Tuesday, July 07, 2009


It says I have 144 comments needing to be moderated! Ah well, not gonna bother.

So Cryptic and Jock are at camp with the church youth group this week over in Eastern Washington. I know they are having a blast!

Clown and I just got back from attempting to take him to a weekly gymnastics class. Lots of his friends continued their home school class through the summer and he wanted to as well. Unfortunately, there were about 45 kids there as opposed to the ten that are usually there. It was not just his HSed friends. So we had to get my money back and turn around and come home. There is no way that he could do it. His anxiety is getting MUCH better, thankfully. Even so, there was no way that he would be there with that many kids around. Poor little guy is so hard on himself and was almost crying the way home. "I HATE that I am this way! I HATE IT!"

Princess has a friend staying for the day, night and late into tomorrow. Then the next day Princess will go to the same friend's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese and then to her house for a swimming/slumber party. They are both SO excited!

Princess and I spent 10 days up in Saskatchewan last month with my family. It was very nice.

I will post a link to Princess' past three dances from this spring recital. She was a Zinnia, Frog and Ant. I just love these dances and knew you would all want to see them:)


I hope that works. It should take you to dance three of five, which was her first one. The earlier two have already been posted on here.

Hope everyone is having a great summer!


sydwynd said...

Only 144 comments behind? What's the big deal?

I'm going to boy scout camp next week with the boys and am really looking forward to it. Sounds like you guys are having a great summer so far!

Lowa said...

Exactly! LOL

Hope you have fun! I am looking forward to my boys coming home tomorrow. Jock texted me from their tent last night, so it was sweet to hear from him:) He didn't text cause he missed me, he was reminding me to ask his Dad something he has been wanting an answer to. But still...he texted me, right?? It's pathetic, but I will take what I can get!

Jinny said...

That's fun that you and your daughter got to go home together. Hope you had lots of fun!

Lowa said...

Yes, it was really fun! We were going to meet up with your parents, but there ended up not being any time. I hear they are planning a visit out east?? Or did I just make that up on my own?? LOL

Jude said...

Yay! You got back to Canada for a visit! *grins*

The link for Princess' dance recital doesn't work, sadly. Sounds like she's been having a fun summer already, I hope you do too hon!

Lowa said...

I know:) It was so nice!

I know, I am sorry about the dern link...if you just copy the whole thing and toss it in the...whatever...bar thingy there at the top...it should take you to the link. Let me know if that works for you! That is what I did and it worked.

Lowa said...

Jude, I just figured out what you can do:) If you go to the December 20th post, that link there is the same one. Just go to dance 3, don't bother with the first two, unless you want to watch them again:) Let me know if that works!

Jude said...

Got it to work! Thanks, so cute!