Friday, August 04, 2006

Long Silence

I am so sorry to worry any of you. Our DSL service was messed up and we could not get on-line until tonight.

Stud and the kids got home from SC safe and sound. It turns out that my worry was for something pretty shocking that had not even occurred to me would ever be an issue. I KNEW something major and very bad was going to happen. Call it women's intuition. I thought they would be injured or killed in a boating accident or during the travels or something. Thank the good Lord they were not. But the news is still not good at all.

I am exhausted now from spending the day taking Brain and Princess up to Vancouver to fly to my brother and SIL's in Calgary. They will leave tomorrow morning and drive to Saskatoon and spend two weeks there with my parents. My parents will then drive them back to Calgary to my Bro and SIL's. They will fly back to Vancouver on the 20th.

I will clarify what the women's intuition was about very soon. Perhaps tomorrow. I had been wanting to post about my brother and hopefully still will. Not only was the DSL causing problems, but I was very preoccupied with the bomb that has been dropped on our family.

Details to come...


l said...

LOWA!! I hate cliffhangers! And bombs. Bread, not bombs, baby. I'm a lover not a fighter.

Jude said...

I'm glad to hear everyone was safe Lowa..... but whatever the problem now is, I hope everything will turn out okay. God bless.

Library Mama said...

I sure hope everything is okay. I'm worried for you.

On a lighter note, I will be in Saskatoon the same time as Brain and Princess! Uh-oh - I hope you don't find that a creepy thought. Believe me, I won't stalk them. ;-)

Our family is heading to Saskatoon later today to attend the Fringe Theatre Festival. We'll be there until Monday.

sillygirl said...

Anxiously awaiting your next blog...glad everybody is safe and sound!

Lowa said...

L- Yes, me too. I could not agree more. I have updated things, so you should know what the bomb is, when you get a chance to read.

Jude-Thanks SO MUCH! I sure wish I was up there in Alberta:( *sniff* Man, that is MY FAVE province for some reason. Anyway, thanks for your kind words.

LM-Sorry to worry you. I am quite worried myself. Never anticipated being in this boat, let me tell you! There were many signs before we were married, telling me NOT to marry him. I ignored them for some the kids suffer:( Not that he is a bad guy, there are many awesome things about him, obviously. Compassion, common courtesy and respect have never been his strongpoints, however. At least concerning me or his children.

As far as stalking, you can find Brain and Princess just off of 33rd on Ave Y! LOL Have fun at The Fringe! Have you ever done Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan??

Sillygirl- Guuurrrrlll! Where is my e-mail!?!? UH?? You are slacking:) teehee Sounds like you are having an awesome summer, I am glad to hear it!