Thursday, November 10, 2005

While L is at classes and the others are glued in front of the new TV (which, btw is actually a 24", not the 20" I showed) watching Christmas movies, I shall update you all on L's health. Many family members have been inquiring.

The answer is:

I really don't know. In May the allergist acted like he would be surprised if the GI Specialist did not want to do surgery right away. After his Upper GI and Endoscopy last month, with results that his esophagus is very inflamed and he had multiple episodes of relfux for extended periods while the probe was in, she still seemed fine with leaving it. She said to go to the allergist and see what he said.

We did so and he said that since L said he feels worse ON the meds than OFF, that we need to determine which med is causing the discomfort. I guess I need to be better about monitoring him with taking his meds, but I kind of have a lot on my plate and the kid WILL be 13 two weeks from today, ya know?? He has been taking meds of varying kinds since he was 2 years old! He has needed goop wiped all over him since he was 3 weeks old!!!When he was about 8, hubby and I started teaching him to do it all himself. By the time he was 10 or so he was on his own and he is pretty much a slacker. He refuses to apply his skin creams and his dermatologist says leave him then. He is plenty old enough to just do it when he needs to, if he wants to go around looking like a snake molting, that is fine. Sadly, he likes that look and admitted THAT is why he slacks on applying the creams and ointments. *Sigh*

We told him if his skin gets infected as it is prone to do at times, HE will pay for all the antibiotics. He has agreed. Then with his sinus meds and allergy junk and now the GERD, we remind and he does pretty good overall. Sometimes he will go days without taking anything and then seriously seems surprised as to why he is having "episodes" and needs the nebulizer, etc. When he has full blown sinus infections, we of course are diligent with the meds. At one point, he was on about 5 things twice a day for 3 months. We hovered and reminded and witnessed their consumption.

So now the allergist says if his sinus stuff acts up again, he will advise the GI Specialist to do the surgery. Well, we don't know if anything is "acting up" because it is always an issue. Doesn't seem like he has recovered from his last infection. So I actually need to call and see what we need to do. I don't understand why they don't do the surgery and get it over with. When they have FINALLY, after 12 years discovered what has been the poor child's trouble his entire life, and the cause of ALL his illnesses and discomfort, WHY NOT JUST FIX IT!?!?

Still don't have the biopsy results from the endoscopy. I just hope we get it all figured out before we go home for Christmas. We are now having some issues with the insurance regarding his meds.

So I hope that answers some questions or concerns:)

Now I am off to call the carpet measuring dude about measuring Bee's room and Hubby and I's for our much needed new carpet! Our carpet was NASTY when we moved into the house over five years ago, now we can finally get some good stuff. I am SO EXCITED!!!!

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