Saturday, May 20, 2006

Clown's birthday

Little fart was up at 4 yesterday morning! He was so excited to do anything he wanted, he got right into the video game playing. He got lonely and woke his sister up at about 6. This is a girl who will sleep until 10 a.m. if you let her. She did not want to hurt his feelings and was sure that he would keep on trying to wake her up, so she got up and sat with him as he played. I think that she played some with him also.

Brain had put one of the smaller gifts at the foot of Clown's bed the night before. I could not remember who I had asked to do it. I was certain that it was Jock. I asked Clown when I got up around 7:30, if he had opened a gift or not. He said no. I saw the gift in question sitting on a bench by the front door. I went to wake Jock up and asked him why he had not put his brother's gift on his bed the night before like I asked. I thought maybe he had gone to, but forgot it on the bench. He said he did not hear me ask him to. Brain overheard us and informed me that I had asked HIM to, he indeed followed through and Clown had found it and brought it upstairs and set it on the bench when he went to wake Princess up. *sigh* These poor kids!

I was amazed that Clown had not opened it yet! He was so intent on playing those blasted video games that he could care less about his gifts! He finally took a break to eat some "sweet cereal" (sugary cereal like Froot Loops, Reese's Puffs etc that they are not allowed to eat very often)and open a few gifts. He was annoyed that we were still planning to go to Science Class. I told him his brother could not miss his class and when we were out, I could take him for his birthday lunch and he could choose a gift at a store. I had not finished all the shopping for him and knew he wanted this stuff called "Floam".

I was planning on telling some of the friends coming to his party about it and am sure he will get plenty that way. Since his party has been postponed even longer due to inability to acquire the particular products for the theme he is wanting, I thought he could chose what colour of Floam he wanted. I knew he and Jock were excited about putting it on Clown's bike.

So we had a fun day. When we got back from his lunch and his shopping for blue Floam, there was a package at the front door. It was a WONDERFUL encyclopedia of animals from his Tia and Tio in Calgary. He was reading it when I got up this morning. He can't carry it around very well, it is big and heavy. It is such wonderful quality and he is very pleased with looking through and reading up on various of his favourite creatures. He was commenting when he was opening it how fun it is to get all these parcels. He had received a fun kit where he can paint wooden snakes from his Auntie and Uncle in South Carolina as well as a nice parcel with new clothes and some of his Uncle Davy's special toys from his Granny and Grandad in Canada. He is loving all the attention!

He did three treasure hunts that Brain set up for him. Sometimes he would find some small candy or a treat along with a clue. He had a nice time playing with some of the things, but mainly wanted to get back to the TV and play those beloved video games!!!! He was determined that there was no way he would go to a movie. People get in the way and sit in front of him so he can't see the screen. That was his main reasoning. The other three kids had been so set on seeing the new movie, that I am taking them to it tonight when Stud takes Clown to a Mariner's game. He got free tickets and we thought it only fitting that Clown get to go. All six of us will go together as a family very soon.

The birthday supper he requested turned out nice, but it was hard to tear him away from his video games to come and eat it!!! He was so pleased when the realization hit him that even though he did not finish his meal, he could still have dessert if he so desired. I can't remember if he did have anything or not, but it was so fun to see how happy just that thought made him:)

Aside from a set-back with the telephone, things went well. There was a message from his Poppa in SC on the answering machine. He was saying how much he loves Clown and can't wait to see him this summer in SC. Clown was beaming and just thrilled as he listened. I was thinking maybe he would talk to his Poppa later if we called back. He never talks on the phone to anyone. Actually, if I am not around, he will talk to me easily. He won't talk to any of his most beloved and cared for relatives or friends. Absolutely freezes and panics. I thought this would be different.

Stud got home and I told him his dad had called and we needed to call him back and try to get Clown to talk to him. I thought if we did it quickly, Clown may just agree to do it. He had been so touched by the message. Clown refused and was SO UPSET. Stud was so annoyed and making angry faces and I think that is what upset Clown the most. He thought he had disappointed his Dad and that his Dad was mad at him. He ran sobbing to our room and soaked the pillows with his tears. He curled up in the fetal position and was just weeping. It broke my heart. He was asking why everyone else will talk and he can't. Was asking me if something is wrong with him, why is he made this way?? I assured him nothing was wrong, we are all different. It took him about half an hour to recover, but other than that, I think he had a wonderful day!!!

The older two were so tormented by the idea of not going to a movie when they had been certain they would, that they asked their little brother if he minded if they left him on his special day and went to a movie with Dad. He said it was fine, as long as they both played five minutes of his favourite video game with him first! They obliged and then were off to see "RV" with their Dad. Princess and I coloured, she did more begging for a baby brother or sister, some tears were shed, we both played some of the video game with Clown and then it was off to bed. Clown wanted to sleep in our bed with us, so I got him settled in there. He read some more of "Hoot" while he waited for me as I read to Princess in her room. I got in our bed with him and we cuddled and read together for a while.

What a sweet little boy! I love you Clown!

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kerri said...

Ah, I remember the good ol' days of getting super psyched! over a Crunch bar. :) Happy Berfday! Clown.