Sunday, July 23, 2006


Things are pretty scorching over here. Well, everywhere. This entire continent is on fire, it seems. The air above us, anyway. I don't read papers or watch or listen to news, so I dunno. But I am sure the entire world is suffering.

So the company left last night. We had a nice time. Went to Seattle Centre House (fun stuff at the base of the Space Needle) Space Needle, Pike Place, and The Aquarium.

Seattle aquarium is SO LAME, but it is better than nothing, I suppose. I had free passes for them, since we are members to that and the Zoo. It gets us into the one in Vancouver (not that we ever go! LOL) and is reasonably priced. The kids like to go down there a few times a year at least.

We also went out to eat a few times, shopped a bit and went to the Tacoma Glass museum. Our Homeschooling group just went a few months ago, but the kids and I did not join them. This was an all day thing that my friend D who was visiting wanted to do. It was really interesting, we learned a lot. We loved going in the hot shop where they blow the glass. There was a woman from France there, who now teaches glass blowing in Australia and has taught it in Japan. It was SO NEAT to see them do it. It is hot in there on any day, but with this heat wave...NO FUN. The hot shop is a huge metal building that is a really neat shape. If you google Tacoma Glass museum, you can see a photo of it. I can't put a link in here right now.

I couldn't take any pictures, since Stud took ALL of our cameras to SC for some reason!?!? ARG!

OH! I got this COOL necklace for $14 from this dude near the Space Needle. He takes a grain of rice and prints really tiny on it. Then he puts it in a tiny glass vial (you can choose from all kinds of styles and shapes) of coloured liquid and makes it into a necklace. I got Brain one. He chose a...I can't think how to describe it. Like a horn kind of shape and then green inside it. The liquid magnifies the printing so you can easily read what is on the grain of rice floating inside. It is SO COOL!!

So as we were walking away, I said to my friend D that I may get all my kids' names in one. She thought it was a great idea, so we went back and asked him if he can fit four grains of rice in the vial. He said no, he can fit four names on a single grain of rice!?!?!?

So he somehow wrote all the kids names on (Princess' name has seven letters, too!) this grain. D and I got matching. She got her three kids' names and I got my four. We chose the same shaped vial, same beaded cord for around our necks and same colour. I wanted blue, but he didn't have blue, so I got green like Brain and D did. Then D's 14 year old son got one made with his name and the name of a girl he likes with a heart in between them! Of course the colour is pink:) He is going to give it to her. SO CUTE! We all got a kick out of that, although Brain thinks it is ridiculous. But that is a whole other post.

Stud and the kids are having fun! They have gone to the lake and I guess Jock and a new friend he made are the ones who finally fixed the jet ski and got it working! I can't wait to talk to him about it and hear all about that! I know he will be pleased. They have spent the night at Stud's brother and his wife's and played with their cousins. It is SO SPECIAL. These visits do not happen often. I would love for some of them to come up this way and visit us here!

Only a few more days and they will be back. Get back just after midnight on Wednesday. Poor guys, it will be after 3 am to their bodies! YUCKY!

Alright, I am spending some time looking through photos to post more comparison ones soon. I also want to scrub the house and totally de-clutter and get lots of stuff out of closets and stuff since the younger kids are not here needing my attention.

Lots to get done before they return.

Keep cool everyone!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Ready for church

April 2001-

April 2006-

Five years difference

In looking through photos of my babies, I found some funny ones!

Look what difference five years makes!

Here is Princess in her bed a little more than five years ago -

And here she is, in the same room, with the bed in the same corner the crib was in. This was taken last week-

I love comparison things like this!


Alright. Everyone got to SC safe and sound.

I did not post about it, but have been incredibly uneasy about this trip. The past ten days or so, I have been nauseous and very nervous about them going. Just had a bad feeling for some reason. I finally told Stud on Sunday night. I had been debating if I should tell him or not. I am sure if I was about to fly across the country, I would not like someone to tell me they had a "bad vibe" about the trip. Ya know?? I decided to go ahead. I don't think he thought much of it. LOL

As the time grew near yesterday, I was getting weepy and emotional. Brain came to me in the kitchen as I was getting snacks ready for the kids' backpacks on the plane. He said he had a bad feeling and was worried. Then I REALLY panicked. I asked him about what. He said about their flight. I told him that I had been upset too, and that REALLY worried him. The more I thought about it, I was remembering more things.

