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Brain's Story

Okay, it is called "The Legend of Drayew". I think that is how he spells it.

The names are all from a video game that he loves. He just made them backwards. The light house idea is also from that game. Other than that, everything is original. The zombies, all the plot and conversations, etc. I think it is not bad for someone who hates to write and was made to do this. He suddenly seems to really enjoy it and has made mention of possibly trying to make a living at it. I told him to continue with his original plans and keep working at the writing!! LOL

I am not sure if this is the edited version or not. I am too lazy to read this one. He has edited some and made some revisions. This is at least a taste. Enjoy...

Chapter One

"Get up Xilef!" Xilef turned over in his cot and groaned. Sometimes he wondered if letting this creature be his traveling companion was a wise choice. "Come on Xilef we have to go!" Xilef knew Ohce would continue to pester him until he got up. Yawning hugely, he tumbled out of bed. "Did you have a good sleep?" The voice had come from somewhere near his knee. The stubby brown creature with sky-blue eyes looked up at him and smiled sweetly. "It was all right until a certain little Innijd decided to wake me up," grunted Xilef.

"You promised we would look for one of my friends today." Ohce bounced up and down on his cone shaped feet in excitement. "Yes, but I didn't say you could wake me up at the crack of dawn to get started." replied Xilef. He continued before Ohce could protest. "Besides what would happen to you if we were fighting a zombie and I was too weak to fight?" "Hey, I'm not completely helpless you know," groused Ohce. Xilef sighed, "I guess we better get started."

Ohce thumped his forked tail against the floor happily. "Careful, we don't want to wake everyone in the inn up," cautioned Xilef. Ohce waddled over to the door but, was unable to reach the handle. This probably had something to do with the fact that he barely topped two feet. "Slow down there buddy. We better eat first," said Xilef. "Can't we leave now?" complained Ohce. "What if we-,"began Xilef. "Alright we'll eat" Ohce said. "But can we please leave after that?" Xilef sighed to himself. It was going to be a long day.

Chapter Two

Xilef pushed his long brown hair out of his face and fashioned it into a ponytail. He was hot and irritated. They had been looking for hours and he was tired. Ohce on the other hand, showed no sign of slowing down, and had lost none of his previous enthusiasm. Xilef groaned, "Ohce can we please stop? We've been looking for hours and we haven't seen a thing. There isn't anything here, and I'm tired." "Just a few more minutes Xilef?" pleaded Ohce. "I know he's around here somewhere."

"Let's at least take a break for a few minutes." sighed Xilef. "That tree looks like it will provide some shade." He pointed to a towering oak on the edge of the forest they had been walking towards. "Okay," said Ohce. "But we will keep looking right?" "Yes we'll keep looking," groaned Xilef. He just couldn't deny the little creature. He had discovered that Ohce was extremely emotional. When Xilef had hesitated when Ohce first asked to accompany him, the little Innijd had practically burst into tears. He thought back to the day he had met Ohce. The day after his 17 year old sister Annej, had been kidnapped by a pair of powerful Erif Controllers known as Idranem and Sorutas.

Idranem and Sorutas had stolen the four stars of Ymehcla from the hidden sanctum in Mt.Hpelah, and set off to light the four lighthouses of Htrae, Erif, Dniw, and Retaw. Xilef had encountered Ohce the next day, after deciding to pursue Idranem and Sorutas. He had learned Ohce was a creature called an Innijd, and that there were others like him. There were different ones too, Ohce had told him. There were many from each Power. Ohce was aligned with Htrae. Xilef himself was a Htrae Controller. Ohce had told him if Xilef took him along on his journey, Ohce would magnify his power.

Xilef was startled out of his reverie by a wild cry. He looked around and saw Ohce being dragged behind a tree. There was a rumble and a low moan. Xilef dashed around the tree to see the remains of the zombie disintegrating. " Xilef help! There are more of them!" Xilef ran deeper into the woods and saw Ohce fighting a group of four zombies. Before he could aid the Innijd, a group of three zombies jumped out from behind the nearest tree and piled on top of him. Xilef felt his Ygrenysp flowing through his veins, and summoned it forth. The ground shook as a miniature earthquake threw the creatures off him. Their limbs flailed as their bodies flew through the air, disintegrating as they went.

