Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My guess is...1973

So here we are. As promised! Perdy cute, eh??? So if you have looked closely at my children in the previous posts, you will see L and R closely resemble my family and that B and Bee are more their Dad's side. Actually, there are mixes, it is interesting.

Hubby's side tans. My side is very fair (except my Dad). B and Bee look like hubby's side, but are extremely fair, as you can see my brothers and I were (and are). But then L and R tan easily, like hubby's side, but are darker in eyes and hair and just look like my Dad, brothers and I.

I find this stuff fascinating and may devote a couple of future posts to this astounding stuff. For now, I must get R ready for school (UG! NOT FUN) and get going with the day.


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