Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Brain has been eating non-stop for about 3 days now! YAHOO!!

Suddenly, it seems his hunger parts have finally started to work.

He has never known really what hungry was. I had to wake him up as an infant to feed him. He has always struggled with eating and been extremely picky. The past 3 years or so, he has been more open to trying things and we really are more firm with making him eat at least one bite of veggie with meals, etc.

Since his surgery, he has not really picked up the pace with the eating thing. He still struggles with lots of "back-up" when he eats, and often has to run spit food out. He was unable to swallow it and felt he would vomit unless he voluntarily spat it out. The past week, that all started to change.

As I said, the past few days, it seems we finally have a teenager in the house. He still does not have the appetite of a "normal" teenager, but he eats in one day what would, in the past, take him AT LEAST 4 days to consume. Not only that, but he is eating things he would normally turn his nose up at.

I asked him how this feels and he beamed and said it feels amazing! I asked if he likes to feel hungry and he said, "No, but I sure do like what it feels like when I fill my stomach up. It is all content and satisfied. It is really cool! I always wondered what that would feel like!"

We are all just thrilled and I hope it lasts! It seems just from the few days of this, he has surpassed the 70 lb mark on the scale and we hope and pray he is at least in the 90s by fall. Over 100 would be incredible, but I will be tickled with 90s!!!!

Just wanted to share:)


clairesgarden said...

so glad his recovery from the operation is on track, soon you'll be complaining he eats you out of house and home! thats what happens here!

Lowa said...

I have often fantasized about having that problem. I know so many people who complain about teens never getting full. I can't wait! LOL

Jock has also been saying that he needs to gain. I think he is fine how he is, he certainly can't afford to lose any. Hopefully they can gain together. Brain now weighs as much as Jock, so that is very thrilling:) That has not been the case since Brain was about 6 and Jock was 3. Jock surpassed him around that time, so everyone is very excited around here!!