Ygrenysp, thought Xilef as he used it to send a pillar of rock crashing down on another zombie. The mystical force through which gifted people, like himself, could manipulate the base elements of the land of Drayew. Being a Htrae Controller, he could command stone, dirt, and other such things. His sister like her captors, was linked to Erif. She possessed the power to control heat and flame.

His mind returned to the present as he ran to Ohce and began hacking at the zombies with his axe. One of them ran at him. He swung and missed. The zombie knocked him to the ground and leaned in for the kill. A spire of rock stabbed through the creature's rotting brown skin, and it shrieked as its body was rent in two. "Thanks Ohce," Xilef shouted, as he ran past and dispatched the last zombie. His breathing was fast and ragged as he sank to the ground to rest. "I guess it's a good thing you made us eat breakfast before we left huh?" Ohce said cheerfully. Xilef just shook his head and sank into unconsciousness.

Chapter Three

Xilef moaned as he sat up. His head swam, and he was sure there were stars in the trees. "Awake yet?" piped Ohce. Xilef stared at him. "Okay it was a stupid question," admitted Ohce. "How did that zombie get you anyway?" asked Xilef. "I thought you were right next to me." "So did I" said Ohce. "But I looked back and saw you staring off into space, and then the zombie grabbed me."

"What were you thinking about anyway?" Ohce asked curiously. " Xilef sighed. "My sister Annej." he said. "Oh." said Ohce simply. This was the first time Xilef had seen Ohce look downcast. "You really miss her." It was a statement, not a question. "Yes I do." said Xilef. He had told Ohce everything after they had started traveling together. Ohce was very interested in Mt. Hpela. "You say it erupted after the stars were stolen?" Ohce inquired. He asked Xilef this every time the subject came into a conversation. "Yes it erupted." sighed Xilef. He knew that was the reason for the zombies. There had always been dangerous creatures in the land of Drayew.

Xilef had always been told Drayew was isolated from the rest of the world. Now he wasn't so sure there even was a rest of the world to be isolated from. There could be no such things as iron birds, or ships without sails. It was ludicrous! Did the Elders of Elav take the children for fools? Drayew was the only place on earth. Xilef was sure of this. Otherwise there would be no monsters in Drayew. Weapons from the other world would have destroyed them long ago. If there was another world, which there wasn't.

As for the population of the creatures, ever since the eruption there had been more. The numerous zombies were an example of this. Ohce had explained it to him the first time he heard Xilef's story. "The Ygrenysp stones in the mountain must have scattered across Drayew," mused Ohce. "Now, Controllers and Innijd are not the only creatures who can wield Ygrenysp."

"Do you want to go back to the inn?" asked Ohce. "Do my ears deceive me Ohce, or did you just suggest we stop!?!" exclaimed Xilef. "Oh come on." scoffed Ohce. "You're tired and so am I. We can continue the search tomorrow." Xilef grinned. "Thanks buddy." As they trekked back out of the forest, Xilef silently promised himself they would find Ohce's friend tomorrow. He knew the little Innijd was making a big sacrifice, suggesting they stop when it was only midday. They had been traveling together for only two weeks, yet already Ohce could read him like a book. He knew Xilef was thinking about Annej, and that he was too depressed to keep looking. Tomorrow they would find Ohce's friend, and then they would continue their quest to rescue Annej and stop Idranem and Sorutas.

Xilef went over what he knew about those two as he climbed the stairs to his room. No one really knew who Idranem and Sorutas were. They had first come to Xilef's hometown of Elav three years ago when he was fifteen. Annej had been fourteen. Shortly after their arrival, a storm erupted on Mt. Hpela. Soon after that, Idranem and Sorutas left. Now they had returned, and for unknown purposes, kidnapped Annej. But for now, Xilef was content to close his eyes, lie on his bed, and sink into a deep, hopefully peaceful sleep.