Jock has been VERY clingy and loving. Telling me he loves me over and over again. This was the past three or four days. Princess has been feeling sick to her tummy for about ten days. I kept on meaning to get her to the Doc, but never got around to it. She is at the age where everything hurts and worries her and it is often when she has been asked to unload the dishwasher or tidy her room or fold her clean clothes. So I didn't take it too seriously, I guess.

Then when I was all upset, I was wondering if maybe she has some sense of something going to happen and that is how it is affecting her. My mind kept on going all over with all the scenarios of what might be happening. Ever since my brother died last summer, I have been very traumatized. Part of why I have been feeling sick also, is the first anniversary of his death is looming and whenever I think of that, it feels like there is a huge rock in my gut. I am sure I will post about him, when the time comes. I sure want to share as much as I can about him, since he was so amazing. I mention him here and there, but want to share more about how incredible he was. I am thinking perhaps the one year mark may be the time to do that and may also be a bit of a healing experience for me. I am still numb in many ways and keep on finding ways to ignore how I feel and not deal with it. I am great at that anyway, but about something like this, it is especially not healthy.

So I think that may have added to my fears. My mother knew that someone in our family was going to die last year. Not that something bad was going to happen. But specifically, that someone was going to die. She assumed it was either my Dad, or her. Did not occur to her that it would be her 13 year old son. Then less than a week before he died, I had a very odd premonition. It was like a dream, but not. I told my parents and we thought it was odd, but assumed it was because I was worried about Brain. That is another story that maybe I will write about later.

So we got to the airport and Poor Stud had all this stuff. Each kid has a backpack, suitcase and pillow. Princess had her new purse, stuffed full with necessities. Bubble gum, lip smackers, change purse (containing a new $5 that I gave her! She is SO EXCITED!) little toys and a Three Musketeers that she chose. I let them pick a treat at the store before we left and that is what she decided on.

So Stud had all this stuff and I was just dropping them so I wanted to get them dropped quickly and get out of the way. Brain stayed home by himself. He was worried that if it was the last time he saw them, he wanted them to have good memories. He was worried if he went along, they may fight and those would be his last memory of time with his sibs. What a horrible thing for him to have to think about! The feeling was that strong, it was just freaky! So I was in a rush to get home to him, also. It was late at night, I don't like him being home alone that late.

I started crying when I was hugging Jock. He said not to, or he would. I went to Clown and said something about not wanting to make him sad, but I was going to miss them all. He called me back over and motioned me to bend down. He whispered, "Like you always tell us. If we need to cry, we need to do it. Don't hold it in. Go ahead and cry, Mummy. I won't mind. Don't worry about not wanting to make me sad. I AM sad. I am going to miss you a lot!!!"

Of course then I was really struggling. I went to Princess and she said, "Mummy, I am scared." STAB. Like someone stabbed me right in the chest. I was SO tempted to just load them in the van and go home. She loves to fly. She is never scared! *sigh* What on earth was wrong!?!? She told me she is scared she will puke and need a barf bag! She was very ill the last time she flew and she was nervous, thinking since she puked the last time she flew, she will this time also.

I spent the drive home, alternately crying and praying. Cry some more. Pray some more. I got pretty peaceful and listened to my praise songs. Then of course some of the kids' favourite ones came on, that they always dance to. I shut it off and just prayed all the more!!

I called Brain and he answered in a panic. I could tell by his voice he was a ball of nerves. I said they were in the airport. He said for me to hurry and get home. When I was almost home (we are about 45 minutes North of Sea-Tac) I called Stud. They were waiting at the gate. Jock talked to me a lot and I bawled the entire time, but hid it from him wonderfully:) I am SO GOOD. I draw it all from my years of acting in high school:) I bet he had NO CLUE I was a blubbering fool.

