Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Pumpkin is not for drinking

I have discovered this.

I LOVE pumpkin. I love fall. They go together perfectly. Love pumpkin pie, pumpkin scented stuff (I have some air freshener in that scent, etc) and pumpkin muffins, etc etc.

This morning I had to drive Stud to his buddy's to carpool since our car is in the shop and I need the van today for the birthday party we are going to. I got a few groceries after and then decided to be bad and go to Starbucks for a treat. If I don't get it breve, the calories are not too bad. It is a gorgeous, cloudy rainy day (my ultimate FAVOURITE) and the hot yummy goes naturally on a day like this.

Anyway, they have their fall treats available now. The guy asked if I wanted to try the pumpkin latte. I declined and stuck with what I know I love, but when I paid, I did take a sample. *shudder* I brought it home to Jock who downed it quickly, licked his lips and exclaimed "YUM!!"

Princess had me up off and on during the night for various reasons. Poor kid, she feels really bad:( Having nose bleeds, coughing, sniffling, just feels icky. She said she heard something that made her scared in her room. She tried to come into our room and sleep on the floor, but we didn't even know until later when she got me up to settle her on the couch. Poor kid, wish she felt like she could just get IN bed with us:( Although I would have slept even worse with the sniffling and coughing in my ear.

So I did not get up and do my yoga and need to get at it. Hard to get motivated this morning. I think I will go ahead and do some posts on the before and after in the rooms of the house, but first Clown and Princess need more food.


meno said...

i love eggnog, but eggnog lattes are awful. Pumpkin sounds awful too. They need some new ideas in their marketing department.

Lowa said...

I know! Eggnog is incredible! Brain lives on it as long as he can during the holidays. We let him drink as much as he wants and pray he will gain weight. Never works, but he enjoys himself:)

I know it. Some things just don't belong in coffee!

sydwynd said...

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Between the colors and wearing comfy clothes without it being too cold, ah, a little slice of heaven.

Lowa said...

Dude, I COULD NOT agree more. When I lived in Canada, Winter was by far my fave.

Here, I enjoy winter, but with no snow...kind of hard. There are perks (no shoveling, no kids tracking it in for 6 months of the year, etc) but overall, I LOVE SNOW! HOAR frost is breathtaking, too! Anyway, can't wait for things to stay cool and to go for walks in the leaves...ahhhhhh...

Jude said...

Ah yes, hoar frost is beautiful! Autumn is my fav too, and I LOVE pumpkin! :-)

Hope Princess feels better soon, and good luck with the excercise program!

l said...

There is something yummy about the early fall days - a welcome change. But the rainy, gray weather gets old after about, mmmm, week 4. It was hard for me to get up and motivate today b/c of the weather. But it did make me savor my plain old hot Americano that much more.

I hope Princess is feeling better soon. :(