach back to try and help myself flip over, there is SO MUCH MORE OF ME than there ever used to be!

I have learned that I cannot do this DVD in the early morning as I prefer, because I fear that my laughter will wake the children. It is HYSTERICAL and I imagine how entertaining watching me would be. It is my entertainment for the day. If you can't laugh at yourself...well...I dunno. But you should be able to, right???

I got out my summer clothes. I was terrified that a winter of my freakish addiction to those 900 Calorie Caramel Macchiattos (spp??) from Starbucks would guarantee not fitting into anything.

I was pleasantly surprised that I fit into almost half of them. *whew* What a relief! There is a pair of pants in particular that I recall needing to buy in April of 2002 because I could not fit anything else anymore. I can get them pulled up over the hips a wee bit, but cannot even bring the zipper sides close to each other. *sigh* I was horrified at the time that I was moving up to that size and now would give anything to be that small again. Amazing, how that goes, eh??? I hope to fit into them by the end of June. that I think about it...they are kind of ugly!

Brain had a fascinating assembly at his weekly classes today. He shared with us on the drive back home as we enjoyed ice cream that we had to stop and get because it was so warm out!

Yes yes. I know. I talk about losing weight and then eat ice cream. I had pizza for supper too. I have bad days, that is all I have to say for myself! LOL

I want to post about what he told us and what his siblings had to say about it as well as post his story that he has started for his writing class. Stud wants me to post some of Brain's drawings from his Art Curriculum we use. Maybe I can do that later tonight.

Need to get off of here and locate the troops!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New T-Shirts

Been meaning to post pictures of some new T-Shirts.

I chose Brain's. Jock and Clown chose their own. All of them are very appropriate.

All right, in order of age. Brain loves this one and wears it at every opportunity. The hair is getting a little out of hand. The longer he grows it, the more it curls and won't seem to go down to over his neck or anything. We are going to try to straighten it soon.

Jock chose this one yesterday at Old Navy. I never shop there because I cannot find anything at all that I like. I found ONE thing for Princess when she was a tiny baby and then Brain's winter jacket is from there. Some darling Elf Aprons with jingle bells that the kids wear when they bake every Christmas. So three things in about 6 years of stopping in to find something. They just put one in the local mall and we were there getting Clown's hair cut when I thought I would check it out.

Once more - Nothing.

Jock and Clown found some shirts they wanted, though.

This one is pretty big, it was the smallest size they had. He just loves it! Since it is so big, he had to pull on it a bit so that all of the words would show up. I hope you can all see what these shirts say!!

New Nephew

Yes, not long from now I will fly up to my beloved Canada and meet my new nephew:)


My brother and his wife are due with their first in late June. It was recently determined that the wee lad is in breech position. Looking like a good chance a scheduled C-Section will be in order.

We had a parcel to send them. The kids each picked a gift for their new cousin (and Auntie had to get some goodies for him also!) and we put them in the parcel.

They each drew something and wrote a note to their Tia and Tio. She is from El Salvador, so obviously speaks Spanish. The kids LOVE to say her name in Spanish. When Princess was the Flower girl at the wedding three years ago, she was only 2 and a half. It was SO CUTE to hear her say "Tia Patricia"!!! It is still cute, but not the same:)

Anyway, wanted to post the pictures of the drawings and their writing. Clown writes SO NEATLY, it is easier to read his than it is Brain and Jock's. He is meticulous and takes great pride in what he does.

I will also post a picture of him reading this book before we go see the movie. I think it is impressive that a 6 year old can read this. He gets frustrated and wants help often. I told him that is totally fine. He expects so much of himself and for some reason thinks he should NOT need help!?!? He can read words like "delinquent", "determined", "unfortunate", "confrontation" and "arrangement".

This is the drawing Princess made of her Auntie and Uncle and her new little cousin. I am sorry it is so blurry. Note the blanket wrapped around the baby inside his mother:) She worked SO HARD on this and erased and drew some more and her little brow was all creased and she was determined. It was SO CUTE to watch her. Notice also if you will, the detail of toes on their feet:)

I won't do his drawing or her writing. Not enough time, must get going to dance lessons. Only a few weeks until the much anticipated Spring Recital! I will ask my brother and his wife if I can post a few photos from their wedding 3 years ago. So perhaps you can all enjoy those soon.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Brain has been eating non-stop for about 3 days now! YAHOO!!

Suddenly, it seems his hunger parts have finally started to work.

He has never known really what hungry was. I had to wake him up as an infant to feed him. He has always struggled with eating and been extremely picky. The past 3 years or so, he has been more open to trying things and we really are more firm with making him eat at least one bite of veggie with meals, etc.

Since his surgery, he has not really picked up the pace with the eating thing. He still struggles with lots of "back-up" when he eats, and often has to run spit food out. He was unable to swallow it and felt he would vomit unless he voluntarily spat it out. The past week, that all started to change.

As I said, the past few days, it seems we finally have a teenager in the house. He still does not have the appetite of a "normal" teenager, but he eats in one day what would, in the past, take him AT LEAST 4 days to consume. Not only that, but he is eating things he would normally turn his nose up at.

I asked him how this feels and he beamed and said it feels amazing! I asked if he likes to feel hungry and he said, "No, but I sure do like what it feels like when I fill my stomach up. It is all content and satisfied. It is really cool! I always wondered what that would feel like!"

We are all just thrilled and I hope it lasts! It seems just from the few days of this, he has surpassed the 70 lb mark on the scale and we hope and pray he is at least in the 90s by fall. Over 100 would be incredible, but I will be tickled with 90s!!!!

Just wanted to share:)