Princess talked to me a bit and one of the last things she said was, "I hope I talk to you soon. I hope I see you again. Soon." When she said Again, I was FREAKING! Like she has had some premonition and that is how her five year old self is telling me. Then she added the soon and I admonished my goofy self. I was just looking for negative and needed to get a hold of myself!!

At 4:05 this morning, I woke up suddenly. I recalled this was around the time they were to land in DC to catch their connecting flight. So I could not sleep for about 45 minutes, praying that all was well. About four hours later, Stud called me from his mother's house. YAHOO!!!

I still won't relax until they are back here on the ground in Washington state. What a roller coaster the past few days have been. I am never this way at all. We fly fairly often and I have never been this goofy about it!

Let me find a picture of my babies to post and I will close this down now and spend some much needed time with Brain.

NO, I will do an separate post, devoted just to photos of my babies:)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Mish mash of news

Alright, lots to share.

Stud and the three youngest kids are leaving tomorrow night on a red eye. They are going on holiday to South Carolina. Stud grew up there and his entire family is there. I suggested some months ago that he take some kids to see his family since it has been over 18 months since they have seen any of them. He had been thinking of going and we thought summer would be nice so the kids could go to the lakehouse that they have. We can't afford to take everyone and much as Brain and I would love to see everyone, South Carolina in the summer is not our favourite. But that is an entirely different post.

So, this past week I took my two middle sons for some time with them before they left. We looked around at the mall, had lunch and went to a movie. They were excited about the movie because normally if they want to see a movie, they have to pay for it themselves. This was my treat and they were pleased indeed.

Brain and I had seen "Nacho Libre" and I wanted the other boys to see it. They enjoyed it, but Jock got mad at me because I laughed too much and often. I couldn't help it, that Jack Black is a HOOT! The faces he makes and how his character was over acting in this movie and stuff just crack me up! Clown cracked me up the most and I was having trouble keeping quiet at one point. It was just so funny.

I don't know if anyone has seen the preview for this movie. But at one point Nacho is trying to impress this Nun that he likes. He is not wearing his frier robe because he wants her to see his muscles and see how strong he is. He has in "normal" street clothes and at one point leans against a building and flexes his butt cheeks together. That is funny enough, but then Clown leaned over and whispered to me, "He is trying not to fart." Just like that. Totally 100% serious. I struggled to tone down the laughter on that one. You had to be there I am sure!

THEN. We were driving home and some young girls drove past in a nice car. Jock jerked his head and watched them go past and made a sound like he was pleased with what he saw. He is not the slightest bit interested in girls yet (although he turns some heads and has had some girls after him, which confuses and annoys him) but is very interested in cars.

Clown said, "AH HA!! You like the LAAAAAAADDDIIIEEEEESSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Jock yelled, "NO! I was looking at the CAR!!!"

Then, since Clown could tell he was getting Jock worked up, he kept at it. He was saying all kinds of things that didn't make sense in this voice he does when he is acting goofy. It was so funny!

So the other night, I cut my foot open on a roll of scotch tape. We still can't figure out how it happened. It was laying on the floor of our bedroom, hidden under some clutter. I must have left it there some months ago when I was wrapping Clown's birthday gifts. Our room is in such disarray, I could not see it. Keep meaning to clean the room. *sigh* Keep starting and getting side-tracked.

The thing is, I did not step on the part that is sharp and cuts the tape. I just stepped somehow on the side of the thingy the tape is in. I must have stepped at just the right angle for it to slice through the skin. Which is no easy task. Even though I just got a pedicure, the skin on my feet is like leather.

It hurt and I was thinking how weird that is. How did some dull piece of plastic cut through that thick skin?? I picked it up and went to put it away. My foot felt weird and then I noticed it felt wet. It was bleeding!?!?!? Then we found little smears of blood on the floor in various places.

So Saturday, we surprised the kids and took them to this place where you do miniature golf (or "Putt Putt" as they call it in this country! LOL I still get a kick out of that even after 16 years down here!) bumper cars, go karts, lazer tag, video games etc. I was worried about walking around on that foot all day, and it did really hurt. I am favouring it, so walk on the inside of my foot, since it is on the outside edge.

