Sunday, August 27, 2006


Stud and I have been trying to take the kids to a Mariners game for years now. We just have not gotten our act together and made it happen. Besides him taking Clown back in June and me taking Clown about three years ago, none of the kids have gone for a long time. I have no idea how long. Princess had never been and last I remember, we took Brain to one in the Kingdome when he was about three. Stud is certain we took Brain and Jock a few years ago, but I don't think we did.

So we surprised them all last night and took them to the game against the Red Sox. Clown is the one who figured it out first. They kept guessing:


"No no! I know!! Seattle Center!!!"


"No, they are taking us for another picnic!!"

Clown figured it out a few blocks from Safeco Field.

Clown had such a great time. He refused to leave his seat once. We brought him his drink, fries (didn't want a hotdog, can you IMAGINE!!!??!) and his cotton candy. He didn't want to risk missing any of it. I told him we could go look at the fun things to buy and he could buy himself some kind of souvenir. No chance. Not interested.

Jock was pretty pleased and enjoyed himself. He and I went to get him fries at one point and I made him order them himself. He hates to speak up in public and refuses to just buy things. At eleven years old, still wants me to give the people his money for him and get the change and answer if he wants a bag or not, whatever. Princess has gone to the counter before, ON HER OWN, with me waiting far away, to buy something for her brother. So I told him I would not last night. I knew he was starved and really wanted those fries. Sure enough. He did a great job and seemed proud of himself!

Princess was not impressed. She is NOT her mother's daughter in that regard. I LOVE BASEBALL!!! She is WAY TOO girly! LOL She was pretty bored and it did not help that she is coming down with something my brother in Calgary said that they all got right when my kids left there. Poor thing, she was getting feverish and tried to lay down on the seat by her Dad. She ate a little and we got her some Dip N' Dots, which she said settled her tummy down. She says her throat hurts, her tummy hurts and she is sneezing constantly. Stud thought maybe it is the new carpet (pictures to come soon) or something, but we are not sure.

So I felt bad for her and after the 7th inning stretch, we told the kids we needed to leave and beat the traffic and get their sister to bed. WELL!

The boys would have none of it. Even Brain, who doesn't really care about sports, was adamant that we stay and see it through. Princess was sweet about it and at that point wasn't feeling too poorly.

By the 9th inning, when JJ went to pitch to those loser Sox (sorry to any Sox fans!) I leaned to Clown and yelled above the crowd "Now, what he is going to do, is strike three guys out. BOOM BOOM BOOM, just like that. You watch. That happens sometimes and it is SO AWESOME!"

He rolled his eyes and said "YEAH RIGHT!"

So when JJ struck the first two guys out, I was screaming and all excited. The guys behind us were going nuts and Princess was leaning against her Dad, with her hands over her delicate ears. Things were really picking up! We were leading, 4 to 3, if memory serves. I didn't even care, I was just thrilled that he was pitching this way.

So by this point, I screamed at Clown "What did I tell you!?!? You just watch! He will strike this guy out too!"

Clown was grinning and yelled up to me, "Don't get too cocky!" LOL I got such a kick out of that. Later his Dad told him that I was not cocky, I was confident.

Sure enough, he did it! It was FANTASTIC! I LOVE IT!

Then we were off to Krispy Kreme to use up a coupon we have had for a long time.

So we had a great night, here are some photos to share.


The Ramblin Irishman said...

Awesome family night out. I have to agree, what better way to spend some quality time than at a ball game. Of course, and this is strange coming from me, hockey is even more fun. There is something about being with the crowd and getting wrapped up in the antics of the home crowd. What is a ball game without hot dogs, peanuts, all the good stuff. I kind of envy you but still like my quiet country life.

meno said...

Mmmm, Hot dogs and dippin' dots. Good stuff. Looks like a good time. Don't you love to amaze your kids by being right?
We haven't been to a single Mariner's game all year. I am too cheap to pay $3.50 for a bottle of water.

Lowa said...

I long for the quite country life. A nice jaunt into the big city here and there would be fine. I miss country living:(

We were actually talking about that at the game. The fact that hockey games get wilder. The only problem I have with hockey games is that there are more loud obnoxious drunk people.

Lowa said...

Oh, it's crazy! Stud bought five hotdogs (they were not nearly as good as I remember, either:( *sniff* What a let-down!) and three drinks and it was $30!! *cough* It is UNREAL. We made the older boys pay for anything above and beyond that if they wanted it. Jock bought his fries and cotton candy with his own money. They did not know where we were going, but we told them to bring their own money, they would want to have it. They were glad they did, we are too cheap to pay all that for everything also. As it was, the cheap tickets add up for 6 people, ya know???

We figured it was worth it to form some fun memories. We will get a sitter next year for Princess, though. It was clearly not her cup of tea.

sydwynd said...

Dip N Dots rule! I love those things!

While I'm not a big fan of baseball, I do enjoy going to games with Maverick, even if we only have a minor league team. It's still a lot of fun to spend a few hours at the park. The Wife can get her employer's season tickets and we sit 4 rows behind the visitor dugout. Awesome way to watch a game!

2HB2 said...

Sounds like a great family outing..

Lowa said...

Yeah, we LOVE Dip N Dots! First time I had them was at a Mariners game. I was shocked at how amazing they are. My fave is Banana Split. WOW! Sounds like you get awesome seats! I am so used to getting tickets from Stud's co-workers and friends, it was weird to sit in such a lame place when we have to pay for them! We have sat right behond home plate before. IT ROCKS!

Yes, Happy. It was a lovely night. Now if I could get these people to eat the stupid doughnuts and get them out of my sight so they don't tempt me! ARG!!