Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New Nephew

Yes, not long from now I will fly up to my beloved Canada and meet my new nephew:)


My brother and his wife are due with their first in late June. It was recently determined that the wee lad is in breech position. Looking like a good chance a scheduled C-Section will be in order.

We had a parcel to send them. The kids each picked a gift for their new cousin (and Auntie had to get some goodies for him also!) and we put them in the parcel.

They each drew something and wrote a note to their Tia and Tio. She is from El Salvador, so obviously speaks Spanish. The kids LOVE to say her name in Spanish. When Princess was the Flower girl at the wedding three years ago, she was only 2 and a half. It was SO CUTE to hear her say "Tia Patricia"!!! It is still cute, but not the same:)

Anyway, wanted to post the pictures of the drawings and their writing. Clown writes SO NEATLY, it is easier to read his than it is Brain and Jock's. He is meticulous and takes great pride in what he does.

I will also post a picture of him reading this book before we go see the movie. I think it is impressive that a 6 year old can read this. He gets frustrated and wants help often. I told him that is totally fine. He expects so much of himself and for some reason thinks he should NOT need help!?!? He can read words like "delinquent", "determined", "unfortunate", "confrontation" and "arrangement".

This is the drawing Princess made of her Auntie and Uncle and her new little cousin. I am sorry it is so blurry. Note the blanket wrapped around the baby inside his mother:) She worked SO HARD on this and erased and drew some more and her little brow was all creased and she was determined. It was SO CUTE to watch her. Notice also if you will, the detail of toes on their feet:)

I won't do his drawing or her writing. Not enough time, must get going to dance lessons. Only a few weeks until the much anticipated Spring Recital! I will ask my brother and his wife if I can post a few photos from their wedding 3 years ago. So perhaps you can all enjoy those soon.

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clairesgarden said...

summer babies! Fiona was just told her baby has been lying across the way the whole time so far and if not moved round they may have to section, but she's 6 weeks left now so plenty of time!!
but its not going to change her life, she still says!!