Friday, November 11, 2005

Ok so all of our boys have allergies. The older two are worse than R. Four years ago, we got two kittens for Christmas. I couldn't take it anymore. I grew up on 80 acres with cows, horses, goats, ducks one year, dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, pigs one year, etc etc. I was a Vet Tech before I had kids. I needed some cute fuzzy faces around, you know??

I had asked the allergist what we can do. He said go ahead and get them. The kids have their meds, keep the cats clean, all shoulld be well. He doesn't understand why we would want CATS, he personally hates them, but whatever floats your boat, basically.

So we got them and all was well the first 2 years. Here and there, B would get a cat hair in his eye and it would swell shut. We used his eye drops and he was fine. One day, at the allergist, we got this RUDE, and I mean RUDE one. Our regular one was not there for some reason, forget the circumstances right now. But this guy basically accused me of lying!??! I told him Dr. M said it was fine and he stared me down, and said "I find that hard to believe". EXCUSE ME!?!?! I told him two more times that Dr. M had said it was fine, we planned this and looked into it carefully and things have been fine. Except that lately, B's eyes are swollen and itchy ALL the time and his nose is stuffed up really BAD. I kept on saying that for the past 2 years he was fine, why was he suddenly having trouble???

He acted like I was some negligent woman who cared nothing for her kids' well-being or something. He was just the most RUDE man I have ever come in contact with. I was so shaken, I just walked out of there in a daze. He had told us to kick the cats out of the house THAT VERY DAY and come back in 2 weeks to see if B was any better. I somehow made an appointment and just walked to the van in a trance. I was so upset. Kick the babies out in the cold in JANUARY!?!?!? Call me a LIAR!?!?!

Once in the van, I got myself together a bit better and it occured to me that I did not ever need to see that jerk again. I called the office back and made the appointment with our usual guy, Dr. M. I told hubby what happened and he was all too anxious to throw the babies out. He had been against getting them in the first place and now someone was on his side. He LOVES cats, so I still don't quite get it. Before L was born, Hubby and I had four of the BEST cats in the world and these two were not nearly as affectionate as those ones, so Hubby had not bonded with them or something, who knows.

So we tossed them out. I have always been of the belief that there is no point in having cats if they just live outside?? They should be INSIDE. When I was a kid, all our cats were outdoor cats, being on a farm and all. There is no reason for that, being stuck in a city as I am. I don't want them coming IN and OUT, cause once they are out, they are dirty and smelly and get fleas, etc.

They have been outside almost two years now. Raccoons are always coming and fighting them for their food. We have had to take one to the vet for surgery from injuries. They try to get IN the house and are much for affectionate. They realize that they took us fro granted and they want a 2nd chance:)

And here is the kicker:

We have since discovered that B's problem was CHICKEN. The child is allergic to CHICKEN and since we have not allowed him to eat any, he has been fine. When we figured it out, he was on meds to clear up a BAD sinus infection from eating chicken almost daily when we had NO IDEA the child was allergic to it!?!?!? We got that cleared up and now he plays with the cats outside all the time and he is fine. So we did all that for nothing!!! He actually seems to be growing out of it, too. Which Dr. M said he likely would. He has some here and there and seems totally fine. Although, he and L will have raging sinus infections and none of us even have a clue. We just get CT Scans here and there to see if they have them.

I admit, no cat fur ALL OVER EVERYTHING has been nice. But the kids and I want them back in. They are pathetic out there. I told the kids we would need to bath them and then limit the rooms they are permitted to get access to. They will need to change the litter box daily AGAIN. They have agreed. So we are going to bring them in soon. One thing I will not like is having to keep the door to the downstairs shut all the time so they can't get up here on the new furniture, etc. That means I can't stand at the top of the stairs to call the kids, I will have to...gasp...walk down the stairs and open the door and locate the children. This doesn't sound so bad, but when it needs to be done a minimum of 43 times a gets old, ya know??

The cats names are T and S. S had the surgery and now T has some owies from those obnoxious raccoons. I won't miss waking up at 2 in the morning to the hissing and growling right outside the bedroom window. They can be warm and cozy and watch movies with the kids like they used to!! As long as B remembers to wash his hands every time he handles them and we comb them daily to get rid of the excess fur, I am sure all will be well. B says he doesn't care anyway, he will be willing to have runny, itchy eyes if it happens. So we shall see how it goes!

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