Saturday, May 06, 2006


As I said already, Brain was telling us about an assembly they had on Thursday at the church he attends weekly classes at. This was the same place Jock and Clown attended until they quit in February. Brain doesn't mind it as much as they did, but is ready for it to be over. Sadly, the main reason he and Jock aren't happy with it is the woman in charge of it. That is another story, though.

So I asked him what the assembly was about he said "Bullies." I was kind of surprised because Homeschooled kids are known for just generally not being that way. All age ranges play together nicely and there is seldom any kind of conflict when we are together. Sometimes groups of us spend entire days together and it is blissfully peaceful. I am unsure as to why this is the case, but it seems to be.

So I started to ask if they were having trouble with that, when he laughed and said no no, the teachers were talking about how public schools tend to have those troubles and how proud they are of all of them, that it is not an issue. He went on to say that some of the kids were not even sure what a bully was and what it meant!?!?! So the kids who knew and the teachers clued them in and they were shocked that people would act that way! I am not sure if it is because HSed kids spend more time with adults and are influenced that way, or what.

Brain and Jock started talking about popularity and if they were in a setting where that came in to play, did I think they would be popular or not?? I explained how one person can be in a certain group of people and for some reason be picked on, bullied and teased. Then that same person could be put in a different group of people and be THE leader and most popular sought after person. So I said there was no way to know.

Brain doesn't desire popularity as much as Jock does. Brain prides himself on being inconspicuous and even unapproachable. He says that no one sits with him at lunch and he likes it that way. He said sometimes people start to approach, but he gives them a look and they think better of it. He is an interesting fellow. He has many friends, but only a few close ones. He is always laughing and joking with kids and teachers when I go to pick him up. He just doesn't care if anyone likes him or not. If they do, good for them. If not, no loss.

Jock is the total opposite. He doesn't have Brain's self confidence yet. He is going to be bigger and stronger than Brain, we are pretty sure. Most of the kids that he hangs around with thought he was older than he is. His two best buds are 14 and almost 12. He is 10. Of course, he will be 11 next month. It is not so much his size, but all of my kids are very articulate and people are amazed they are as young as they are. I can see him really caving in and going with the crowd if he were to attend public school. If he went, I would want Brain with him, but Brain has no desire to go.

I got a kick out of something they worked out during our discussion the other day. They were saying how if Jock did go to public school and was invited to parties, how people would be surprised that Brain was his brother. They said that Jock would be with all these huge Jocks (see how they label themselves, from what comments people make, etc??) and ask if his brother could come to the party.

So Brain said "Yes, and then I would skulk in, with my hair straightened and dyed black, hanging in my face and my dark clothes on and people would ask 'Who is that FREAK!?!?' and then you would go 'That's my brother, you got a problem with it???' and then..."

Jock cut him off and they were all excited sharing what they think would happen. Jock said "There would be two different things that would happen. Either they would say 'no, we don't have a problem. Any brother of your's is cool with us!' or they would say you needed to leave."

Brain was saying how he thinks Jock would be one of the most popular ones and how they would agree with what he said. Jock said if that was not the case, and they had a problem with Brain, that they would leave together and go do something else. It was so neat to listen to them working the scenario out!

Ok, Stud has taken Princess to donate things we did not sell at our Yard sale last weekend. The three boys are cleaning up the yard and under the deck. I need to get in the shower and take Jock to spend some time with him. Apparently we are off to "Cycle Barn" to drool over dirt bikes we cannot afford.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!

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clairesgarden said...

they sound they get on great, and appreciate each others differnces, thats a good healthy attitude to have.