I was still having fun when I was driving Princess around in a bumper car. Somehow, when we smashed into someone, I bashed my right knee into the steering wheel REALLY HARD. It HURT SO BAD and swelled up pretty quick. I don't swell easily or get hurt often, so I guess this is making up for a nice long time with no injuries! A nice bruise is forming and it is still pretty swollen. Stud was mad at me because I did not want ice on it when we got home. Which was hours later anyway. I tried it, but it stung really bad:( *sniff* I have been whining about these injuries and he said today, "Quit being a baby! You had four kids for crying out loud!" Teehee Good point.

After the fun day, we went out to our favourite Thai place to eat. Princess was wearing the napkin as a hat, silly girl!

Today we skipped church and had a lazy day. I went to Target to get Princess some new sandals since she forgot her's in Spokane and needs some for South Carolina. I found some on sale, and had fun looking around at various things. Different hair things (try new things now and again to keep the frizz under control, but nothing much works) and skin goop. I got some groceries also and then went home to pick up the troops.

We went to some friends' house for the rest of the day. A family we met and got very close with when he was the Children's Pastor at our church are moving to Idaho in a few weeks. They had a drop in thing and we went to say good bye. We will of course go and visit them. Our kids get along really well. They have three girls and one boy. So their boy LOVES our boys! LOL

Waiting with Brain and Jock for our table at the restaurant. Not sure what I am looking at, but I get a kick out of this picture, because it reminds me of my oldest brother for some reason. Maybe you have to know him, to get a kick out of the picture like I do. Anyone who knows B, don't you think this is like him?? UH!??! Let me know!

Okay, enough for now!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Kidney Beans

This morning Princess and I were getting ready for a tea party.

She was sitting at the table waiting for her fingernails to dry. I had just painted them a hot pink with an added layer of glow-in-the dark sparkles.

I was making the hot chocolate (usually we have mint tea, but we were in the mood for chocolate) and gathering our special "fancy cookies" to set out.

She said in her sweet little girl voice, "Mummy??"

"Yes??" said I.

"Is it bad if something touches your kidney beans??"

I stifled laughter and asked her where her kidney beans were.

She informed me that they are inside, with the other stuff.

I told her they are just called kidneys. She thought that odd, since they look like the beans that I put in the chili that she hates to eat! I then informed her that is where those beans got their name from. Since they are shaped like our organs, the kidneys.

When I questioned what made her think of any of this in the first place, she showed me that the place mat at the place she was sitting at (Brain's) had various views of the human body on it.

Upon further inspection, I noted that there are no kidneys to be found on the place mat. The last time we did any Science, which was some months ago, we had started some lessons on the human body. So I guess she recalled kidneys from that. We made "lungs" from...I forget. Hopefully the kids remember. A tube, a balloon, a straw...some plastic container. We were working on a heart also, when I got sidetracked and we have never gotten back to it! teehee

Anyway, it appears she is retaining more than I do from our lessons:)

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Anyone tried it??

YUM! I only like the garbanzo bean kind with Pita chips.

That is all.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Time for a new Tat

Ok everyone, please help me out.

It is time for a new tattoo. I don't want to be one of those people covered in them. Yet I do want a few more, ya know???

There are ones I have been considering. Please tell me which one(s) you think I should get.

1) My maiden name family crest. It is Irish and very nice, if I do say so myself. Would be very detailed and take some time and money.

2) A wee little green Shamrock.

3) A Claddaugh ring but with the band being a celtic knot. Either around the calf or wrist.

4) My brother's name written by my mother. Since I have the one my Dad wrote already, I really need one in my mother's writing. She has written it out for me, I just need to find the piece of paper again. The poor woman already mailed one to me TWICE. ARG! I need to be more organised! You new readers can go to my November 27th, 2005 post to view the one my Dad "designed" if you want. I am sorry, I don't know how to make that be linked in here.

5) I do want some kind of butterflies or some girly thing kind of around my ankle and going down into the top of my foot. When I was getting my dragonflies last year, I saw a photo of a cool anklet like that. It was SO PRETTY!

6) I have always adored unicorns and would love one of those somewhere...

