Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Well, I had a good time last night. Went here and spent about an hour choosing things for the "grab drawer". We use a PEGS system for the kids and when they earn enough bonus points, they can shop from some drawers in an extra dresser in hubby and I's closet. It used to be a HUGE bag for each kid, but that got too cumbersome and the dresser sits in there anyway.

Also got our 2 year old nephew in SC his Christmas gifts. Need to do our 3 year old neice and get her and her soon-to-be-born sister's stuff mailed. My brother and his wife just announced they are due in June, so it will be fun shopping for that little sweetie. Have not had a niece or nephew born on MY side since my youngest 5 years ago. And that doesn't count for me, just counts for my brothers and hubby's sibs. LOL As far as things go for ME, nothing since G was born FIFTEEN YEARS AGO!?!?! This is NOT RIGHT and it is ABOUT TIME. I LOVE babies and cannot wait for this little goober to make his/her entrance.

This baby will be gorgeous too, since my brother is really dark (not in skin tone, unfortunately. All of us but my dad are quite fair) as far as hair/eyes etc. And his GORGEOUS wife is from El Salvador and is darker than him, so we are in for a real treat here:) Not that any of that really matters, I just love the dark hair, skin etc. And their kids will be bilingual, which will be awesome when my kids are with their cousins. Which sadly, won't be often, since I am so far away from any of my family and have been for almost 16 years!! *sniff*

So back onto the original train of thought- had a good time. Until I tried to buy a book I got out of the library that I originally SAW at Target in the first place. GONE!! Could not find it ANYWHERE!?!?!?!

So I went across the street to the mall and BOTH bookstores in there are closed!??! ACK!!! They are re-doing that particular Mall and adding a Borders Book store. GREAT!! But it is not open yet?!?! So how could they DARE close the other two!??!?!

Saw Hubby's drama director from church, who asked if I had a night off or something!?!?!? LOL I said Tuesdays are my "night off". He wondered where hubby has been lately. I told him that hubby is playing hockey a few nights a week, coaching B's team and playing guitar in the worship team most Sundays. Not to mention trying to be home with us!??! He can't do everything, you know??? I know they miss him in there, but COME ON!!!

So it was BACK across the street to this place where I looked in all the right places and they just do not have it. So I need to break down and pay shipping from Amazon. Unless I can find a few other books I need, that qualify, and get "Super Saver" whatever it is and not pay shipping.

I HAVE to get this book. I have renewed it too many times and it is my new exercise regime. When I do it regularly, I can feel a big diff. This week I am REALLY doing it like I should and eating better (kind of, that is also another story for later) so hopefully by Christmas, I will have AT LEAST 20 lbs of this crud off of me!!!

Ok, way too much to do today to be on here. Hope I get it all done!!!

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