Thursday, May 04, 2006


Been doing it off and on for months. Usually do it at least a few times a week and then go for a few weeks where I do it daily. Not often that I go longer than 4 days without doing it. It is amazing, the difference it makes in just giving a person energy and how flexible it makes you.

I have a few DVDs and I alternate between them. I recently got a new one and am learning some new moves. There is this one move where you start out sitting with your legs stretched out in front of you and your back straight. Your arms are stretched out front and then you quickly (yet gracefully and very fluid like) throw yourself backward so that your feet reach out behind you and your butt is up in the air. Like a half backward somersault.

I cannot do this. I used to do things like this and think nothing of it. I know I have gained weight and most certainly inches. I was just telling Brain this morning how disheartening it is that I weigh now what I weighed when I was nine months pregnant with him!!!

This move makes it all too evident! I can't move in the graceful and fluid way that the person on the DVD does. So I try to use my hands to push myself up and over. Any way that I can help myself, I try. By the time I have gotten myself close to the position she is in, she is on her fourth turn of it! LOL When I reach back to try and help myself flip over, there is SO MUCH MORE OF ME than there ever used to be!

I have learned that I cannot do this DVD in the early morning as I prefer, because I fear that my laughter will wake the children. It is HYSTERICAL and I imagine how entertaining watching me would be. It is my entertainment for the day. If you can't laugh at yourself...well...I dunno. But you should be able to, right???

I got out my summer clothes. I was terrified that a winter of my freakish addiction to those 900 Calorie Caramel Macchiattos (spp??) from Starbucks would guarantee not fitting into anything.

I was pleasantly surprised that I fit into almost half of them. *whew* What a relief! There is a pair of pants in particular that I recall needing to buy in April of 2002 because I could not fit anything else anymore. I can get them pulled up over the hips a wee bit, but cannot even bring the zipper sides close to each other. *sigh* I was horrified at the time that I was moving up to that size and now would give anything to be that small again. Amazing, how that goes, eh??? I hope to fit into them by the end of June. that I think about it...they are kind of ugly!

Brain had a fascinating assembly at his weekly classes today. He shared with us on the drive back home as we enjoyed ice cream that we had to stop and get because it was so warm out!

Yes yes. I know. I talk about losing weight and then eat ice cream. I had pizza for supper too. I have bad days, that is all I have to say for myself! LOL

I want to post about what he told us and what his siblings had to say about it as well as post his story that he has started for his writing class. Stud wants me to post some of Brain's drawings from his Art Curriculum we use. Maybe I can do that later tonight.

Need to get off of here and locate the troops!


clairesgarden said...

I am not bendy enough for yoga at all, I met somebody on the permaculture course and she and her children do it every morning when they get up, she tried to include me but the giggles got me. I would like to get to grips with the pilates but repeated lower back problems keep halting any progress there.
ice cream and pizza sound good to me, its the having children thing I think, I don't know anybody who went back to youthful weight after it, of course my previously skinny freind says she's going to. . . ha.

Starlet in the Making said...

I need to get into yoga. All my co-workers do it and they say it's great! I commend you on keeping it real though. What do I mean by that? Well, even though you're keeping yourself fit, you don't obsess over that pizza slice you had. Kudos!