Tuesday, November 08, 2005


So after all that drama last night, R's teacher didn't even read his report!! ARG!!! This is SO TYPICAL and causes me to recall what I despised about having my kids in public school. That is not so bad in and of itself, but the main reason she didn't do it is because it was "early release day". WHAT IS THAT!?!?!?!

Thankfully, my friend J, who also has a son in R's class offered to pick him up when she went to get her son and even bring him all the way home! I was SO GRATEFUL!! That was actually how I was informed about Early Release. Sheesh! See what I mean about NO COMMUNICATION!?!? All the mothers were in shock, none of us had a clue.

So at least I can't blame it on my thyroid spazzing out even worse lately. One of the symptoms of my hypothyroidism is memory loss. And BOY do I ever have that lately!?!?!?

My friend R told me about these calcium chewy things a few years ago and I got some and take it a few times a year, when I remember. I was getting the kids' vitamins and calcium chews out of the cabinet the other morning and noticed mine in there. Ah yes! I thought, I had better take care of myself and take those stupid things. Within a day or so noticed I was far more spacey than usual. Poor hubby claimed that I had asked him a certain thing a few weekends ago and we had a long heated discussion about it ( I still maintain I NEVER uttered said comment, but he has L as a witness SUPPOSEDLY) and many things have happened since which cause serious concern.

So I started reading about it and it claims that your Dr. is supposed to warn you against taking certain things when you are on what I am on for the thyroid nonsense. I was sure it said calcium is one of them!?!? Of course, we all know how loopy I am, so who knows if this is accurate or not! I need to get my blood checked and see if I need a higher dose or what needs to change. Things are NOT improving since I was diagnosed with this junk back in the Spring.

Ran to the library and grocery store. I will admit, I got a pedicure first:) teehee. Have not had one since June and my heels were hard and dry enough to rip poor hubby's legs to shreds. So I decided to do that but of course B and R begged to go with me. *sigh* I love my babies and HAVE to take B, I don't ever have L watch them all. That will be an entirely other post, though:) So I caved and took them both.

*Note to self* - Pedicure NOT relaxing when every 90 seconds ONE son or another asks "what is the green stuff for???"

"why is she doing that to your toes???"

"does it hurt?"


"When will she be done doing that to your feet???"

"No, pick THIS nail polish Mommy!!!"

"Is this place better or worse than other places you have gone to??"

...Or if they are not doing that, they are trying to WRESTLE each other IN THE SALON!?!?!?!? They forgot (like I am going to fall for that one!!!) their school books when we were leaving the house and then B started reading all these magazines, asking about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, etc etc!??!?!

FINALLY, it was off to get FOUR items at the grocery store, which was no small task with 2 active boys YAPPING and poking at me?? They were both poking me in the back and asking me this and that. By the time I got to the check out stand I motioned with my hands making an area in front of me and said loudly "HERE IS THE BOUNDARY! NO TOUCHY!!!" Deep breaths...

We had to go the library and FINALLY...one of the highlights of my day- My treat to myself!!!! Drum roll please...

Stopped by Starbucks Venti Breve Sugarfree Vanilla Caramel Macchiato. I hope the spelling is right! They don't do sugarfree caramel, so I so what I can, you know. Every little bit helps, right???

Now I am off to veg on the couch with this yummy concoction and watch some Dr. Phil or Oprah. Tonight is my "night off". I normally go to a movie or try to plan the kids' lessons. But I think tonight I will go get started on some Christmas shopping:)

Hubby gets to feed the kids and take over once he gets home, lucky guy!!!

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