Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Some highlights from the past few days-

* Watching Bee dance her little heart out at her ballet/tap class

*Picking B up from class and hearing all about how his group's skit was the funniest in the whole drama class and how this girl and that one did this and that. After 4 weeks of hearing about these girls I translated it all as them liking him and when I said as much, he started to deny it and then grinned and shyly asked, "Do you really think so??"

*When L overheard Bee "reading" to herself and he came and told me how cute she is and how I should go listen in. He was very impressed that she has the book memorized and is actually quoting it mostly word for word. Except, what we both thought was extra precious, was when she called a "Puffin" a "Puff".

*Reading Rikki Tikki Tavi to R and Bee and then almost falling asleep on the couch.

*Finding R reading an encyclopedia about reptiles and him filling me in on details he has learned. He was especially thrilled when he read an excerpt from Rikki Tikki Tavi in the Cobra section.

*The fact that I actually got a chance to make some of the phone calls today that I needed to make!!

*That my friend J took B to school this morning- WHAT A HUGE HELP!!

*B finished one of his workbooks and has moved on to the next!

*Hubby did not complain when all the broiled salmon was eaten by the time he got home last night! I am making him more tomorrow night and will make sure the kids don't eat it all. Poor guy! I didn't know they would eat it, was going to make them something else!

*That I am still exercising every day and my abs hurt BAD. Which means I must be doing something right:)

*L has been awesome watching the younger two while I run all over trying to accomplish the countless things I have on my "to do" list. And he still makes time for his chores and school work! I got him a treat last night but shhhhhh...don't tell him! Waiting for the perfect moment:)

*Hubby and L will bring this home after their Tae Kwon Do class tonight! We have needed a new VCR for a long time and the TV for the kids in the Rec Room pretty much sucks and is TINY. So this will be exciting for them. The older two do a good amount of their school work on DVD and interactive games with the TV, so this will improve the education experience as well:)

*Another highlight is the fact that I am about to crawl into my warm bed (I always turn the electric blanket on high about 30 minutes before getting in bed, then shut it off right as I get in) and fall asleep, all ready to wake up at 5:30 and go for a nice brisk walk in the cold and dark.

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