Friday, May 26, 2006

Cheese and Doughnuts

Yesterday the three youngest kids and I went to two field trips that our Homeschooling group set up. Brain was in his classes. I would have had him miss classes except that he missed last week.

First we went to Krispy Kreme. It is an hour North of here, even more of a drive for some of the people. The idea was to let the kids see the doughnuts being made, have a sample, maybe learn something and then go on to the farm where cheese is made.

Well, we spent 10 minutes with the man telling us some things, and then we ate a free doughnut. That was it! We drove all that way for that!!

My friend who put the trip together was not impressed. They had planned it so the kids could see the doughnuts coming along on the...the name for it escapes me now and the man just told us yesterday! ARG! I am SO BAD...anyway, the conveyor belt type thingy. Nothing of the sort happened. it was obvious many of the kids were pretty disappointed.

They enjoyed what they learned though, and the man was very nice. They got to wear funky hats. They had the most fun playing with those hats. KIDS!!

Of course we had to buy a dozen (or three!) and then it was over a few miles to this place to meet the cows and see how they make cheese!

What fun! This was the highlight of the day for certain. The kids asked awesome questions and the husband and wife who own and run the place were SO SWEET and easy going. Lots of people get nervous with kids around. Especially in rooms that need to be kept so sanitary and everything. They were just wonderful, we can't say enough about them.

The vat containing what will become cheese!

Cheese aging in the aging room. YUM! We bought two different kinds. Clown retained what he learned and was reminding Princess this morning how one gallon of milk makes one pound of cheese. Then she did her Wallace impersonation. It is SO CUTE. "I'm just crackers about CHHEEESSEEE, Grommit!" she says in a British Accent. Very cute!

We even got to meet a day old Jersey calf:)


2HB2 said...

The trips sound like fun. Seeing how things work is far better than just reading about them.
Too bad about the donut place. But woohoo for the cheese one..
If you home school do the kids, and the teacher, ever get a day off?..
Happy and Blue 2

clairesgarden said...

the dairy looks great, love the calf, what a treat to get to see them. shame about the donut makers, but at least you got to eat some. I have such a sweet tooth!

l said...

Hi, Lowa! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Oh, the cheese farm (is that what it's called?) sounds like it was fun! I lived in WI for almost 10 years and never learned how cheese was made. Do they allow visitors all the time? Maybe I should arrange a field trip for me and some friends.

Lowa said...

L- They said they don't do this very often. But I am sure if you contact them, they would set something up. The cheese is EVIL. Last night for supper I ate lots of some gouda that I bought there with some rosemary mouth is watering just thinking about it again. I have 40 lbs to lose, and eating this cheese and bread WILL NOT HELP. I can't help it. They charge $3 per person to go on a tour and then the cheese is about $5 for a fairly small chunk. Likely about 1/4 of a lb. It averages $10 per pound, but I can't imagine the small chunk I got was half a pound! Stil worth it:)

Have fun on the island! I am SO jealous. Have always wanted to go! Can't wait to see pics:)