Ok, thanks in advance for your help! Off to bed:)

Physical Affection (or lack thereof)

So as I mentioned earlier, I was going to ramble about this a bit.

The other day, Clown and I were playing a board game. I was aware that Brain was in the room and Clown had gotten up and was near him. I looked up, and Clown was reaching across Brain's waist (that is about where he comes up to) with both arms. I took this for a hug. I was only slightly surprised, because Clown gets in moods where he is kind of cuddly. What surprised me more, was that Brain was letting him.

I did some sound in my funky baby talk language thing that means something along the lines of "Isn't that sweet??"

They both looked at me and yelled, "MUM!!!"

Brain chuckled and asked something like, "Do you really think we are being nice to each other or something like that???"

On further inspection, it did appear that Clown was indeed reaching and trying to retrieve something that Brain had taken from him and was holding behind his back.

As they were sorting it out, it got me thinking about how different all of my kids are in the affection department.

Take Brain for instance. He shows no affection to anyone but me. Has no trouble at all. Kid will be 14 in November, and still sits and curls up in my lap. Kisses me (even on the mouth), hugs me, actually finds any excuse to touch me at all. Holds my hand or just leans on my arm in public. Hugs me constantly. Twists my hair in his fingers. Has a hand on my arm or something as he talks to me. Gently lays a hand on my shoulder as he is showing me something he found on the computer or going to read me the latest poem he wrote. He is just always touching me.

I always thought this was because his main "Love Language" is physical touch. Until I noticed he is not that way with anyone else.

Jock is not that way at all, yet seems to crave physical touch from Brain. They have talked to their counselor about it. Jock and Clown are similar in that they will hug or kiss you on rare occasions and you must wait for them to come to you. I can go to Brain for a hug and he melts into me. If I feel like hugging Jock or Clown and move to do so without thinking it through, I get rejected 90% of the time.

Jock is more apt to come to me and hug me than Clown, though. I think Clown is more like me. I am not terribly affectionate in the physical way. Which sucks because poor Stud is and for some reason...I dunno. I am just not. Yet the counselor has noted that I am with our kids. I am really not that way with ANYONE, except my kids. So yes, Clown is the same. I am more like he and Jock in that I don't usually accept cuddles, a person needs to wait for ME to dish them out.

Clown is actually getting quite aggressive. Especially with me. Lately, he finds it amusing to hit me. Especially my boobs. I think he is trying to separate from me and all that and is angry and confused. I think he likes the boobs, but won't admit it to himself or hates that he finds them interesting or is curious or something. Who knows.

I will be going about my business and catch him half glaring and half smirking at my chest. He then walks over and starts insulting my boobs and telling me how stupid they are.

"Stupid things! I can't believe I used to eat out of those dumb things! GEEZ! That is SO DUMB!!"

I explain that is what they are made for and that it is good that he ate from them, it made him healthy.


He hits them. I tell him that is not nice and not to do it and end up distracting him somehow as we both chuckle a bit. I don't recall Brain or Jock having the same issues with the boobs as poor Clown is. I honestly think part of it is boredom and of course the reaction he got from me the first time he did it. I laughed so hard that I was falling off my chair. I found it so weird and odd. So I am sure he wants the attention. He has only done it a few times since the first time and he doesn't get the same reaction, so he has toned it down.

Anyway, this is one kid you are not allowed to kiss. AT ALL. This is just recent, that past year or so. I can do butterfly kisses on his cheek, Eskimo kisses on his nose, etc. But I can't even kiss his arm or hand or forehead or anything.

He doesn't crave affection from anyone else, whereas Jock does. Jock will sometimes come to me and just hug me for no reason. Brain does that countless times a day, but with Jock it is three or four times a week. With Clown, it is only if he is hurt somehow that he comes to me for comfort.

Jock also seems thrilled to bursting if Brain shows him any affection or encouragement at all. I have talked to Brain about this and he usually gets mad and talks about how annoying Jock can be. I remind him that he can also be annoying and none of us are perfect. Remind him of the sweet and thoughtful things that Jock does and how he looks up to his older brother. I also point out that he has no trouble showing me any kind of affection. If Jock got 5% of what he dishes out to me, he would likely be a totally different guy. So we continue to work on that.

