Monday, May 29, 2006


Ooooo!!! FUN

L tagged with me one of these things:) Now I need to tag some people and see if they will actually do it...wonder if I know enough??

Anyway, here we go:

Five items in my fridge:

1. Pizza that Stud and Princess picked up for us last night.

2. Many bottles of water. I am trying to drink more water and for some reason drink a lot more if it is contained in a bottle, not a glass or cup.

3. Lots of yogurt that the kids beg for and then often forget to eat. Two big tubs of a cheap kind to use to make them smoothies.

4. Capers that I bought about a year ago to use in a salmon recipe that I have since misplaced and been too lazy to go searching on-line again.

5. Container of unopened "Chivo". I had thought Brain wanted some to use on his potatoes. I was mistaken. There are flavoured sour creams that he likes, but this is a sour cream substitute or something?? Can't remember. So it sits unused.

Five items in my Closet

1. Many deflated "Get Well" Balloons that Brain got from well wishers when he had his surgery in February. He wants to save them and wanted me to put them in his Memory box that I have in there.

2. Jock's RC Boat that he bought and I store in there for safe keeping. He seldom gets to use it, so it is less likely to get broken when it is not in he and Clown's room.

3. My Grad dress. I brought it home from Canada last summer. It is quite cumbersome, with many ruffles and crinoline, etc and Mum and Dad needed it out of the way. I was easily able to fit into it 9 years ago when Jock was a toddler. I have not tried since then but know there would be no chance the past 4 years or so. I would like to see if I can get into it again within the next year.

4. A dresser full of the kids' old schoolwork and treats for them. They earn bonus points for good behaviour and then they have drawers with goodies they get to earn with the points. Different things cost different amounts of points. The drawers are almost empty, because we are doing away with that practice.

5. Containers with about five thousand photos. I need to send them in here so that they are backed up and safe from fire or anything else.

Items in my van

1. One of my newest bibles. It is the True Identity Bible. LOVE IT!

2. Two bottles of wallpaper remover. We are FINALLY, after six years in this house, removing some of the wallpaper in the entry way. A guy should be here to start painting at some point today...oh, hubby just called him, he is coming on Friday.

3. Many sticks of varying sizes collected by the children when we to go to parks, Science class (which is right near some woods) and friends' houses. They are very useful when playing "Star Wars".

4. Princess's backpack filled with activities to keep her occupied while we are at Science Class.

5. I will include all the garbage as ONE item. There is SO MUCH, that is really all you see when you glance into our van.

Five items in my purse:

1. Protein Bar

2. Tic Tacs

3. Eight pens. Was tired of being stuck without one when I needed one, so I have a good supply now.

4. Hair band to get this mop off my face when the need arises. It is very fat and sturdy so can handle the huge job of keeping most of my thick coarse hair out of my face easily.

5. Gift certificate for a Pedicure. Stud and the kids went shopping for Mother's Day on the 15th and got me some lovely things. He must have read my post about how sad I was that they didn't get me gifts! LOL This was one of them and I have not had a chance to get away on my own to use it yet!

Now, anyone want to know if you are tagged?? Since I have such a small following, there are only a few to choose from:)

Ok, here we go-





Mrs. Dooney

Have fun! Can't wait to read your posts:)


2HB2 said...

Liked the lists.
How do you make a smoothie. I keep hearing about them, on tv, and don't really get what they are..

Marian said...

Huh? When I click your "L" link, it takes me to microsoft's website. What's I gots to do with this thing??

Lowa said...

Just post them things on yer blog, silly!!! You don't have to click on the person who tagged me's blog:) That is weird that it doesn't work.

Just go ahead and do the thing if you want. I will e-mail you soon, btw. May be a few days, I want to stay off here for a few days. I am tired now, so have to go to bed!!!Maybe I will call ya or something:)

sillygirl said...

*gasp* I didn't get tagged!! For shaaaaaaaame! Just kidding. But I do read your blog. Hehe.

l said...

First, I will pimp my blog:
Your hyperlink has "http://" in it twice, which is why marian wasn't able to get to it when she clicked the link.

Second: YAY! You played along! I just tossed out some reeeaallly old scrunchies. We're talking 90's, here - an eternity in the life of a scrunchie.

Lowa said...

L- That is what was happening with the dairy farm link. Weird. So I went in to edit it and it didn't show that it was fixed. I posted about it to be sure, then went in to the original post and tried and the stupid thing was working!??! ARG!!!

Sillygirl- Dude, I was totally going to tag you, but I was thinking you had done something similar recently or something maybe.

Consider yourself tagged! You gonna do it?? I want to copy one that you had on your old blog, except I guess you took it down now, right?? It was so long, I didn't have time at the time. I am gonna e-mail you soon, btw. Don't think I am not thinking of you and Mike, uh?? I am.

clairesgarden said...

oh what a laugh, I am just going to do it now, so I have to tag other folks too?

HomemakerAng said...

here goes my answers to tag