Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Some highlights from today:

R has his first loose tooth. He said his mouth "felt funny" when he was eating his breakfast this morning. When we were working in his Pioneer person in his class, he said his mouth still felt funny. I suggested perhaps he had a loose tooth and sure enough, after some feeling around, one of his teeth is about to pop out! If he is anything like his older brothers, it will take a year!

Hubby worked from home so L would not have to stay with Bee alone while I took B to R's class. I need to be there once a month, and it was my day to go. Normally I take B with me and leave L with Bee. But it ends up I am gone for about 6 hours, and even though they do fine, I don't like leaving them alone that long. So B stayed home with L, Bee and hubby.

When I went to wake B up and tell him to help L with Bee so Daddy could work in his office, he was already awake, sitting at his desk doing his school work! When I said how impressed I was, he said that he had some computer games he wanted to play today and he knows he is not allowed until all his schoolwork is done. Hmmm...is he maturing??

Made Rice Krispie Treats with Bee tonight. She actually got bored halfway through and went downstairs on the computer to play at neopets. But still. As I type this, she is playing a racing game on the Xbox with her big brothers.

Had my favourite drink from StarBucks for a treat. Discovered it has close to-GET THIS-800 calories!?!? *GULP* So I only allow it as a treat every few weeks now. *sob*

Wasn't as sad today as I was yesterday.

B's math teacher gave me his progress report today and he is doing "excellent' in 8 out of 10 areas. The other areas are "good", which is good enough for me.

R helped me at the grocery store after classes and was ADORABLE pushing the cart through Safeway. He was SO ADORABLE that I HAD to buy him his own big chocolate milk and a pack of gum to share with the sibs when he got home.

Some negative things from today:

Too tired to go out on my weekly "night off". Was going to go a movie, but could not decide on which one until they had all already started. Didn't have the energy to go, so got into my fuzzy flannel pj's and made some supper for the troops.

R panicked at lunch when I told him that it was time for the moms to leave and the afternoon moms were coming now. I was going to eat lunch and run some errands and would be back at 1:45 as always. He started crying and said he needed me to help him make his pioneer person, there is NO WAY he would be able to do it on his own. So I stayed, which was fine, helped lots of kids. We had a fun time, but I had really been looking forward to 90 minutes of alone time. Sometimes I give in, sometimes I stand firm. Today I knew he needed me there, so I gave in and everything turned out. Most of the kids were pretty frustrated with what they needed to do and the teacher and afternoon Moms were VERY glad I had stayed. Next month I will get my 90 minutes:)

L is slacking on his school work AND chores and I am cracking down.

The house is a sty and I cannot seem to keep up with it this week!!!

I stink. LOL Seriously. Showered this morning and everything...who knows. I think being in a room of 20 6&7 years olds for almost 5 hours just makes me work up a sweat or something.

My teeth hurt. I needed a root canal about 3 months ago and still have not gone...*sigh* Better get on that! DO NOT yell at me Erin:) I know, I know.

I have about 62 things to do by the end of the week and just when I wade through some of it, it seems the pile gets bigger. MAIN things are call L's allergist, make R a dentist appointment (little turkey has THREE cavities!?!?) , call my therapist and get in with her, get L's violin lessons set up again, get some more curriculum since the older two have finished some of their books, organise the HSing Association's Resource library that I am in charge of, get blood work done and figure out what is going on with my thyroid, shop for Christmas, get cards done and mailed, plan L's party which is coming up, get L's new script for glasses in his spare frames, clean the house, doante things to shelter or somewhere, sell some stuff on Ebay, finish study on Native Americans and MOVE ON ALREADY to Colonial Times, find lost items for next Science lesson, fill in and mail reference questionnaire for friends who want to become foster parents, mail packages to friends in NC, Northwest Territories, cousins in CA, ...ok, I will stop there. I am sure it is clear that I have to do a few things soon:)

Signing off...

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