Princess is a female version of Brain. So you can only imagine! She seeks out physical contact and dishes it out easily to anyone. She is extremely cuddly and affectionate all the time. Being the way I am, I struggle with it a bit. Brain is always touching me, but something about how he does it, usually doesn't bother me at all. With Princess, sometimes my skin actually crawls a little when she is all over me. She is just so...girly. LOL I was never one of those girls who skip around holding hands. I see those girls now and I still cringe. That just BUGS ME!

When Brain holds my hand it is for about 20 seconds in bursts here and there. Princess hangs half on me, pulling me over and holds my ARM. Not my hand. She is ALWAYS touching me, like as in doesn't let go for minutes at a time. With Brain, as I said, it is in bursts, which I guess is just enough for me or something. I force myself to hold hands with Princess and skip through the stores because it makes her so happy.

I will leave you all with some photos from a walk to the beach yesterday. We went for ice cream after at DQ.

I love this. All the little ducks following behind Daddy duck! Teehee

My baby girl and me!

I loved this one. She was watching a dog play in the ocean and I thought the way she was standing was so cute. I wanted to go in front and get a shot of her from a different angle, but by the time I was about to, she had moved and was walking towards Stud. I tried to get her to pose, but it is not the same.

Clown being his usual goofy self!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

More Spokane Photos

Ok, so here are the last of the photos from the kids' and I's trip last weekend.

Clown always plugs his nose when he jumps into water. He hates to get water up his nose. I keep telling him to just breathe out as he jumps, but he prefers this way. I thought this was so cute!

Princess jumping in

Jock had a great time.

JT asked me to get some shots of him doing some flips, etc. They turned out pretty cool!

It is very strange to me to see these pictures of JT as grown up as he is. I met his family when he was two years old! I taught his Sunday School class!

I will show a photo of he and his sisters and all of our kids from 2002. Which reminds me that my friend Jude would like to see photos from the changes we are making around the house.

As you can see from this photo, the walls were a bubble gum blue. There was icky berber carpet (nothing against berber, but our kids trashed it in the six years we have lived in this house) and blinds on the windows.

We have since put in Brazilian cherry hardwoods, painted the walls, bought some framed things for the walls, new light fixtures, bought new furniture (well, it is not paid for yet. We were bad and financed, but I couldn't take it any more!) and got some curtains. I will try to find a photo of that same area of the room, that is more recent...

Ok, this is from this past February, when Brain had his surgery. This was the day he got home from the hospital. This is the same wall. That tree in the right hand corner, is where the Christmas tree was in the 2002 photo.

I will do some more on another day. We have re-done Jock and Clown's room (unfortunately, even though this is a five bedroom house, those two have to share. Stud needs one of the bedrooms for his office) and are going to re-paint Princess's and the Master bedroom. We are ordering new carpet for the Master bedroom and the stair way next week and last month we repainted in the stairway and entry to the house. I will go through some photos and show you some of those also, Jude. I am sure some other readers may be interested in seeing some of that!

Stay tuned. Later on, I will discuss something I was pondering yesterday. It is how different our kids all show their affection to others. Fascinating. Don't miss it! teehee

Right now, I am off to pick up a friend of mine for some much needed girly time. She is a single mother who is really struggling. I sometimes take her out for a day of eating out, movie going (Today I think it will be "The Devil Wears Prada") and venting. I love to be a shoulder for her. I can't imagine her struggles.


Friday, July 07, 2006

Spokane Trip Photos

Ok, I will try to keep the babbling down to a minimum with this post. Just wanted to share some photos of kids frolicking last weekend. I took many photos and had a tough time narrowing it down to share with all of you. I tend to over do it in this area.

First, Clown picked raspberries. Then we convinced Princess to try them with Cool Whip. She normally hates whipped cream of any kind, but she discovered that she loves Cool Whip with fresh raspberries!

Then, it was time to cool off in the neighbour's pool. Clown could not remember how to do a back float, so Brain worked with him a bit to remind him.

JT dove through this toy...

...and got stuck!

Big sister A tries to help.

