Sunday, November 20, 2005

On December 5th, Bee will be filmed at our church with about 7 other kids her age. They will dress as angels and recite the Christmas story. Each child will say a section, so all of them together will say the story from start to finish. I think if any of them can read, it is my friend A's twins who will be 6 the day after we do that. She homeschools them and does a great job! The rest of the kids will just need to memorize it. It will be cute if they mess up, or stumble, etc etc. That is what is so darling!

This will be shown during services and the Christmas performance. Bee LOVES stuff like this and has been involved in the Christmas production in some way since she was 2 months old when she played baby Jesus. She has sang/been dressed up as something in the stable or something ever since. We are excited about this!!

I took her to see "Dreamer" today and she liked it, but was a bit distracted by her "sparkly tights" that she wore. She has a skirt/top ensemble that she begs to wear all the time. They have sequins on them and then she has a sparkly headband that goes with it. One of the things she chose out of the grab bag with her points (we are back to bags now, not the drawer anymore) recently was black tights with silver woven in. She wanted to wear this to the theatre. The faint lights in there were hitting her legs just so, and she kept whispering about how beautiful the tights were, did I see them shimmering and sparkling?? LOL

We left L at home playing his beloved video games. Hubby had played guitar in the early service at church and then rushed home and took B and R up North to a dirt bike track to watch some of them in action. B says today was the best day of his life! :) While they were gone, I took L and Bee to the 2nd service at church and then the Olive Garden for lunch. We needed to buy L some new dress shoes, but were too exhausted after looking around in Toys R Us. So we dropped him at home and Bee changed! She already had on a darling dress with matching hat and purse that she has been begging to wear for a few weeks. When she put it on this morning, I noticed it was VERY SHORT. I knew she had grown since last winter of course, but it had been VERY long on her then, I thought. Needless to say, it is now in the box ready to mail to her cousin E in SC. E will be 4 in April and I am sure she can get some months wear out of this and maybe even wear it next winter a bit.

I do have to wonder what Bee will be like as a teen or even pre-teen. If she is this focused on what she wears and how she looks now, at just turned 5 years...I dunno. I just have to wonder!

Well, as anyone who knows me can see, my blog is as choppy as conversations with me tend to be. Here, there and everywhere! I need to take more time to do a draft and work on wording more, so it is a bit more enjoyable to read:) I will to bed for now and work on that another time!

Good night all!!!

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