Saturday, August 19, 2006

My babies are coming home!!!

Well, tomorrow I leave to get my babies. The oldest and youngest are coming home!

Brain could care less. He is having the time of his life. When I was talking to him the other day, I asked if he is helping with daily chores like he does here. He hesitated and admitted no, he was not. He knew he should be, he was just having so much fun going places, sleeping in, visiting and playing on the computer. The main thing he is loving is not doing his laundry. He seemed amazed at the fact that his clothes just appear, all clean and folded in his suitcase! LOL It has been so long since I have done he and Jock's laundry, that he forgets how nice it is:) We joked a bit about how amazing it is that his supper appears out of thin air, and how his precious and dearly loved Granny actually has nothing to do with that! We use a lot of sarcasm.

I loved hearing his laugh and how his voice is changing and getting squeaky sometimes. He was saying how he had been snacking on popcorn twists and grape pop. He LOVES popcorn twists and craves them all the time at home here. For you Americans, it is a yummy treat like chips, kind of. Can't really describe them, but they are one of his many beloved Canadian delicacies.

Princess keeps telling me she is going to give me a "GREAT BIG BEAR HUG" when she sees me:) She has been having so much fun, but is certainly ready to come home. She misses her Daddy a lot and always asked me on the phone, how he was and what he was doing. So I would suggest to him that he call her and when he did call her from work a few times she was very pleased. I got her some new shirts, a pair of pants, fall coat, socks and some new "church" shoes. They are laid out on her bed for her to see right when she gets home! I also got her a Princess paper doll making kit today. I got Brain some new clothes and fun things too, I can't wait to see what they think of their gifts when they get back:) He has always loved Medieval things, so I got him a really cool book about that.

When my parents and some siblings went to my brother's grave on the one year anniversary of his burial, Brain and Princess were sick and could not go. So my parents asked them if they wanted to try again and they both said it was important for them to go, they felt the need to do that. So they were going to stop by there on the 6 hour drive to my brother and SIL's today. I have not heard from them yet, will need to call soon. They will stay there tonight and then everyone will take them to the airport tomorrow to catch their flight to Vancouver. I will leave here at about 4 to make sure I make it through the border and will be there in plenty of time. We were all going to go, but Stud says he will stay home with the boys and get all the furniture moved out of our bedroom for the carpet installation on Tuesday! I am SO EXCITED about finally getting new carpet! I will devote a post to that once it is installed next week:)

Today Stud finished what we had planned on this one wall in the house. When you walk into the house, the main wall in the entry had this pastel striped wallpaper on it for years. In June, we stripped it and painted it green when we redid the entry way and stairway. We planned to sponge a darker green over that and he did that today. It looks REALLY GOOD! The new light fixtures are on order and we are not sure when they will be in. So we got that done and I got a huge load of food from Costco.

We have three friends over today. Giggles and Smiley are here for a few hours. Their parents have been watching our kids a lot lately, so Stud and I can attend regular sessions with our counselor and go on regular dates to try and re-connect. The kids have been having a good time. Right now, Giggles and Jock are playing Stratego. Smiley, Clown and our other friend Freckles (She is two months older than Clown and they have been best buds since infancy. Her Dad and Stud are best friends and carpool to work together every day) are outside playing some very loud imaginary game together. And Stud is watching TV. Freckles is staying over night. We have not had her sleep over for a long time, and it is long past due time to do so!

She is very pleased that I let her chose what to eat for supper. We ordered pizza! She wanted Giggles and Smiley to know that SHE chose that and she was beaming her adorable grin to anyone who was around. I will ask her parents if I can post some photos, I am sure they will say yes. Her Dad was keeping a blog before and he had pics of she and her little sister on it.

Alright, I am off of here for now. Will let you know about Princess and Brain's holiday soon and see what photos they took that I can post. Also more on my baby brother shortly.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


2HB2 said...

There is always so much going on in your life.
Hope you have a good trip to the airport. The kids sound like they have had a lot of fun on their holiday..

Jude said...

Sounds like they are having a good time huh? I'll bet you can't wait to get them all home again though. ;-)

Looking forward to seeing what all you'll be getting done around the house!