Saturday, November 26, 2005

Well, Thanksgiving was L's 13th birthday. So our day kind of was spent doting on him, and him finding his gifts, etc. I was going to make him lemon meringue pie, but with all the turkey cooking and pumpkin pie baking...time got away from me. He requested waffles, eggs, bacon etc for breakfast and once I got it all made, he remembered that it aggravates his GERD. LOL He was so sorry for having me go to "all that trouble" but I reminded him the rest of us could enjoy it, so it was no trouble at all! LOL We wondered why we have not had a breakfast like that in a long time, and that is why! LOL We knew there had to be some reason, we used to eat that at least once a week. So at least the rest of us got to enjoy it. Poor kid. We are trying to clear up a sinus infection and then it sounds like they will finally schedule the surgery!

We all went to see the new Dennis Quaid/Renee Russo movie. It was a good family movie and was nice to all go together. Many other people had the same idea, I was surprised so many people were out and about on Thanksgiving!

Now that it is over we can get on with the REAL fun!! Christmas!!!

Broke out all the decorations today. Trying to talk hubby into getting the tree tomorrow, but it is not looking good:( HUMPH So far, things look really nice:) We just really need a tree.

B and R played with neighbour boys off and on between hubby taking them to the park, out to lunch and skating. He had a busy day trying to spend QT with each kid. Took Bee swimming also. While he had one kid somewhere, the others were playing with friends. Besides L, who laid about all day reading. He tried studying for the Spelling Bee he will be in come January, but the web site we use is too frustrating.

Poor hubby was running all over the place, but he had a nice time with the three youngest. Hopefully he can get a few hours with L tomorrow.

When he got home, I decided I would go ahead and get the tatto0 I have been wanting.

I had asked my Dad to write my brother's name and birth and death dates. So he sent those in the mail a while ago and I have needed to go get it done. Now I can always have my Dad's writing on my skin, makes it even more special. I have always loved his handwriting (printing) and wanted something to remember my baby brother with. So I went and got it on the inside of my left forearm. Davy's favourite colour was blue, so I got it in a dark blue. I just love it and am so pleased! This was the least painful of any of my tatoos, I think my next one will be on the right forearm! The one on my neck tickled in areas, but was also more painful than this was. It is a few hours old and the swelling (what little there was) is totally gone. There is no red at all any more and there were only a few drops of blood.

I will have hubby show me how to post a photo...

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