Tuesday, November 22, 2005

We have major fog. I LOVE fog, but even I am tired of this. It showed up during the night on Friday and has stayed since then.

We live near a Ferry Terminal to go out to the San Juan Islands and I always love to hear the Fog horns blow and blast. Usually only happens this time of year since it is generally not too foggy in the spring/summer. Every fall when they start up I just...I can't explain it. I just love it and it makes me know the weather will get colder (not cold enough for me, but at least not hot anymore) and the holidays are coming, etc. This is my FAVOURITE time of year, so I LOVE the fog and the horn, etc etc.

Approximately 3 or 4 days of the month, we wake up to fog. Sometimes in the summer or spring, but most often fall/winter. But it always burns off by noon at the latest or at least if I drive up the hill, away from the ocean, I can see clearly.

NOT this time. It is FREAKY!

Even *I* am sick of this. I can hardly see anything at all. Don't know if a light is red/green or even exists until I am ten feet from it. Lots of bozos are driving around with NO HEADLIGHTS turned on?? HELLO!?!? I always have them on anytime I drive. I just turn them on automatically without thinking about it, right when I get in the vehicle. And these people are driving around this way. I have NO CLUE they are there and suddenly BAM, there they are coming right at me. Sure, they are in the other lane of traffic, but still. Kind of surprises you when suddenly this dark shape goes past you, seemingly out of nowhere!

If I didn't know the roads so well, it would be pretty scary. On Sat night I was going to meet a friend for a movie and I called her on the way and suggested we try another time. She lives in Seattle and I am North of there. We were going to meet at a theatre about half way. I did not want to get on the freeway. Once I got on the road (I had been inside all day with the kids and just assumed once I got up the hill, it would not be there, like is usually the case) and saw that it was THICK and there was no break from it anywhere, and it was dark, we both agreed to try another time.

I did not expect it to last FOUR DAYS, with no break at all. It is getting creepy! LOL I don't remember what the sky looks like. I am having trouble recalling what my neighbours houses look like or what any of the community looks like. Seriously. You can't see anything until you are suddenly in front of it. Hubby said from his office in a city about 15 miles away, that they saw a small line of sky today. When he said that, the thought flashed through my mind, "Sky?? What is that? ? OH YEAH!!"


I did manage to get R to his class today. We made him go. Again. He has been fussing lately and not wanting to go. We are being tough. It is hard for me to make him, when I find a lot of it a waste of time (of course I would never let him know I think that!!!!) and he learns much more at home. However, we have to do things we don't want to do. That is life. It is our job as parents to help them all understand that concept and fact of life, little by little, starting very young. There are positive things to this class, and that is what we want for him. He will thank us one day! We decided to try this program this year, and we must stick to it!!! Even tough we DID say we would not hesitate to quit if we didn't like it. That is not the greatest example to set, however. So we shall see, nothing is written in stone.

Had a pretty exhausting day. I think hubby (who just now got back from a hockey coaches meeting) and I will snuggle up for a movie and then hit the hay.

Nighty night!

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