Thursday, August 10, 2006

Family photos

My niece E let me know that she lives in Nova Scotia. I still can't believe I could not think of it!!! She was a bit surprised (as was I) that I did not mention that she also graduated from High School at age 16. I guess I thought I implied that she was young, since she is going into her second year of University and she just turned 18. Still, I did not make that clear. So there you are.

I will post some shots from two years ago, at a Family Reunion on my Dad's side. This was one year and one day before my little brother died. Boy, little did we know what heartache and pain the next August would bring us.

This is my nephew, S, with Princess. Note how similar his hair is to Brain's. Brain's is a bit more unruly and frizzy, like mine. But the little ringlets and curls are in both. We cut about eight inches off of Princess's hair shortly after this picture was taken. She had been begging us, and Stud and I could not bring ourselves to chop off those ringlets. They never have returned, just like we suspected:( But she was SO HOT all the time. We have cut off 16 more inches since then. She really has no trouble growing hair!

This is S's sister, E, holding my little brother, her uncle. We always love this trampoline at the place we hold the Reunions. Davy loved it, as you can maybe see by his face! There is a smaller younger Clown jumping on there also. Jock is there in the blue shirt and the yellow backed dude is my oldest brother, E, S and G's Dad. He is THE COOLEST:) He worked really hard at many jobs and school and trying to see his kids. His wife divorced him when G was not even a year old. He is now a social worker in Northern Saskatchewan. I couldn't do it. But that is an entirely different post.

This is my FAVOURITE picture ever taken of G and Princess! Isn't it cool?? Aren't they stunning???

The seven cousins with their Uncle. Who was younger than some and barely older than others. My brother's three kids basically grew up with him and had an even closer bond than my kids, of course. Since we don't get up there very often.

Stud and I with our babies, during happier times.

Ok, just wanted to post some of these. I need to get working on the post telling all about my sweet precious brother and showing Jude my before/after pictures of all the work we have done in the house here in the six years since we moved in.

Toodles! Off to eat my Jenny Craig lunch. Man, I have stuck to this perfectly and have not lost anything in almost a week. Is this normal, anyone know?? Will I suddenly drop a few more pounds and then the scale will stay the same and then suddenly a few more?? My pants are already loose and uncomfy, which is great. I really wanted to be about 8 lbs less than I am by the end of this month. I suppose that is still possible, eh??

Have a great day everyone!!!


clairesgarden said...

what nice pictures.
hold all the happy times out front, I think he is loved in your heart and memories never die.

Lowa said...

You are right, I DO love him. I am starting to feel all giddy again, and goosebumps and all that. Have not felt that way about him in a long time, must have forgotten that I ever did. So I have pushed him away. No excuse for how he has behaved with M and acting that way with his children around. But I can totally understand him feeling neglected and lonely. It is so weird, we have switched places suddenly. He is all resitant to affection and hesitant. That is how I used to feel.

Now that my eyes have been opened, I just hope and pray that he is willing to put effort into it. because I certainly am! If he is, things can be much better than we ever dreamed, you know???

2HB2 said...

Hope it all works out with you and hubby.
The pictures are great. You have such a big family..

Jude said...

I'm praying for you both hon! Love the pictures, and yes you know I'm also looking forward to the pics of your home. ;-)

I LOVE your family pic, and the one of Princess and G!

sydwynd said...

Those are great pictures! Your kids are so cute. It seems like you've got a great family.

Lowa said...

2hb2- Thanks!

Jude-Will work on locating before and after pics today. Thanks for the prayers, we certainly need them! Yes, I love that one of my niece and daughter:)

sydwynd- Thanks:) Yes, I think my kids are cute, but it is nice to know others see it also. Yes, my family is pretty awesome:) If I do say so myself. Thanks for all your comments!

Library Mama said...

Great pics!

Good job on the weight loss. Now, I think you said you had a great first week, and that now things are tapering off a bit. Perfectly normal, I think.

Weight loss, by the way, was my New Years' Resolution. I started on Weight Watchers in early Jan., had a bit of a setback in late Jan. - Feb., then started again during Lent, and managed to keep it up pretty well until summer. I haven't lost anything thru the summer, but I'm maintaining pretty well.

All told, I've lost 26 pounds.

I remember doing really well the first week, then slowly the next two weeks, then steadily (1-3 pounds) after that.

Good luck with it. I found it changed my whole outlook about life when I had that goal and made steady progress.

Lowa said...

LM- WOW 26 lbs?? That is awesome!

Well, it lookes like the scale is now saying ten pounds gone. That is in less than 2 weeks. Will be two weeks tomorrow since I started. So I guess I can't complain, eh???

We have a wedding to go to in about 6 weeks. I am hoping for another 15 or so to be off by then. We shall see.

Congrats on your weight loss! Are you close to your goal??

meno said...

Went through something sorta like this w/my husband. We were separated for a year. Damn it was hard. I felt so alone. I hope you have people to support you.
Take good care of yourself.

Lowa said...

menoblog- Thanks! We seem to be working through stuff, but it will take some time. I am becoming more aware of things I have done over the years that hurt him and I was totally clueless. Another reason I wish we would communicate better! ARG! I am now totally plugged in and willing to work on it, now we will just see when he feels the same way, if he ever does.

It will totally be his choice if he decides to leave and not work on things. He will take the same baggage and issues into any other relationship, so I don't see the point in leaving. But that is just me!

I hope it does not come to that, only time will tell.

clairesgarden said...

actually Lowa I meant your dear brother.
from what you've said I don't think much of your husband.

Lowa said...

Claire- OH! That makes a bit more sense.

I know my husband has made some horrible choices. And I am not making excuses for him. But we must all remember that it takes two. I have always known that and asked what it was he needed from me. He could never seem to articulate it. At least to me. It is hurtful that he is seeking out other women for marital advice, I must admit. We will just attempt to move on and go from here. It is weird, because has told me that the people he speaks to about ME, think badly of me. Which I have always kind of suspected. He paints a negative picture and leaves out the negative of what HE has done. When I speak of him, I also admit that I am not perfect and am at fault as well. I also always tell him everything I ever share with others. Whereas he hides that from me, for some reason. The people he speaks to and shares about this with, don't think about the fact that I also live with the man and have to deal with various things on a day to day basis. They just hear his "sob story" for lack of a better term and feel badly for him.

Similarly, any of you who have come to feel close to me and care about me just a bit from reading my blog, do not know how HE has felt and how I have neglected HIM. I am just now myself having the blinders come off and seeing how things have appeared to him. Any of the friends who know both of us and our children, see how BOTH of us mistreat each other.

Anyway, just wanted to point that out!

I shall post of my dear brother very shortly. There is a party in Seattle tonight that we are going to. Stud is riding his motorcycle to Mt. St. Helen's tomorrow with some friends, so I will have all day to post:)

HomemakerAng said...

your family has way cool hair btw!

bathroom project is 90% done! getting flooring in the nook this fall and then i will post the complete photo