A and Princess love each other. There is actually a kind of amusing story here. One time during Princess's stay, A was supervising she and J (A and JT's 9 year old sister) in the pool. Princess wanted to jump off the diving board and have A catch her. So they got it all figured out and Princess jumped. A got her but Princess was panicking. She was clawing at A and pushing her under! A could not get her head above water and for some reason Princess kept on pushing her under more and totally freaking out. We could laugh about it later, but it must have been scary. Princess was above water and could breathe just fine, but was so freaked that she couldn't figure out to relax for a few seconds and let A get above water for some air and them swim them both to the edge of the pool. Now that I think about it, I am not sure what finally happened. But obviously A is just fine. She lived to tell me the story!

Ok, now that made me want to add a photo of these two from almost four years ago. This was one Christmas when they came to our house. It was in 2002, so I guess Princess had just turned two and A would be almost sixteen. Not that you can see their faces all that well, but you can see how close they are. A is the big sister Princess would never have otherwise.

Ok, back on track:)

Alright, we were not back on track for long. I have been distracted by cheese. Princess came over here with a cheese sandwich, asking if she had eaten enough for dessert. Now I want some cheese!

I will do the rest of the photos (there are only 4 or 5 left) later on this weekend.

A person needs to have priorities, you know???

Girly time

Yesterday I surprised Princess by taking her for a Pedicure.

First time I had one was about 4 years ago. A wonderful friend got me a gift certificate to the Gene Juarez Salon for my birthday. I had never done anything so self-indulgent in my life and it took me almost a year to use the certificate. Couldn't bring myself to do something like that.

Once I tried it, I was hooked. I LOVE people to get all the dead crusty skin off of my heels and rub lotions and oils all over:) Trim the nails and paint them all pretty. Never took myself for such a person. Growing up pretty tom-boyish and all.

Two years ago a friend flew her family up here from NC for a ten day visit. We went to high school together and she also met her husband on the internet. He grew up in NC and they have stayed there.

So when they came up, she and I thought it would be fun to take our daughters for pedicures with us. She has two who were, at the time, aged eleven and almost five. Princess was only three. And I never should have done it.

Now she begs all the time. Every few weeks, she thinks she needs another pedicure. I keep on explaining that I survived until I was more than thirty years old with never having experienced it. I am thinking of making it maybe a yearly thing, around her birthday we go treat her with one.

Stud got me a gift certificate for one for Mother's Day that I have been wanting to use. I also really wanted some girly time alone with Princess. Things have been so nuts around here, so I wanted to take her with me. She is like Brain in the way that she will sit in front of movies of TV all day if you let her.

When I told all the kids I was going to buy the tickets for the midnight showing of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie Brain, Jock and I were going to, she announced that she was staying home. So she was coming to ask me if I could put a movie in the DVD player for her, when I whispered, "I was going to try and surprise you with a pedicure." She gasped and yelled, "Let me just go get some clothes on and I will be ready!!!" I have never seen a person run up a flight of stairs that fast:)

So I told her that she could choose the colour of polish and we could match. She was tickled with that. She adores pink and I was a bit worried I would have pink nails for the duration of the summer. To my shock, she chose a glorious dark sparkly purple. Purple is MY favourite colour! teehee


As you can see, I have guy's feet. Complete with stubble (guys would have hair, I have stubble since I shave, wax etc in a vain attempt to get the hair OFF) and they are extremely wide. More so since being pregnant with all these guys, but always were. Any time I get in a weird feminine mood and try to shop for pretty girly sandals or shoes, I remember why I don't own any. Those things look HORRIBLE in pretty strappy shoes. Teehee

So I need to go and clean the house but will be back later with photos of the kids swimming in Spokane last weekend. I went to bed after 3 this morning, since the movie got out right around 3 am. I was surprised that there were people going into a 3:30 am showing. I won't ruin it for any of you Pirates fans!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 4th

Today is just like any other ordinary day for me. Only difference is that Stud is home from work and the three younger kids are all nuts and psyched about lighting fire crackers and all that stuff.