Chapter Four

Xilef woke to the song of a bluebird perched in the large birch tree outside his window. "Look who decided to get up," squeaked Ohce. Xilef smiled and jumped out of bed. "Did I sleep all night!?" exclaimed Xilef, mildly alarmed. Ohce smiled. "Yes and all morning too. I was just about to wake you up." Xilef looked out the window and saw that Ohce was right. The sun was already high in the sky. "I decided to let you sleep in." said Ohce. "Thanks Ohce. You're a real pal," chuckled Xilef. Ohce beamed.

After they ate breakfast and cleaned up their room, Ohce and Xilef set out for the forest where they had been ambushed yesterday. "The zombies must be guarding something," Ohce guessed. "I bet it's one of my friends." Xilef agreed with him. They kept to themselves as they marched through the trees, pausing only to signal to the other that they had heard a noise. After about a half hour of this, they neared the heart of the forest. Xilef stopped suddenly, causing Ohce to crash into him. Before Ohce could speak, Xilef raised a finger to his lips and pointed through the trees. They peered through the dense network of thorny vines, and spotted about fifty zombies milling around a steel cage. Inside the cage, shaking with fear, was a creature identical to Ohce.

Xilef and Ohce backed up a few hundred yards. "We need a diversion if we're going to save your friend," whispered Xilef. "I'm stronger than you when we're alone, so I'll take on most of them. How many do you think you can handle?" "I'm not sure," murmured Ohce. "If I can surprise them I'd say ten, maybe fifteen." "Okay you circle around to the right," hissed Xilef. "If I can surprise them, you should be able to take out ten before they can organize themselves, if they're even capable of that." He glanced back into the trees before continuing. "By the time you finish off your group, I'll have taken care of most of mine. Then we can team up and finish them off." "Sounds like a plan." agreed Ohce. "I know. Which is exactly why something is bound to go wrong." muttered Xilef.

They circled around the thicket and got in position. Xilef burst through the trees shouting, "Hey you filthy maggot-riddled corpses! I'm over here!" The zombies turned to stare at him empty eye sockets gaping. Xilef gave an involuntary shudder. I have to work on my insults, he thought, as he used his Ygrenysp to send a barrage of fist sized rocks ripping through five zombies. They writhed in agony as the rocks tore their fragile skin, tearing it to shreds. On the other side of the clearing Ohce bounced around, laughing as the zombies slow lunges carried them far past him, then using the spikes on his back to stab them.

As they used Ygrenysp and natural abilities to forge a path to one another, Xilef lost sight of Ohce as a particularly large zombie lunged at him and grabbed him round the waist. He could smell its rancid breath as it leaned forward to bite his face off with its pointed teeth. Using the last reserves of his strength he hefted his axe, and felled the zombie with a series of blows so violent, the zombie might as well already be disintegrated. "Ohce how are you coming along?" Xilef shouted. There was no response. "Ohce? Ohce!" I knew it, he thought. Something has gone wrong. I hate it when I'm right.

Chapter Five

Xilef cut down a zombie in front of him and frantically looked around. He had been calling Ohce for the last five minutes of the battle, but there had been no answer. "Ohce!" he cried desperately. There was a crunching noise behind him, and he turned to see the last of the zombies being flattened under a miniature boulder. "Sorry I didn't answer earlier, but I ran into some really big, really dumb zombies." said Ohce. "I'm just glad you're okay." sighed Xilef.

Xilef walked over to the biggest pile of gray dust he could find, all that remained of the chief zombie. Just as he suspected, he found a ring of keys buried in the powder. He walked over to the cage and unlocked it. "Ohce!" exclaimed the Innijd. His voice was slightly deeper that Ohce's, and he was a little larger, but other than that the two creatures couldn't be told apart. "Nori!" shouted Ohce happily. As the two Innijd danced around laughing and talking, Xilef looked to the north. There, somewhere in a frozen tundra, he knew the lighthouse of Erif was, waiting to be lit. I'm coming Annej he thought. I'll save you if it's the last thing I do. He smiled grimly to himself. And it very well might be, he thought.

The End?

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