Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New T-Shirts

Been meaning to post pictures of some new T-Shirts.

I chose Brain's. Jock and Clown chose their own. All of them are very appropriate.

All right, in order of age. Brain loves this one and wears it at every opportunity. The hair is getting a little out of hand. The longer he grows it, the more it curls and won't seem to go down to over his neck or anything. We are going to try to straighten it soon.

Jock chose this one yesterday at Old Navy. I never shop there because I cannot find anything at all that I like. I found ONE thing for Princess when she was a tiny baby and then Brain's winter jacket is from there. Some darling Elf Aprons with jingle bells that the kids wear when they bake every Christmas. So three things in about 6 years of stopping in to find something. They just put one in the local mall and we were there getting Clown's hair cut when I thought I would check it out.

Once more - Nothing.

Jock and Clown found some shirts they wanted, though.

This one is pretty big, it was the smallest size they had. He just loves it! Since it is so big, he had to pull on it a bit so that all of the words would show up. I hope you can all see what these shirts say!!

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kerri said...

I heart you kids. And that hair! :)