So before Brain and I leave to go to the movies (It was his suggestion that we take in "Nacho Libre" this afternoon as a means of getting a break from all the yelling and screaming about lighting things tonight) I thought I would update you all on my trip home.

My new nephew is DARLING. I LOVE the little noises and faces and the smell of brand new babies. Unfortunately for young Mr. J, he looks like ME of all people:) LOL Various people commented on that and a friend of mine wrote to my brother to send her condolences and remind him that I have always looked like a guy, so that is ok that his son looks like me:) teehee

Since my brother and I look so much alike, it makes sense. New babies change by the hour and we saw flashes of various people. My mother saw Jock a few times, and R (baby's Dad, if you forgot) saw glimpses of our brother S. I don't care who he ends up looking like, of course I just want him to have a great life. And with those parents he has, he is guaranteed a stupendous one!

You would have thought this was my SIL's third or fourth child, the way she took to nursing him and caring for him. My brother is awesome of course and spent much of his time making phone calls, (he has to set up medical appointments for the baby, getting his birth certificate things done, etc etc) running errands and bringing treats for my SIL and myself. The man is an absolute sweetheart. Every time he left the house, he came back with goodies. He knows my fave Canadian treats that I crave, and would surprise me with them. He even bought his wife and I matching Italian charms for our bracelets. They got me one of those bracelets a few years back. He said to me, "You always wanted a sister, and I know girls like junk like that."

He and I cried together here and there, just tears of happiness and lack of sleep:) It was a very emotional time. He was alone for so many years, hoping for a wife. After years of prayer, we feel that God brought him the perfect one. He takes such great care of her and caters to her every need and desire. Always has, before the baby was ever in the picture. In fact his MIL saw him in the grocery store getting all the things from the list her daughter had made for him. She called my SIL and was raving about my brother and how great he is and how she would give him a hug next time she came over. She is thankful he is so good to her daughter.

I so wish I could share photos, but alas. My brother won't allow it. I may ask him if I can post some that he took of the baby's wee feet sticking out from under his mother's arm as she fed him.

My brother said that I should go to the hospital and volunteer to hold babies or somehow seek a career with newborns. I have always adored babies and loved caring for all of my foster brothers and sisters. If the dern things didn't grow up and start lipping off and fighting with each other, I would have 8 or 9 by now! LOL

I know people who can't wait for their kids to get out of the newborn stage. I am the complete opposite. I think my parents must be too, since they are in their 60's and still take in new borns as foster children. They have two right now, and take turns getting up in the night with them. Must be in the blood. My brothers have all always loved to hold babies and care for them also. All babies take to my Dad immediately and LOVE him. Jock was smiling and cooing at my Dad at 2 weeks of age! He has something that just mesmerizes babies, I think it is the way he is so calm and quiet and talks with them so cute for long periods of time.

Anywho, there you are. It was a quick trip, and I only got out to the mall and Dr's office one day for Mr. J's first appointment. Which is how I like it, I am a home-body anyway. The rest of the time was spent trying to help my SIL and caring for baby while his parents tried to sleep. Ah...I wish I was up there with them again. My brother said they were grateful for the help, but also glad that I got break and a holiday from all the chaos here. I was glad Stud was able to work from home and he had a great time with all the boys, since Princess was not here.

Have a great 4th all of you who enjoy it. And all you Canadians, have a great Tuesday:)

Monday, July 03, 2006

Clown said to Princess...

We went and got Princess this weekend. Photos from that trip to follow. The kids had a blast swimming in our friend's neighbour's pool in Spokane.

I just got back from buying Clown some "wife beater" shirts. You know those white tank tops to keep them cool for summer. I got Jock some a few weeks ago and Clown wanted some that fit him.

He ripped the package open and asked if I had to wash them first. I normally wash all new clothes before anyone wears them. I said it was fine, I knew he was excited. So he put one on and sauntered over to Princess. Then he said, "Hey Princess, see how these cover up my nipples?? My nipples don't show. Well, when I am an old man I will have to wear pants that go all the way up to my nipples." She mumbled something at him and he nodded and said all matter-of-fact, "Mmmmm-hmmmmm...sweat pants. All the way up here." and motioned to his chest area.