Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I was innocently laying in bed last night around 9:30. I was writing in the notebooks I try to keep updated on what my kids have been up to recently. I have gotten WAY behind and took advantage of some relative calm and quiet to catch up before I drifted away into dreamland.

Suddenly the bedroom door burst open and R came running in. He was sobbing and threw himself into my arms crying "I hate school! I want to quit school! I am NEVER going back!!!"

Just a brief history. This year is our first year trying an "AEP" (Alternative Education Program) for the boys to go to. R goes on Tuesdays, B on Wednesdays and L on Thursdays. The people running it leave a lot to be desired (mostly in their lack of communication and organization skills) but the boys enjoy it, so we continue on. It is A LOT of driving (half an hour out East, so it takes an hour in the a.m. to get them there and then come home and then the same in the afternoon to pick them up) and we seem to be getting less "school" done this year so far as a result of this. Not to mention the gas the vehicles guzzle down!!!

R LOVES his class, but does not enjoy being awakened the one morning a week he needs to be. He had a homework assignment due about 3 weeks ago (that is another story in itself!!!) and Hubby was doing it with him last night.

Bless his little heart, he worked and worked with hubby, spent a good 45 minutes writing this whole page out. He was concerned that Mrs. P would make him read it in front of all the other kids. Thus the tears. I asked him if the other kids read their's in front of everyone. He insisted they did. I reminded him that he is one of the few in this grade 1/2 split class who even knows HOW to read. Oh...he thought for a few moments and then relaxed and agreed that yes, now that he thinks about it, only a few of them read their's but Mrs. P reads most of them. So I asked if it helps to panic or if remaining calm and thinking over all of the facts may be a better idea??

Anyway, hubby told me this morning that R was sitting with him working on it and suddenly burst into the tears. He said they squirted everywhere (R appears to be very talented in this area) and then R came racing upstairs to me.

Wanted to babble more, but Bee wants me to play Polly Pockets, B needs help with his math and I need to make sure that L is doing his chores.

Over and out for now!!!

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