Sunday, November 13, 2005

Hubby and I went to a movie today. Sure is nice when the kids are old enough to leave for a few hours.

All I need to do is hide all the remotes for the TVs and shut off all the computers to make sure L and B don't get themselves set up in front of those and neglect the little two. If I do that, they play board games, read books and have a great time.

Just as we were leaving, B copped an attitude. That always makes us nervous. He is the most physical of the kids and can get aggressive with the others. He is also of the belief that he knows all and often is very well meaning in his "advice" and...*ahem*..."help", but tends to push the little ones' buttons until things escalate. Thus, I tend to take him with me and can leave L with the younger two for hours at a time if need be.

However, we have left all four at home two other times and things were fine. It has been a few months, so we thought we might try it again.

So we sent him with his room and told him L would tell him when he could come out. The movie started at 11:20 this morning, so we left around 11 am. We called L and told him to tell B he could come out after 20 minutes. Knew that would be enough time for him to calm himself.

They know not to call us unless it is an emergency. L is the only one allowed upstairs and that is only to gather food and take it downstairs. No one is to go NEAR the front door or any windows and they only answer the phone if they see on the caller ID that it is either hubby or I. They do not come to the door, and we call when we are minutes away, letting them know it is US coming in upstairs and not to panic when they hear someone coming in.

We were in the theatre about 40 minutes when Hubby's phone vibrated. He didn't seem to want to answer it when I reminded him that L only calls for emergencies, please take the call out in the hallway. I was a bit nervous, couldn't imagine what on earth the trouble could be. He came back a few minutes later and muttered something about B being in big trouble when we got home.

I guess B had been the one to call but hubby had not answered in time. He discovered this when he called home and asked L if he called. L had no idea what he was talking about?? L NEVERS calls, is really good about that. Whereas if I try to go anywhere on my own, even if hubby is home with the kids, B will call every hour or so, telling me he misses me and asking when I will be home.

OH MAN, I thought. That little fart! WHY ON EARTH would he call?? Can we not be gone for TWO HOURS!?!?!?

Fifteen minutes later, the phone vibrated AGAIN!?!? Hubby just answered it quietly and muttered into it for about 10 seconds. It was B, wanting to know if he could come out of his room!?!?!? He was starved!?!? LOL

Apparently L had "forgotten" to let his brother know he was allowed to come out after 20 minutes.

We enjoyed the movie ~"Prime" with Uma Thurman, Meryl Streep and some guy who doesn't stand out much~ and hubby bought me a StarBucks drink on the way home:) I also got a HUGE Molasses cookie:) teehee

Came home to minimal mess and many hugs:)

Hubby left for a hockey game and the kids and I did various things throughout the day. Hubby is now back and his back hurts:( Sounds like I better get out the...whatever it is called...and rub it on his back.

By the way, E, thanks for the advice on what to do with Bee's cosmetics:) What an awesome niece:) Can't wait to see you next month! *KISS*

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