Thursday, May 11, 2006


Princess got her dance pictures done today.

Tap is called "Chick-a-biddy Shortshanks". It is going to be CUTE! They shake their little "tails" and at one point stick their necks out really cute like they are pecking. Sounds dull to read it, but when you see a line of little 5 and 6 year olds dressed this way doing about quality entertainment!

Ballet she is a Christmas tree. I overheard a fellow dancer and her discussing how they don't really think the costume looks much like a Christmas tree, but they still like it because of the sequins:) I snapped this really quick before she went in the room for the photo shoot. I got CUTE pics with her buddies, but of course can't post them since I don't have those parents' permission.

Also wanted to mention that I know saying "Princesses" when I am talking about something regarding her is incorrect. I am not typing things correctly, but I am stubborn and like the look with an 'e' better. I know it is silly. I can't help it. Maybe none of you even noticed. I am just sayin'. Sometimes it bugs me, so it will depend on my mood what I type. Alrighty??

I took the kids to the Zoo on Tuesday and when we arrived and went to snap some photos, we realised that there was no memory card in the camera! Anyone who knows me knows what a traumatic experience that would have been for me. You would have been proud of me! I kept calm and just carried on with the day and made the best of things. It was the kids who were upset and made comments about how they wanted snaps of them in their usual favourite spots. Ah well. Life goes on, eh???

Ok, I will start a new post with Brain's story, finally!


clairesgarden said...

thats a shame you didn't get any pictures at the zoo. Princess is going to take the dancing world by storm. . .I hope the show goes well for her and her friends. those organisers deserve medals!

eclectic said...

Oh how cute is she?! I popped over from William's since you said something about being the only girl and the youngest in a family of four, and look, your daughter is too! So am I!!! My brothers are all much older than I, so I really was the baby and the princess, except that I became a tomboy and my mother has never recovered...! :) Anyway, just wanted to say hi, and then I saw your little princess and wanted to compliment her uber-cuteness. Also, we live in WA state too, so there's something else I noticed. Hope you have a great day!

Lowa said...

Claire- I was going to post an entire other post on the blog about the lone organiser! She is a SAINT. Perhaps I will get to that soon. I am just such a cynical, critical person, I don't want to complain about how stupid people can be! LOL And that is what it will end up being about.

Eclectic- That is so cool that we have so much in common! Thanks for stopping by! Isn't William's blog a HOOT!?!?!