Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Baby girl

Ok, that photo of the boys put me in mind of this one of Princess. This was from April of 2004, so she was three and a half. We had driven from here down to Disneyland. We stopped at my cousin's house that first night and the kids played with their second cousins for a while.

This was when we arrived at the hotel, from my cousin's. She and Jock are so similar in many ways, awkward sleeping positions amoung them:)

Clown wanted to talk to Brain, so I called my parents. My dad had to wake the goofball up! At after noon there. He sure is a typical teenager. He says he wants to stay another four months, this has not been long enough. He is mad that he has to leave in a few days.

Princess, on the other hand, is homesick. Which makes sense since she is only five and has traveled many places this summer. All of them without me with her, which she isn't too thrilled about. She is out with my mother right now, taking one of the foster babies to her physio therapy appointment. Later today, they are off to the park that our kids love to go to. Whenever they are in Saskatoon, they must go to this park. It has a carousel, pool, tiny ferris wheel, yummy treats and a train you can ride on. She still talks about three summers ago when my Dad shared her bubble gum ice cream with her and it was melting everywhere. Hey, I will post some pictures of that, too! teehee It was SO HOT out and this ice cream was all over everything!

So here she is with her Grandad.

Look! There is bubble gum in it!

See Granny??

Messy girl!

Alright, the boys and I are off to meet friends at the theatre and go see "Barnyard". I warned the boys that the male cattle have udders and to try and get past that and just enjoy the movie. Then we come back here to clean and de-clutter since we are getting new carpet in the master bedroom and the stairway next week. We need to get our room all cleaned out and all the furniture out of there by Tuesday. UGH! It will be worth it though:)

Have a great day everyone!


Amanda B. said...

Holy Moly she is cute. :D

sydwynd said...

You know how long it's been since I've had bubble gum ice cream?

My younger boy sleeps in all kinds of weird positions. I feel sorry for whoever marries him as he takes up the ENTIRE bed.

Those are great pics of your kids.

2HB2 said...

These photos will be good to show future suitors, tee,hee..

HomemakerAng said...

LOVE THE SLEEPING IN THE Carseat picture!!! i have seen this many times in my own car and that is one way i know my children had a great day!