Thursday, August 31, 2006


I was telling Princess that I like the outfit she put together today. It is a white shirt with a pink skort.

We were hugging and cuddling and she said, "I just remember what you tell me, 'white goes with everything, white goes with everything'".

She said it about 12 times, though, I don't want to type it all out.

So I was laughing and squeezed her really hard because she is so cute and cuddly. I told her yes and that when you say things over and over like that it can be called a "Mantra."

She cocked her head to the side and asked, "Really??? I thought it was called repeating!!!"


l said...

That's really cute! Thanks for the chuckle.

meno said...

Smiling too. Kids are the best. Kids are the best. Kids are the best.....

sydwynd said...

And here I thought black went with everything. Now I'm going to have to get an entirely new wardrobe!

Lowa said...

L- You are most welcome! I got SUCH a kick out of your chenille ordeal. I am still laughing. I let my oldest read it last night and he was almost falling off the chair, he was laughing so hard!

Menoblog-Yes, they are, aren't they?? :)

sydwynd- NO NO! Black does too. Black AND white. I have a lot of black things too, black is awesome! Don't change a thing:) teehee I just didn't tell HER that, cause she doesn't have much black yet. Except a headband that her cousin gave her this summer that has skulls all over it. She wears as much pink as she can and then this black skull covered headband! Pretty funny!!