Thursday, February 12, 2009


I have been trying to think of something clever and wise. Share some insight or observation...I had all kinds of ideas of things to share on here, and no time to share. Now that I committed to sharing you think I have anything?? No way! Totally blank.

Something to note...Stud is going to design me a nice blog. Something that shows a bit of my personality. Not sure when he will have time to do that, since he is working two jobs, playing hockey, coaching Jock's hockey team, playing guitar at church, not to mention all the other balls he has in the air. He had worked a bit on it some months ago, but other things got in the way. So be watching for that very soon.

Wow...I am so sad and disappointed in myself! I really wanted to have some fun and witty things to post about. I almost wish my kids were all about 6 years younger, so I would have interesting posts about the things they said and did. I didn't have a blog in those days, but I would have made countless posts a day, let me tell you! Kids that age always make for great material.

Ah well, better hit the hay. Stud took the younger two kids swimming tonight and then I am taking them (as well as Jock) skating tomorrow with our Home School group.

I will at least leave you with a shot of Princess practising her violin and wee Caledonia looking beautiful!

Have a great weekend everyone. And I hope to have something good (or at least not LAME!) very soon.

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