Sunday, November 06, 2005

Let's try this again...

Ok, let's see if we can get in the swing of things again. I will try to give a brief overview of who I am and what I do. I know nothing about this stuff and rely on my husband to show me. Right now, he is coaching our 2nd son's hockey game. So hopefully soon this will get updated and not be too boring!

I am 36 and homeschool our 4 kids. The almost 13 yob will from henceforth be known as "L". The 10 yob will be known as "B" and the 6 yob as "R". The 5 yog will be known as "Bee". My hubby will be known as hubby or something along those lines!!

Please hang in there and don't die of boredom, it will get more personality as I get more comfortable and learn more!!

So, hubby is at hockey with B. L is still asleep and R and Bee are running around playing with stuffed animals. I am about to shower and then when hubby and B get back, Bee and I are going to get really cool photos taken together. Glamour Shots, basically. So that will be fun. We are missing church. Seems we have been doing that a lot lately, which has to stop.

Yesterday morning we went to see "Finding Nemo on Ice". It was SO FUN!! But those prices!?!? OUCH!!! They wanted $18 for a small spinning light up gizmo. R wanted some cheap sword that would break immediately. What is it with little boys and swords?? He already has about 4 and never plays with them. This thing was $16!?!? NO WAY!!! So what did we buy him?? The $18 light up thing! LOL We reasoned that he doesn't already have one and he can enjoy it during the show, waving it around in the dark arena, right?? Right.

Then $14 for a popcorn and 2 lemonades. B chose some cool shark teeth that you put in your mouth and they light up, but he keeps complaining that they taste bad. Then he got a "Bruce" cup with a snowcone in it. Everyone has seen the movie and knows who Bruce is, right??? Bee chose a $6 colouring book that came with a snorkel. Amazing, we spent about $20 on each boy and only $6 on her. I figure it evens out since she gets more cutsey little things more often since there is SO MUCH out there for girls and there is only one of her. So this evened things out a little. At least I can tell myself that, right?? Ease my conscience???

L stayed home sleeping and catching up on some schoolwork. Last week was nuts and he did not get much math done. So he cleaned up his room a little and caught up on math and some journaling. We were gone for about 5 hours, because we had to shop for carpet, paint and a bed for Bee. She only has a mattress on the floor. So L had some nice quiet time, I know he enjoyed it.

Then it was off to a SJHA hockey auction for hubby and B. L and R stayed home playing board games while Bee and I went to her friend's 4th birthday party at Build-A-Bear. We were there for almost 3 hours!! YIKES!! I worked up a sweat. Volunteered to be a "party mom" and tried to help the poor girl running the whole thing.

Bee again prooved her frugalness by somehow choosing the cheapest little friend to get stuffed and bring home. She is carrying her around this morning, making the bear "talk" and having little conversations with her. It is a cute white bear she named "Snowflake".

So today B and I have a date once he and hubby get back from his hockey game and Bee and I are back from our photo shoot. He wants us to eat at the Olive Garden and look around at MX and dirt bike stores. His first love is dirt bikes, but of course he doesn't have one. He is saving like crazy though! Last week I gave him a quarter for every article of clothes he ironed and 50 cents for tablecloths.

Hubby will try to spend some time this afternoon with R and Bee, separately. We have both had some good QT with L recently and of course B and hubby are always together, so they are not lacking in that area. Bee has requested going down to the beach. I am not sure what R wants to do. Likely either ride bikes or build something with Lego.

I guess that will be it for now. I hope things get more exciting as time goes on:)

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