Thursday, May 25, 2006

Stupid TV Show

Well, I don't envision myself watching American Idol next season. This was my first (and last) season ever watching it.

I think that Taylor Hicks is a nice enough guy who can sing ok. I liked that he does not worry about what anyone thinks and is just who he is. He is comfy in his own skin, spastic as it may be. I think that is wonderful.

That fact is, he is not nearly as talented as Katharine McPhee. Anyone who thinks he is is just...twisted and wrong. I know nothing about singing, but I can figure out when something sounds like it is supposed to and when it doesn't. Dude was so far off so many times, it was ridiculous. I was shocked he made it as far as he did. But to go to the final two was just silly. Plain old silly.

I have better things to do with my time than get sucked into that nonsense. I had NO IDEA that Paula Abdul was as idiotic as she is. I am fed up with people booing Simon no matter what he says. Randy is a freak and I could smack that Ryan Seacrest guy (WHO IS HE, anyway???) upside the head. He was constantly picking on Simon and then whenever Simon did anything, he would call him childish. Talk about a pot calling the kettle black. I am just getting all upset over again.

I better get off of here and get ready for the fun field trips we have set up for today!


annelynn said...

I'm actually quite glad that we haven't had television for several years now - it's been good for me!

clairesgarden said...

well, you know everybodys names, you know who won, sounds like you got sucked right in there to me!!
I didn't get a television till Rosie was three, and it was my mother who brought it. we always had a house full of the latest televisions because that was her job, renting and selling them for a big company. I really like some things and hate a lot, I only get 5 channels here but am thinking now of getting more? its difficult, but it would suit me not to have one if Rosie left home.

Lowa said...

I would love to do away with the thing. I have suggested it numerous times. The hubby is addicated. *sigh*

Yes Claire, I got sucked in this year. NEVER AGAIN!

Marian said...

Admit it! You are just jealous that he looks better than you in grey hair! Right? Huh? Huh? Huh?

I thought so!

annelynn said...

I guess I'm fortunate because my husband doesn't want television either. It's really kind of a stupid pasttime, if you think about it. Sitting there, staring a box beaming out the images of other people acting out something that isn't real life. Or sometimes it is, I suppose, but my point remains the same... it seems kind of silly, seen from the distance of not having it for a long time.

Caveat - I look at the internet whenever I have the chance. We don't have it at home, but I could see that the internet could easily supplant television if we did. So, really, I should't be one to criticize!

The Ramblin Irishman said...

After the fiasco on Dancing With The Stars I vowed to never watch those kind of show again. I can't stand Simon and I know it probably is all a ploy for ratings to have him be a butthead. What is this "Go Mariners" stuff? I admit I do miss home town sports. We only get three channels and two of them very poorly so the wife gets a lot of work out of me nowadays. Rats!!

2HB2 said...

I also watched a lot of the show. Up to the last few episodes anyways. Hockey playoffs started, tee,hee..

Anyways, I signed up for a blogger account just so I could leave comments..
Happy and Blue 2

Lowa said...

Happy and Blue 2, I am honoured that you signed up just so you could leave comments! That is so sweet:)

Yes, one need to have their priorities in order, for sure. Hockey is very important:)